Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0181 Ormsby Family Photograph 1862

Copy photo of Ormsby, Waterman Lilly II

P0182 Lucinda De Leftwich Templin Portraits no date

Photographs of Lucinda DeLeftwich Templin. Templin attended the University of Missouri, was a dean at Lindenwood University. She later was the head of the Radford School of Girls in El Paso, TX.

P0183 Lynn Morrow Photograph Collection 1865-1952

Photos of the Draper and McClurg families, Linn Creek School, Missouri United Methodist Church, and Schmidt's Mount Park.

P0184 A.G. Taubert Photograph Collection 1882-1920

Series of four original photos showing aftermath of train wreck on Frisco Railroad, circa 1920. Additional postcards of Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri State University, and photos of Ha Ha Tonka.

P0185 Russell G. Griffitts Photograph Collection 1957-1964

Series of 9 8x10 b/w glossy photos of flood damage to railroad bridges and tracks from the 1957 Mississippi River flood, 22 5x7 b/w glossy photos of railway accident with burning tank car, 13 3x5 b/w glossy photos of road machinery and miscellaneous outdoor scenes

P0186 S.R. Wood Railroad Photograph 1860

Copy print of locomotive "Minnesota" from the North Missouri Railroad.

P0187 Collection of Clinton-DeKalb County and Travels to Southwest Missouri Photographs no date

photographs; landscapes and buildings in Noel, Elk Springs, Maysville, El Dorado Springs, and Vernon County, Missouri, Atchison, Kansas, and Sulphur Springs, Eureka Springs, Siloam Springs, Gravette, and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Portraits taken in Maysville, Osborn, and Cameron, Missouri.

P0188 Bernard Dickmann Photograph Collection 1930-1972

Photos of Bernard Dickmann, St. Louis postmaster and mayor. Likely copy prints from one of the other Dickmann collections. Also: Dickmann papers here, Dickmann photographs in St. Louis

P0189 Harry S. Truman Photograph Collection 1941-1957

7 b/w photos (some with negatives) of bust views for Harry S. Truman, U.S. Senator from Missouri and, in 1952, U.S. President, from 1941 (2), 1952 (3), and 1957 (2). Photos from 1952 contain a written message to the SHS from and signature of Mr. Truman.

P0190 Mrs. L.T. Cruse Photograph Collection 1904

Photographs of Fort Bellefontaine and the transfer of remains to Jefferson Barracks, 1904.

P0191 Henry S. Bradsher Collection 1884-1904

One large photo album and several loose photo album pages; the second containing small portraits of students from North Missouri Normal School, c. 1885; larger album with larger photos of children and adults from Clifton Hall, Missouri

P0192 Charles Annegan Photograph Collection 1910, no date

Photos of a train accident near Collins, MO, ca 1900, and employees of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, Kansas City, 1910.

P0193 Blackburn Family Photographs 1909-1940

Blackburn and Janes family photographs, miscellaneous photos. Some photos taken by Belle Johnson of Monroe City, MO.

P0194 Washington University Photographs 1936-1956

Photographs of Washington University, ca. 1936 and 1952.

P0195 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cunningham Collection 1908-1924, no date

Two real photo postcard views of train wreck near Sedalia, MO 1908 (August 21, 1986) and postcards of mid-Missouri. Photo of El Dorado Springs.

P0196 Missouri Bureau of Public Roads Photographs 1920-1949

Original photos of projects in Missouri for Bureau of Public Roads.

P0197 Harry Rogers Photograph Collection 1887-1921

Copy photos of Chillicothe, ca. 1890-1900. Particular emphasis on the railroad and related structures, and the State Industrial Home for Girls.

P0198 Holtschneider Family Photograph Collection 1830-1938

Photographs collected by the Holtschneider family in Osage County of the town of Rich Fountain and surrounding areas. Includes photographs of churches, houses, buildings and people, including First Communion photographs.

P0199 James A. Pemberton Jr. Photograph Collection 1917-1918

Snapshots by donor and postcards from World War I showing scenes from everyday life in U.S. Army during time of war; also artillery damaged from overheating and scene of Armistice celebration. Pemberton, from Bevier, served as a sergeant.

P0200 Fred Rolfs Photographs 1993

Photographs of 1993 floods in Missouri.

P0201 Gregory Allen Olson Photographs 1997-2004

Photographs of a 2004 Ioway encampment during Lewis and Clark Commemoration and Mel Carnahan's funeral, 2000.

P0202 Mrs. W.C. Roberts Collection 1850-1877, no date

Copy photos of George Caleb Bingham, ca. 1877, Eliza Thomas Bingham, and Rollins Bingham.

P0203 Missouri Department of Agriculture Photographs 1920-1978

Photos of the Missouri State Fair.

P0204 Bertha W. Swofford Postcard Collection 1889-1927

Postcards of Missouri scenes

P0205 Henry County Historical Society Photograph Collection 1896-1920

Copy photos of the Henry County Courthouse and a fox hunt in Henry County.

P0206 Jens Christian Bay Portraits no date

Two photos of Jens Christian Bay.

P0207 J. Robert Hall Photographs no date

Photographs by J. Robert Hall of Linneus, Missouri, of the laying of the cornerstone of the Laclede, Missouri high school building on May 2, 1936, including photographs of General Pershing.

P0208 Charles Johnson Photograph Collection no date

Several copy prints of alleged Civil War guerrillas.

P0209 Thomas D. Clark Portrait 1940

Studio photographic portrait of Thomas D. Clark

P0210 Sidney Larson Photograph Collection 1953-1999

A collection of photographs of and relating to the work of Sidney Larson, art curator for the State Historical Society of Missouri. 15 b/w photos, photocopied news clipping feat. Thomas Benton, artist (MO State Fair 1990). b/w photo of Truman, Benton, and Larson (artist; donor) (with negatives). 3 35mm b/w slides, State Capitol restoration. b/w of Rolla mural. b/w Shane Drawings exhibit, 1964. 2 b/w photos of paintings with notes on figures depicted. 4 colour photos of Larson's artwork shown at Columbia College, August 1999.

P0211 Alden F. Hays Photographs 1946

Snapshots of the parade for Winston Churchill and Harry S. Truman's visit to Fulton, MO.

P0212 Charles Bell Photographs 1950-1958

Photographs of Missouri mills and covered bridges by Charles Bell.

P0213 Victoria Branham Photograph Collection 1863-1925

A collection of cabinet cards and carte de visit from the Civil War era, many of military officers.

P0214 National Park Service, Missouri Historic Sites Photographs 1884, 1947-1956

Photos of historic sites and properties in Missouri, especially St. Joseph.

P0215 Robert Baumann Photograph Collection 1919-1960

Postcards related to Bagnell Dam, including construction, and other photos from Lake of the Ozarks area.

P0216 Wayne Sanders Postcard Collection no date

12 sepia color postcards of St. Louis Zoo, color postcard folder from Grant's Farm; two b/w real photo postcards of highways through Missouri Ozarks.

P0217 Missouri General Assembly Portraits 1871-1991

Portraits of members of the Missouri General Assembly, 1871-1941.

P0218 Emily Tindall Postcard Collection 1913-1940

A collection of US postcards.

P0219 Albert Sarosky Photographs no date

Photographs documenting Albert Sarosky's experience while working at Brandview Orchard and Livestock Co., Brandsview, Missouri, in 1914.

P0220 Donald Burnell Photographs 1993

Slides by Burnell of Missouri historic sites, including one room school houses, covered bridges, and historic homes.

P0221 Sue Burgdorf Photograph Collection 1919-1920

11 photographs of St. Patrick's Day celebrations at the University of Missouri (1920-21).

P0222 Deb Sheals Photographs 2005

Images of St. Albans Barn, Franklin Co.

P0223 Mary Jo Herde Photograph Collection 1949-1970

Original photos of the "Early Freak Movement in Columbia" and Vietnam War protests.

P0224 Missouri State Highway Patrol Collection 1930-1981

Photographs of Missouri State Highway Patrol operations and employees.

P0225 Lynn Meyer Photograph Collection 1890-1956

Photographs relating to Southwestern Bell Telephone and of several Missouri locations, including the state capitol, St. Louis, Unity Farms, and Forsyth Dam.

P0227 Jack Behrens Photograph Collection 1893

5 cabinet cards showing images of cadets from the Marmaduke Military Academy in Sweet Springs, Missouri.

P0228 Moody Family Photographs 1880-1900

Photographs of the family of Melville Pinkston Moody, an editor of the Johnson County Democrat. He was born and died in Warrensburg, Mo.

P0229 Keith Kerby Photograph Collection 1870-1976

Various images of Glenwood and Lancaster, Missouri including street scenes, churches, schools, train wrecks, and gatherings.

P0230 William Henry Jackson Photographs 1870-1890

Photographs of the American West in the late 19th century, including Colorado, New Mexico, and Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks.

P0231 Barbara Mellers Photograph Collection 1870-1900

66 unidentified cabinet cards and carte de visites of Missouri families and individuals.

P0232 General John Pershing Photograph 1924

Black and white photo, Pershing addressing troops at Colorado State Rifle Range in Golden, Colorado in 1924. Renamed to Camp George West in 1934.

P0233 Raymond Weeks Photograph Collection 1896-1901

Photos of Columbia homes in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

P0234 Frederick C. Hibbard Photograph Collection 1918-1925

Photos of and related to the works of the sculpture Frederick C. Hibbard, including several photographs of Hibbard at work.

P0235 Joseph Webber Photograph Collection 1898-1916

13 photos taken of images of Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis. 32 postcards of various subjects: public buildings, street scenes and scenery in Columbia, Missouri, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Washington, Tucson, Panama, Ontario and New Hampshire.

P0236 Dolores F. Timmons Photograph Collection 1880-1946

1 photograph of Camp Dix, NJ Army Base; 12 photos of Dixon Mining Co., circa 1900; 2 photos of Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Henderson; 3 photocopies of Henderson family Bible.

P0237 Maurine Downing Postcard Collection 1917

56 postcards pertaining to western and southwestern Missouri, specifically the Joplin and Kansas City areas and a few postcards of Southwest City.

P0238 Laurel Boeckman Collection 1860-2002

Large postcard collection showing various tourist areas in Missouri as well as places outside Missouri. Other images include photos of Virginia Mayo, the Boone County Fair, St. Louis, and Columbia images.

P0239 Deanna Killeen Photograph Collection 1900

Three unidentified photos, possibly Greene County area. Winter scenes, picnic, church group and buildings.

P0240 Larry A. James Photograph Collection 1870-1980

Copy photos of Pioneer, Newtonia and Stark City, Missouri. Also, copy photo of J.M. Ritchie and an original photo of the Purcell family on steps of home, circa 1910. 35mm slides of southwest Missouri.

P0241 Laclede's Landing, St. Louis, Missouri, Photographs, 1980 1980

Five photos of St. Louis: LaClede's Landing and the Gateway Arch in 1980.

P0242 Blue Mound School Photograph 1936

One class photo of Blue Mound School in Livingston County, ca 1938.

P0243 Marie Hoffman Photograph Collection 1940

Two large mounted photos showing University of Missouri St. Patrick's Day ceremonies with engineering fraternity kneeling before St. Patrick, March 1904.

P0244 Christian College Photograph 1921

One large sized photo of Christian College women,

P0245 Missouri Press Association Meeting Photograph 1884

Digital scans of 1884 meeting of the Missouri Press Association in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

P0246 Donald M. Christisen Collection 1930-1950

Illustrated postcards, primarily comic in nature, and postcards of the Lake of the Ozarks area; print of signed photo of Will Rogers, photos of the St. Joseph Railway, Light, Heat & Power Company.

P0247 Charles Nagel Jr. Photograph Collection 1909-1913, no date

Three copy photos of Charles Nagel taken during his term of office as Secretary of Commerce and Labor, 1909-1913. Photo of William Taft meeting with his cabinet.

P0248 Tary L. Stift Photograph Collection 1927

Three photos of Poplar Bluff tornado damage around 1927. Aerial photo of Piedmont around 1927. Four images of Black River with auto and train bridges. One photo of train in Mill Spring Depot.

P0249 Peter K. Cullins Postcard Collection 1900-1918

Postcards of Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis, and the 1904 World's Fair.

P0250 Oliver Family Photographs 1875-1933

Photos from prominent Cape Girardeau families including the Oliver family, Mary Watkins Oliver and Robert Burett Oliver.

P0251 Elizabeth Jones Ratliff Photograph Collection 1880-1924

Various images related to Macon County, specifically the town of Ethel, photos of Kirksville State Normal School, 1919-1924, including the 1924 fire and its aftermath, and portraits of identified and unidentified families and individuals.

P0252 Laura Hawkins Frazer Photograph 1915

Original photo by H. Tomlinson, identified as "Becky Thatcher serving tea in Mark Twain's Home, Nov. 30, 1915." Photo is of Laura Hawkins Frazer, childhood sweetheart of Mark Twain who Thatcher character is supposedly taken from.

P0253 William A. Gearon Photographs 1927

Series of 38 digital photographs on the St. Louis September 29, 1927 tornado. Original glass plate negatives held by family.

P0254 Cynthia Nold Photograph Collection 1910, 1950

Photographs of Slater, MO, including images related to Steve McQueen. Also photo and document about television movie called A Family of Children by Tom Butterfield.

P0255 Lillian M. Wagner Photograph Collection no date

Three photographs: Jacob Neely and son, Thomas; Wilson G. Wagner; Wilson G. Wagner with Mr. Swift.

P0256 Reverend L. Walk Photograph no date

Photo of Reverend Mark Rich.

P0257 James McConathy Carte de Visite 1863

Carte de visite of James McConathy who owned a distillery in Boone County in 1800s at what is now Rockbridge State Park.

P0258 Shrine of St. Joseph, St. Louis, Photographs no date

Photographs of the Shrine of St. Joseph, also known as St. Joseph's Jesuit Church, in St. Louis.

P0259 St. Louis University Photographs no date

Photographs of buildings on the campus of St. Louis University.

P0260 Katie Marie Adkins Postcard Collection 1970

Three postcards showing interior of the Carroll County Historical Museum in Carrollton and interior view of the Bank of Tina display in Carroll County Historical Museum.

P0261 Arthur T. Bailey Scrapbook 1925-1930

Scrapbook containing photographs taken 1925-1930 while Arthur T. Bailey was a student at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Various images of the university and students.

P0262 Mabel Aeschliman Portrait no date

Copy photo of Mabel Aeschliman, who served from 1943-1944 in the legislature. She was the first republican to serve in the state legislature from Schuyler County since the Civil War and the first woman to serve from north of the Missouri River.

P0263 Muriel E. Akers Postcard Collection 1970, no date

10 color and 4 black and white postcards, with images from Bellevue Valley, Iron County and Caledonia in Washington County.

P0264 American Royal Association Photographs 1982

6 photographs showing the 1983 American Royal Livestock, Horse Show and Rodeo in Kansas City. Photos are copyrighted by Macklin Photography.

P0265 Alice Clark Cross Postcard Collection 1906-1909

Seven postcards of the University of Missouri showing quadrangle, columns, birds-eye view of campus, academic hall and Broadway in Columbia during busy day.

P0266 Missouri Travel and Tourism Slides no date

Assorted slides of buildings and sites in Missouri, particularly St. Louis, Kansas City, Independence, and Springfield.

P0267 James F. Antonio Portrait 1984

One print of James F. Antonio, State auditor of Missouri from 1978-1984.

P0268 Argentina Quesada Armstrong Photographs 1965

Twelve snapshot color photos taken in 1965 of Armenia, Colombia, South America (sister city of Columbia, Missouri).

P0269 Elmon Laurence Collette Scrapbook 1905-1908

Scrapbook and photographs of the University of Missouri taken by Elmon Laurence Collette while he attended the university as an engineering student, 1903-1908.

P0270 Odon Guitar Photographs 1862-1864

Copy photos of a carte de visite of Odon Guitar and an older woman, standing, and a carte de visite of Odon Guitar, bust view in uniform. Photographer: N. Brown, St. Louis.

P0271 John Ashcroft Portraits 1984-1987

3 8x10 black and white prints of Governor John Ashcroft.

P0272 Mrs. Grover Young Photograph Collection 1890-1910

Images of Rocheport, Missouri, and MKT Railroad.

P0273 Clarke Dunlap Photograph Collection 1884-1975

12 b/w MARKERS, Old Elm Tree Cemetery, 1975. b/w (negative & slide) of Reed's MILL, Beulah, 1900. MO Civil War MAPS: 2 diagrams of Fort Wyman; 1864 MO-AR border. Postcard of Licking, 1910. 8 b/w photos of Civil War era busts. Sketch of "Uncle Phil" from Pioneers of the Ozarks (1944).

P0274 Nancy Cowan Photograph Collection 1916

Six postcards from 1916 showing images of the British Remount Depot in Lathrop, Missouri.

P0275 Terri Stella-Vega Postcard Collection 1910-1912

19 color postcards of Kansas City and Excelsior Springs, MO.

P0276 Agnes L. Kendall Photograph Collection no date


P0277 St. Louis Tornado Photographs, 1896 1896

Photographs of damage following an 1896 tornado in St. Louis, including many by Samborsky Photo. Some of these images were published in Julian Curzon's The Great Cyclone at St. Louis and East St. Louis, May 27, 1896.

 Finding Aid
P0278 Mexico, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1955, no date

Photographs of Mexico, Missouri, including A.P. Green Fire Brick Company operations, local buildings, and monuments.

P0279 Edd Ingram Photographs 1904-1918

Photographs by Edd Ingram of Edgar Springs, Missouri, primarily in glass plate negative format. Ingram captured early twentieth-century individual and group portraits, school portraits, and images of rural activities, industries, and agriculture. Identified locations pictured are in south central Missouri and cover portions of Phelps, Pulaski, Dent, Texas, and Crawford counties.

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P0280 Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Photographs 1935-1940

Photographs of Kansas City, ca. 1939 and 1954, with a focus on views of the city and local attractions.

P0281 Nancy J. Irwin Postcard Collection 1905-1930

11 postcards from the early 20th century with scenes of various places in Missouri including Joplin, Springfield, and St. Louis.