Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0079 George McCue Photograph Collection 1960-1965

large group of photos of St. Louis architecture from original negatives copied by Society in mid1960s. Constrction of the gateway arch.

P0080 Jonas Viles Photograph Collection 1853-1933

BUST VIEWS of Missouri Governors (Bates, Boggs, Gamble, Lisa, and McNair). Photos of the Royal Gorge, Iron, and tombstone in Cape Girardeau. Bagnell Dam in Miller. Newsclippings from the James Harrison house; photos of Defiance area homes. Missouri State Capitol, 1911, and North Frieze, 1930. McKendree Chapel before 1930 (Cape Girardeau). Madison Mine La Motte. Textile industry, spinning wheel in operation. Photos and postcards of Ozark Scenes. Scenes from Parks, Levees, Riverfronts, Prairie, and other Rural Views from Andrew, Carter, Crawford, Jackson, Schuyler, Taney, and Wheat.

P0081 George C. Miller Photograph Collection 1910-1960

1974 color photo of Conley House, Columbia, MO. 2 b/w fashion photos, a wedding dress and "ornate" gown. B/w cabinet card of two unnamed children from St. Joseph, MO.

P0082 Hopkins Family Photographs 1870-1952

Hopkins family photos, mostly groups but some individual (children's cabinet cards), people mostly unidentified. Earliest date given is 1882.

P0083 Charles A. Deppe Photograph Collection 1890-1949

Photos of Gasconade county and members of the Volz family. Photographs correspond to Autobiography by Charles A. Deppe.

P0084 Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune Photographs 1843-1937

Photographs of Chillicothe, MO, and Livingston County, including area businesses, farming activity, schools, clubs, homes, and churches.

P0085 Lusk-Snidow Family Photographs 1927-1945, no date

Family photographs of the Lusk and Snidow families. Additional surnames represented in this collection include Bostwick, Eaton, Sparks, Gerard, Fleming, Woods, Manville, Ford, Bates, and Sears.

P0086 Ann Rogers Photograph Collection 1860-1914

Assortment of postcards, snapshots and prints from across Missouri, including Excelsior Springs, the University of Missouri, and Kansas City.

P0087 Adair County, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1898-1962

An artificial collection of photographs of Yarrow, Northeast Missouri State University, and Kirksville (Adair County).

P0088 University of Missouri Photograph Collection 1848-1995

An artificial collection of photographs of the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, its students, faculty, and administrators.

P0089 Rocheport, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1890-1962

An artifical collection of photographs, including many copy photos, of Rocheport, MO.

P0090 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Construction Photographs 1960-1970

Images related to the St. Louis riverfront and the Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial construction. This collection also includes several souvenir booklets of the Kansas City area, postcards of St. Louis, and photos of Bagnell Dam and the Mark Twain Shrine.

P0091 Christopher and Linda Bond Photograph Collection 1870-1917

10 b/w photos of the Capitol (completed in 1917) while under construction; 6 views of previous Capitol (completed in 1840) and 1 photo of Missouri River bluff; photographic copy of litho of Jefferson City in mid-1850s and 1 photo of temporary Capitol building.

P0092 Fred R. Balsiger Collection 1904

90 b/w and color lantern slides of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904.

P0093 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Photograph Collection 1904

Snapshots, 87 at 3"x4", of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (World's Fair) in St. Louis, MO.

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P0094 W.W. Wisdom Photographs 1961-1962

Snapshots of historic buildings in Warsaw, Benton County, and Moniteau County, ca. 1961-1962.

P0095 James D. Attebery Photographs 1878-1963

Images of Benton, Cedar, Vernon, and St. Clair County historic sites and buildings, mainly from ca. 1951-1960.

P0096 Penny Stewart Photograph Collection 1870-1969

25 b/w photos of Missourians dating between 1869 and 1915; of particular note is the Bopp family and a photo depicting men's fashion ca. 1870.

P0097 Burgess Studio Portrait 1890

Cabinet card; young lady in evening/wedding dress, 1893. Photo by Burgess, Moberly, Missouri.

P0098 Army Corps of Engineers Photographs 1955-1979

Photographs of historic sites and construction sites, 1956 and 1978-1979. Includes images of bridges, dams, roadways, churches, businesses, and other buildings.

P0099 Roy T. King Photograph Collection 1885-1957

Photographs of Columbia, primarily 1927-1941 and including the University of Missouri, fraternity and sorority houses, Broadway and downtown, Stephens College, homes, and aerial views. Additional images of Boone County, Rocheport, the Ozarks, and Cooper, Iron and Jackson County buildings, people and miscellaneous places. Many of the photographs in this collection are by Leon Waughtel.

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P0100 Chester M. Nunn Collection 1906-1923

20 leather postcards, ca. 1907, with 8 picture postcards of Louisiana MO and environs; Tintypes of W and Sarah McLoed; eight photos of international Air Races at St. Louis, 1923

P0101 Frederick Rowland Ambrotype 1870

Sixth plate Ruby Ambrotype of Frederick Rowland (1805-1890)

P0102 Columbia Missourian Photographs 1895, 1920-1986

An extensive collection of photographs taken by the staff of the Columbia Missourian newspaper in the 1970s and 1980s, with a focus on Columbia people, places, and events.

P0103 Hugh Denney Photograph Collection 1932, no date

The bulk of the collection is aerial photographs of Missouri towns by the Missouri National Guard, from the 1960s and 1970s. Also includes six 3 1/2x5 inch photographs taken by the donor picturing cartoonist Daniel R. Fitzpatrick during a fishing trip on the Current River near Denney's Blue Spring Lodge, ca. 1956-1957. The guide, Dow Knuckles, is also shown in four of the photographs.

P0104 Frances Cook Kemendo Photograph Collection 1890-1930

3 mounted photos related to St. Theresa's Church of the Little Flower, Kansas City; 88 b/w photos of people and places in and around Adair, Lewis and Knox counties, ca. 1900

P0105 Thomas S. Nichols Photograph Collection 1875-1897, no date

Collection primarily of portraits, including images of: Bud Atchison, Mrs. E.P. Bell, Carr Family (14, photos and cabinet cards); E.C and R.J. Lackland, Mrs. Gratz Moses, Celestine Pommerel, Florence Powell, and A.S. Robertson.

P0106 James C. Higbie Photograph Collection 1860-1961

4 b/w photos of Boonville Homes: Judge Roy D. Williams and James Higbie. 23 b/w photos of Boonville locals, especially Roy D. Williams and Family, ca. 1880s-1961. Additional unidentified portraits, 4 depicting children in the 1860s-1880s; 2 of women in 1877 and 1890.

P0107 Ruth Bradfield Photograph Collection 1830-1910

A set of unidentified 19th century portraits, in cartes des visite and tintype formats.

P0108 Ralph Walker Photographs 1861, 1950-1980

Photographs by Ralph Walker, produced for the state of Missouri.

P0109 Eleanor Magruder Benecke Collection 1904

Photos of friends and family of Eleanor Magruder Benecke, with a heavy emphasis on Central College (now Central Methodist University) classmates and a scrapbook from her attendance at Central College.

P0110 Herb Waeckerle Photograph Collection 1875-1902

8 glossy prints of sites related to Jesse James and family, including the James Farm, graves, and historic markers.

P0111 Henry Warten Photograph Collection 1940, no date

Collection of approx 90 b/w and color photos snapshots, polaroid prints and photographs chiefly of Thomas Hart Benton's artworks with a scattering of views of Benton's Kansas City home and studio, Benton 's Cape Cod home and surrounding area.

P0112 Wesley and Peggy Platner Photographs 1856, 1920-1990

This collection primarily consists of photographs by Wesley Platner, a professor and physiologist at the University of Missouri, and his daughter, Peggy. Photographs span from the 1940s through the 2000s and include images of Columbia, the University of Missouri, people associated with the physiology department, and travel within Missouri and beyond, to Illinois and Disneyland. Peggy participated in the Jefferson City Camera Club and tours sponsored by the City of Columbia; many photos from the 1990s and 2000s are of their expeditions.

P0113 Paul Beck Photographs 1889, 1968

2 b/w photos of grave marker from May 1854, Jefferson City, Missouri, and aerial views of Jefferson City.

P0114 Lois Goodpasture Photographs 1972

7 colour photographs of the Marshall family home (now Ra-K farm) in Sikeston, Missouri. Six in a set of before-and-after, showing the original Marshall home ca. 1972 and now after renovations. The seventh photograph is of the original outhouse.

P0115 Mrs. Frank Swisher Photograph Collection no date

b/w photograph of young boy (Guy Chestnut, 1879 - ) in/near Windsor, MO.

P0116 Kansas City Star Collection 1868-1954

A limited collection of images sourced from the photographic collections of the Kansas City Star newspaper.

P0117 Hodges Family Photographs 1904-1929

Early 20th century photographs of members of the Hodges, Lippelmann, Anderson, and Dugger families, places of business in Missouri, and a group photograph of the waitresses and waiters at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

P0118 Bast-Davault Family Album 1865

Photo album of Bast, Davault, and Knox families, ca. 1865, taken around St. Louis, Montgomery City, and Mexico, Missouri.

P0120 Yoest Postcard Collection 1981, no date

Postcards of Missouri historic sites printed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

P0121 A.B. Chance Manufacturing Company Photographs 1941-1959

11 b/w photos of the A.B. Chance Manufacturing Company in Centralia, MO. Photos depict aerial and ground views of the factory's exterior, interior views of factory workers, an aerial view of the gardens, and a bust of H.A. Houston.

P0122 Audrain County, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1939, no date

An artifical collection of photographs of Audrain County, Missouri.

P0123 Library of Congress, Missouri Historic American Buildings Survey, Photograph Collection 1925-1963

Photos of historic Missouri homes, mainly from the HABS/HAER project. This collection focuses geographically on mid-Missouri and St. Louis.

P0124 Slavens Family Photographs no date

Collection of cartes de visite, tintypes and prints from the 1950s related to the Slavens family.

P0125 Loucile Malone Postcard Collection 1900-1910

Fourteen postcards from around Missouri, particularly Jefferson City and Marshall.

P0126 Columbia Gas Company Photograph no date

Photo of the foundations for the Columbia Gas Company building, with group of unidentified people.

P0127 College Widow Photographs 1924

Photographs of Christian College in Columbia, Missouri, from the college's yearbook "College Widow". The college is now known as Columbia College.

P0128 Edmund Gray Photograph Collection 1895-1927

Copy photos from the collection of Edmund Gray, steamboat captain. Includes images of steamboats, the construction of Thebes Bridge, and Gray's Point. See also C3611.

P0129 Columbia, ca. 1907, Tackett Film Stills circa 1907

Images from an early film of Columbia, Missouri, ca. 1907. Includes photos of the Cottage Hotel, Hetzler Ice Plant, Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co., Columbia Theater, Hotel Gordon, Church, a Maypole ceremony, men's baseball team, Broadway downtown, and cars/buggies.

P0130 W.T. Myers Photograph Collection 1906-1909

Photos of the University of Missouri: the Columns, ca. 1906, Hobo Convention, ca. 1907, St. Patrick's Day, ca. 1909, and students observing machinery, ca. 1907.

P0131 Mary Dalton Newell Collection 1882, 1904-1944

Items from Mary Dalton Newell's scrapbook, including photos of the Dalton and and Denman families, ca. 1923-1978, the Osage and Niangua rivers, Ha Ha Tonka, Camden County, Lake Taneycomo, Cape Girardeau, and Bennett Springs. Photos of Columbia and the University of Missouri, ca. 1918-1930, include images of May Day, the Farmer's Fair, football, and the Columns. Postcard of bridges, steamboats, and from travels out-of-state.

P0132 Arlene Black Postcard Collection no date

2 color postcards of the Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri, postmarked 1908 and 1909.

P0133 Jury for the Frank James Trial Photograph 1883

Photo of the jury for the Frank James trial.

P0134 L.F. Moore Collection 1919, 1939

Linn County postcards and photos, many depicting sites related to General John J. Pershing or named after him.

P0135 James R. Santmyer Photograph Collection 1889, no date

Photo of Rocky Branch Switch Engine, date unknown, with two unnamed men, and several images of a celebration at Higginsville, MO for the centennial of George Washington's inaugeration.

P0136 Missouri Department of Natural Resources Photographs 1890-1988

Photographs and postcards of historic sites and buildings in Missouri. Includes photographs of the dedication for the Harry S. Truman birthplace site in Lamar.

P0137 State Historical Society of Missouri Photographs 1896-2010

Photos of the State Historical Society of Missouri, its staff, facilities, and events.

P0138 Dorothy Cochran Harlan Photograph Collection 1898-1902

28 b/w photos of Missouri Training School for Boys in Boonville, Cooper Co., ca. 1900. Exterior and interior views of various buildings on campus, baseball team, school room, brick yard, dormitories, laundry and bath house, and bakery.

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P0139 John R. Hall Photograph Collection 1901, 1968, no date

Twentieth century photographs of Marshall, Missouri, including several included in Marshall Democrat-News articles.

P0140 David Marcou Photographs no date

Photographs by David Marcou, a photojournalist and art photographer, of Missouri scenes and historic sites. Includes several photos of the Nelson-Atkins Museum and the Truman Library.

P0141 Polly Allen Chung Photograph Collection 1960s

Assorted color and b/w prints and negatives related to the Campbell Harrison House during the 1960s when it was connected to the MU Home Economics Department

P0142 Virginia Walton Postcard Collection no date

A collection of Missouri postcards, including many from the St. Louis and Kansas City areas.

P0143 Andrew Tau Photographs 1928-1968

Photos by Andrew Tau, ca. 1965, including several of the University of Missouri, Columbia and Boone County.

P0144 Christine Montgomery Photographs 1992-2008

Photographs of Walnut Grove, Sappington, and Bellefontaine Cemeteries, the 1993 Missouri River flood near Boonville, New Franklin area, Soulard Farmer's Market 1999, Johnson's Shut-ins 1994, Saline County Courthouse 1998, Jesse Hall 1997 restoration, 2002 Olympic Parade in Columbia, and Ste. Genevieve.

P0145 Mrs. J.L. Brown Chautauqua Photograph no date

Photographic postcard depicting William Jennings Bryan speaking at a Maysville Chautauqua.

P0146 Clyde Martin Photograph Collection no date

Photographs of Missouri National Guard people and events.

P0147 Evans Postcard Collection no date

926 picture postcards of various scenes across Missouri.

P0148 Dante O. Tranquille Photographs 1949

This collection consists of 104 images taken by Dante O. Tranquille, a photojournalist who worked at the Utica [New York] Observer-Dispatch in the mid-twentieth century. He visited Missouri in May 1949, likely to attend the Missouri Photo Workshop, and photographed areas in St. Louis, McBaine, and Columbia.

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P0149 George I. Gird Photographs 1938-1952

B/w aerial views of Clayton, Hermann, Independence, Joplin, Kansas City, Nevada, St. Louis, Springfield, Webb City, and Weston from around 1955.

P0150 Dan B. Hoagland Photographs 1983, no date

580+ photos of mid-Missouri towns, including many small and abandoned locales, and Boone County churches, ca. 1983.

P0151 Dorothy J. Caldwell Photograph Collection 1830-1970

Photographs, primarily of Rocheport, its buildings and residents. 35mm slides of historic sites across Missouri.

P0152 Dr. James Hopgood Photographs 1970

8- 35mm slide transparencies showing Mississippi River, migrant workers' housing near Belmont and Dorena, February 1970, and a black housing area in Charlestown

P0153 Townsend Godsey Photographs 1928-1958

Images of 1930s Jefferson City people and politicians, including many images of Governor Stark, and "Ozark personalities."

P0154 University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Photographs 1909-1921

Various views of agriculture, buildings, students, and other related images taken from an early filmstrip developed by the college.

P0155 Debbie Kilgore Photograph Collection 1993-2002

Approximately 52 35mm color negatives and prints showing scenes around Macon, Missouri during the mid 1990s. Additional photo album, assembled by Ken Fryer, DOT district manager, showing the 1993 Missouri River flood in Cole, Carroll, Howard, Saline, and Livingston counties.

P0156 Allean Hale Collection 1940-1970

Various images of Columbia and views of sororities and fraternities.

P0157 Kansas City Museum Photograph Collection 1951, 1959

Photographs of the Kansas City Museum, its exhibits and visitors.

P0158 Leland Tharp Photograph Collection 1963, no date

Portrait of Martha Ellen (May) Woods (1856-1941) and a crayon portrait of her son, Granville Columbus "Shorty" Woods (1882-1986), African-American residents of Grundy, Linn, and Livingston counties. Twenty-four photographs by Tharp of Meadville, Missouri, businesspeople, 1963.

P0159 J.S. Gregory Photographs 1914

Images of the Van Bibber Tavern in Mineola, Missouri, ca. 1914.

P0160 Lee Jellum Photographs 1920-1931

Photos by Lee Jellum of people, places, events in and around Livingston County (1920-1930), especially Chillicothe.

P0161 Robert M. Perkins Photograph Collection 1934-1940

Photographs of a 1942 bank picnic, and Ha Ha Tonka castle. Three oversize photos: Bishop Hogan High School senior grads 1954, Francis Xavier Class picture 1950, 1953; three postcard scrapbooks (dissassembled).

P0162 University of Missouri School of Journalism Scrapbook circa 1909-1913

The Journalism school scrapbooks (circa 1909-1913) contain images believed to have been taken by one of the student photographers for the University yearbook, the Savitar. In addition to showing everyday academic and student life, photos depict a tour of the state prison in Jefferson City, athletic events, fraternity hazing, the Farmers' Fair, St. Patrick's Day events and homecoming parades. Other areas covered include Christian College and Stephens College, including images of students at Lake Okoboji, Iowa.

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P0163 Louise B. Trigg Photograph Collection 1908, 1914, no date

Nine original photos of John William "Blind" Boone and members of his touring company, including John Lange, Jr.

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P0164 Waters Family Photograph Collection 1900-1919

Original photographs of musician John William "Blind" Boone; approx. 121 reproductions of photos of prominent citizens from Columbia and Boone County; reproductions of Waters family photos.

P0165 John D. Cooper Photographs 1900-1920

Photographs by John D. Cooper of northeast Missouri and Cheyenne Wells, Colorado.

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P0166 North Todd Gentry Photograph Collection 1862-1900

Portraits of musician John William "Blind" Boone, signed on back, and his manager John Lange, Jr; photos of and relating to the Gentry family; photos of Gentry's friends and acquaintances, and several Columbia buildings.

P0167 Blind Boone, Clarksburg, Photograph 1900

Reproduction of image showing John William "Blind" Boone at Clarksburg depot surrounded by crowd

P0168 Joe W. Allen Photograph Collection 1889

Print from glass negative in possession of donor, showing imposter who identified himself as musician John William "Blind" Boone

P0169 Archie Hayden Railroad Photograph no date

Copy print of a Northern Missouri Railroad locomotive.

P0170 Edna McElhiney Olson Photograph Collection 1880-1961

Photos of St. Charles street scenes and historic houses.

P0171 Henrietta Park Krause Collection 1904-1949

A series of photographs from the daughter of Governor Guy B. Park, this collection includes numerous photographs of Gov. Park, a 1933 Century of Progress photo album featuring views of the Missouri Commission exhibit, a series of images on the Huckleberry Finn Streamliner dedication in Hannibal, National Governor's Conventions, the Missouri State Fair, Camp Clark in Nevada, MO, Church Prison Farm near Jefferson City, Governor Forrest Smith's Inaugeration, Mark Twain Memorial Bridge dedication, notable Missourians, elected officials, and state government staff.

P0172 C.M. Phelps Railroad Photograph 1903

Copy photo of "Ellington" locomotive on the Missouri Southern R.R. line.

P0173 William Preston Photograph Collection 1910-1925, no date

30 images, largely 8x10 or smaller, of Sally Rand, as a performer, actress and in her personal life as child in Hickory County, Missouri. Also includes a scrapbook on Harry S Truman.

P0174 Ragnhild Bairnsfather Photograph Collection 1871, 1875

two carte de visites: Ella Hogan and S. O. Ellis

P0175 William J. Carner Viewmaster Collection no date

Viewmaster reels featuring images of Missouri and the St. Louis Zoo

P0176 DeSoto Public Library Photograph Collection 1938, no date

Unidentified photographs from the DeSoto area.

P0177 Clarence Keathley Photograph Collection 1905-1976

Photos of mining from Ken magazine (1939), the Berryman CCC Camp No. 3733, agriculture, the Palmer Project, and the University of Missouri (ca. 1932-1934).

P0178 Kay Kirkman and Roger Stinnett Photograph Collection 1838-1984

283 photographs collected by Kay Kirkman in preparation for Joplin: A Pictorial History by Kay Kirkman and Roger Stinnett (1981).

P0180 Nelle Peters Architecture Photograph Collection 2009

Photographs of buildings in Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri, designed by architect Nelle Peters.