Nikoles Aleshi Papers, 1900-1910 (C3828)
0.04 cubic feet (2 folders)

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Papers of a Kansas City, Missouri, grocer who developed and promoted the "Virtuana Lengueje," or "Niu Speling Sistem," a phonetic method of spelling English. The papers consist of promotional materials and photographs.

Hermann B. Almstedt Papers, 1887-1954 (C2408)
1.5 cubic feet

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Correspondence with colleagues and students, articles, speeches, poems, programs, report cards and diplomas of Hermann B. Almstedt, professor of Germanic Languages at the University of Missouri.

American Dialect Society Records, 1859-2007 (CA6105)
37.6 cubic feet, 13 audio discs

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Papers and organizational records of the American Dialect Society. Charged with investigating spoken English of the United States and Canada, the Society was established in 1889 at Harvard University. Includes correspondence, treasurer reports and material, general organizational records, and research on words.

American Dialect Society Proverb Collection, no date (CA5248)
34 cubic feet

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Field research materials for a Dictionary of American Proverbs compiled under the directorship of Margaret Bryant. Includes materials from most of the United States and several Canadian provinces.


John W. Bell Record Book, 1820-1870 (C0232)
1 roll of microfilm

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List of books, including prayer book, Bible, theological works, grammars, foreign language dictionaries, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, the classics, and poetry; prices of books, clothing, and goods in the 1820s; tuition payments; allowances to children for furniture and sundries; and cash, 1832-1847.

Ashleigh P. Boles Papers, 1886-1960 (C2431)
10 cubic feet

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The papers of Ashleigh P. Boles contain correspondence, photographs, and publications of horticultural agent and director of Agricultural Development Department of the Missouri Pacific Lines. The collection also contains similar materials relative to his participation in short courses on railroad transportation of agricultural products; and membership in Friends of the Land Society, Civitan Club, and American Railway Development Association.

George Melville Bolling Papers, 1925-1970 (C1330)
1.4 cubic feet

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Papers of George Melville Bolling, professor emeritus of Greek and Sanskrit at Ohio State University. The papers include correspondence with colleagues and family, manuscript drafts, and miscellaneous material.

Earl Lockridge Bradsher Papers, 1945-1954 (C3345)
0.9 cubic feet

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Correspondence, manuscript poetry, and miscellaneous material of Earl L. Bradsher, professor of English and American literature at Louisiana State University. Among topics treated are nature, philosophy, literature and geographical areas. Poetry includes traditional verse, dialectal poetry, limericks and riddles.

William Jeremiah Burke Papers, 1903-1985 (C3608)
5.0 cubic feet (261 folders)

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Correspondence, diary, manuscripts of novels, poems, articles, photographs, books, memorabilia, and other personal and professional papers of an author and director of editorial research at LOOK magazine, 1943-1968.


Gerald L. Cohen Papers, 1971-2003 (C4494)
1. 0 cubic feet (20 folders)

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Professional correspondence and writings of a language professor concerning research in etymology.

College Undergrduate Slang Study Records, 1967-1968 (C4589)
0.75 cubic feet (21 folders)

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Surveys and results of a language study conducted by linguistic students at Brown University in 1967 and 1968 on the usage of slang.



Dictionary Society of North America, Biennial Meeting Records, 1989-1991 (CA5217)
0.8 cubic feet

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Correspondence and records of the D.S.N.A. meeting held in Columbia, MO, in August 1991. Papers of Donald Lance, the program chairman of the meeting.


Foreign Language Association of Missouri Records, 1921-2013 (C4662)
2.2 cubic feet (56 folders) 1 volume, 144 MB of born digital files

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Meeting minutes, correspondence, publications, financial records, membership records, conference programs, newsletters, and miscellaneous material of the association and the related Modern Language Association of Missouri and Modern Language Club of St. Louis and Vicinity.


Hashbarger, Ruth, (1917-2004), Papers, 1852-1988, 1852-1988 (C2968)
0.4 cubic feet (12 folders)

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The papers of Ruth Hashbarger contain family documents and books from the Goebel, Roesche, and Haeberle families, all of whom immigrated to the United States from Germany. Ruth Hashbarger was a descendent of these families.


Kansas City Star Magazine Collection, 1924-1926, 1970-1983 (K0595)
4.67 c.f.

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A near complete set of the short-lived art and culture magazine published by the Kansas City Star newspaper.


George Frederick Kuemmel Dictionary, 1855 (C1134)
0.01 cubic feet (1 volume)

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Brief German-English dictionary compiled by German-born music teacher in Glasgow, MO.



Donald M. Lance Papers, 1938-2002 (C3992)
11.3 cubic feet (754 folders), 144 audio cassettes

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The papers of a University of Missouri English professor, well-known for his lectures on the pronunciation of “Missouri” and other dialect research, contain extensive professional correspondence, research data, articles, presentations, teaching materials, and materials related to his work with professional organizations.  Audio cassettes include interviews with Germans in Missouri and with decorated U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Byrl D. Taylor, Missouri folk musicians, and examples of English language dialects.


Donald M. Lance Papers, 1960s-2000s (CA6213)
17.8 cubic feet, 25 audio tapes, 107 computer discs

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Addition of correspondence, course materials, research files, surveys, computer data, audio recordings, photographs, and miscellaneous papers of a linguist and professor of English at the University of Missouri. Contains research on dialects and the pronunciation of "Missouri."

Linguistic Society of America Records, 1896-1998 (C3974)
27.0 cubic feet, 69 audio cassettes, 4 audio tapes, 3 video cassettes, 40 rolls of microfilm

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The records of the Linguistic Society of America, an organization dedicated to research and publication in the scientific analysis of language, include committee minutes, correspondence of officers and administrators, publications, grant applications, correspondence with affiliated organizations, and planning documents on Linguistic Institutes and annual meetings.

Linguistic Society of America Records, 1901-2020 (CA5969)
54.6 cubic feet, 10 audio cassettes, 1 video cassette

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Addition of records of an organization dedicated to research and publication in the analysis of language. Includes publications, programs from annual meetings and Linguistic Institutes, publicity clippings, and materials concerning affiliated organizations, various committees, and Ebonics. Also includes correspondence of George M. Bolling and Bernard Bloch, who were both editors of Language and presidents of LSA.


Mid-America Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Records, 1978-2020 (CA6479)
1.4 cubic feet, 2 DVDs, 1.41 GB of digital files

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The records of MIDTESOL include newsletters, photographs, conference and business files, reports, and miscellaneous material.

Missouri Council of Defense Records, 1940-1945 (C0011)
42 cubic feet (3,163 folders)

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Records dealing with the organization, and with participation of individual citizens in the organization. Bulletins, letters, budgets, plans, applications, forms, maps, insignias, mailing lists, minutes, newspaper clippings, and other material showing how the Council operated.

Modern Foreign Language Association of Missouri Records, no date (CA4929)
1 volume

Scrapbook containing petitions recommending foreign language instruction in Missouri high schools.


Peter Tamony Memorial Lecture Collection, 1986-2003 (C3944)
0.3 cubic feet, 20 audio cassettes

 Finding Aid

Audio cassettes and transcripts of speeches, photographs, and advertisements documenting the Peter Tamony Memorial Lecture series at the University of Missouri.


Robert L. Ramsay Papers, 1918-1953 (C3230)
2.5 cubic feet

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Correspondence, notes, rough drafts, revisions, and proof sheets for place names series with emphasis upon Missouri place names. Newspaper clippings about Ramsay and the place name articles. Small volumes of notes and prints pertaining to his academic classes, and sample student themes and bibliographies.

Allen Walker Read Papers, 1835-2002 (C4033)
82 cubic feet (2127 folders), 11 oversize items, 2 audio tapes, 6 audio cassettes

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The papers of Allen Walker Read contain the personal and professional papers of a prominent etymologist, including correspondence, photographs, diaries, teaching and research materials, writings, and records pertaining to his involvement in linguistic organizations and conferences.


Scott, Foresman and Company Collection, c. 1958-1979 (CA5145)
109.5 cubic feet

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An estimated 1.3 million 4x6 dictionary citation slips collected and used primarily for updating World Book and Thorndike Barnhart dictionaries. Arranged in two alphabetical series A-Z. Includes work of Clarence Barnhart and Ethel Strainchamps.

Leland Steinkuehler German Dialect Collection, 2005-2008 (CA6096)
1 folder, 8 audio cassettes, 10 CDs

Recordings and accompanying paperwork of interviews done with Missourians of German heritage from Concordia, Loose Creek, Westphalia, and St. Elizabeth, Missouri, as well as visitors from Meerbusch, Germany. Includes a comparison of dialects between three interviewees. The interviews were conducted by Leland Steinkuehler. Addition of recordings of a Lutheran Church service conducted in Low German and a narration with English translations by Reverend Alfred W. Rodewald, 2009.


Peter Tamony Collection, 1890-1985 (C3939)
877.6 cubic feet (798 folders, 865 boxes, 6 card files), 14 audio discs, 89 audio tapes, 2 audio cassettes

 Finding Aid

Correspondence, articles, research files, personal papers, audio tapes, and word files of a noted etymologist and neologist of San Francisco. The collection primarily relates to the study of American colloquial language and neologisms but also includes rare jazz journals and materials on sports.


U.S. Army, Specialized Training Program, Foreign Area and Language Study, University of Missouri Papers, 1943-1944 (C0057)
2.25 cubic feet (167 folders)

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Correspondence, army directives, student records, and other material pertaining to the program and staff of the ASTP Unit at the University of Missouri. Also includes material concerning a study of ASTPs made by Thomas A. Brady for the Rockefeller Foundation.


Jacob Warshaw Papers, 1910-1944 (C0036)
12 cubic feet (769 folders, 12 volumes)

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Correspondence and papers of the Chairman of the Department of Spanish at the University of Missouri from 1926 to 1944. Copies of articles written by Warshaw for scholarly publications, extensive notes on Spanish and Latin American literature and life. Letters are about departmental matters, personal affairs, and Spanish scholarship.

Raymond L. Weeks Papers, 1873-1954 (C1045)
5.4 cubic feet, 10 a.d.

 Finding Aid

Papers of Raymond L. Weeks containing primarily correspondence regarding his academic career in Romance languages, philology, and phonetics at the universities of Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois; and Columba University in New York City. Royalty statements, postcards, poetry, photographs, newspaper clippings, and articles and scholarly writings concerning languages make up the rest of the collection.

Roger W. Wescott Papers, 1930s-2000 (CA5894)
13 cubic feet, 10 audio cassettes

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Papers of a linguist and anthropologist include publications and unpublished writing, correspondence, research material, and miscellaneous personal and professional papers.

Gordon Reid Wood Papers, 1771-1993, bulk 1940-1993 (C4689)
2.75 cubic feet (94 folders) 7 audio discs, 5 audio cassettes, 2 computer tapes, 38 audio tapes

 Finding Aid

The papers of a dialectologist and World War II veteran from West Virginia include correspondence, military records, genealogical materials, scholarly articles, and the research files of a decades-long study on regional dialect variation in the American South.


Arnold M. Zwicky Papers, 1960s-1990s (CA5781)
24 cubic feet

 Finding Aid

Correspondence, teaching and research materials, and administrative records of a professor of linguistics.