Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P1177 Lola Osborn Slusher Photograph Collection 1934, 1960

Photos of the historic home "Old Oaks" near Lexington, MO.

P1178 B.M. Stigall Photograph Collection 1867-1890

Photographs of Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO, ca. 1887-1890

P1179 J.W. McMurray Photograph Collection no date

Four photographs of the Governor Daniel Dunklin gravesite and associated family graves.

P1180 Etta Whipple Photograph Collection no date

Four photographs of Sandy Baptist Church in rural Jefferson County, Missouri.

P1181 Florence Davidson Photograph Collection 1918

Four copy photos of a railroad tie yard in Bagnell, MO, ca. 1918.

P1182 Lester B. Dill Photograph Collection 1941

Six photographs of Meramec Caverns, from the president of the Ozark Cave Association, Inc.

P1183 T. Clayton Barlow Photograph Collection 1895-1958

Copy photographs of Adam-Ondi-Ahman, a Mormon Shrine at Gallatin, MO.

P1184 Susan Welsh Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of Mollyjoggers and the Cyrus Patterson house in Springfield, MO.

P1185 Joe Gantner Photographs 1944

Photographs by Joe Gantner, propieter of Deluxe Studio in Boonville, MO, of the 1944 Missouri River Flood in Boonville.

P1186 Q.E.B.H. Portraits 1900

Photographs of members of Q.E.B.H., a student honor society at the University of Missouri.

P1187 Faye R. Kensinger Photograph Collection 1930

Photographs of Harry S. Truman, Col. John Williams, Major Rolf Raynor (a riding instructor at Stephens College), and the Missouri National Guard 128th Field Artillery firing a cannon.

P1188 Missouri School of Mines Photograph Collection circa 1940

Photographs of buildings on the Missouri School of Mines campus in Rolla, MO, with a particular focus on the power plant and boiler complex.

P1189 Grace D. Phillips Photograph Collection no date

Photographs of William L. Parker, his sister Mary Coulter, and Sarah Gentry Elston.

P1190 Milton D. Rafferty Photograph Collection 1933, 1967

Photographs used to illustrate Milton D. Rafferty's article "Missouri's Black Walnut Kernel Industry" Missouri Historical Review, Volume 63 Issue 2, January 1969.

P1191 Louis Unfer Photograph Collection 1955

Photographs of War of 1812 battle sites in Lincoln County, ca. 1955.

P1192 William Latour Photographs 1869-1910

Photographs by William Latour of Sedalia, including studio portraits and photos from a tour to Egypt and Jerusalem, ca. 1910.

P1193 Missouri Steamboat Photograph Collection 1881-1890, no date

Photographs of steamboats from Missouri's rivers and waterways.

P1194 Rural Schoolteacher's Photographs 1930

Class portraits of schoolchildren with their teachers, ca. 1930s, including Warner School in Livingston County and Shinar School in Daviess County.

P1195 Missouri Writers Portraits 1905-1997

Portraits of writers of poetry, prose, and non-fiction from Missouri, and writers who authored works about Missouri.

P1196 Missouri Press Portraits 1872-1924

Portraits of journalists, including many newspaper editors, from Missouri, or who have written significantly on Missouri topics.

P1197 Missouri Military Portraits 1860-1950

Portraits of military servicemembers and officers from or with connection to Missouri.

P1198 Missouri Academics Portraits no date

Portraits of college and university presidents, members of regent boards, staff, administrators, and professors.

P1199 Missouri Artists Portraits 1906, no date

Portraits of Missouri artists; artists either born in Missouri or who created works on Missouri topics.

P1200 Missouri State Legislators Portraits 1904

Portraits, removed from frame or other mount, with glue along edges approx 4x5--ten state legislators from 1904

P1201 Men in Agriculture Portraits no date

portraits, small ovals on thick mount--six men tied to agriculture

P1202 Missouri School of Mines Photographs circa 1900

Six negatives of the Missouri School of Mines and students in labs and residence areas.

P1203 Irish Wilderness Snapshots no date

Fourteen snapshots ca. 1972 of the Irish Wilderness area, located in Oregon County, Missouri.

P1204 Delmar Loop Snapshots 2000

Snapshots ca. 2000 of Blueberry Hill and the St. Louis Walk of Fame in the Delmar Loop district of University City.

P1205 Missouri State Officials, Boards, and Committees, Portraits 1891-1985

Portraits of Missouri's statewide officials, staff, board and committee members.

P1206 Carl Gentry Photograph Collection no date

Photographs of Carl Gentry, his life and travels.

P1207 Irene Janke Photograph Collection 1897-1900

Photographs and materials gathered for Irene Janke's thesis, '"Regal beyond descriptin': an interpretation of the dress of Margaret Nelson Stephens, First Lady of Missouri, 1897-1901."

P1208 Bratten Family Photographs 1905-1912

Photographs of members of the Bratten family (Dorothy, Clark, Ethel, Vessie, others unidentified) and the S.G. Bratten Confectionary.

P1209 Missouri Honor Medalist Portraits 1933-1975

Portraits of recipients of the Missouri Honor Medal, awarded by the University of Missouri's School of Journalism for distinguished service in journalism. Represented in this collection are Pauline Frederich, Sylvia Porter, Dorothy Roe Lewis, Katharine Graham, Doris Fleeson, Malvina Lindsay, Mary Margaret McBride, and Daniel Fitzpatrick.

P1210 Mary Kenney Photograph Collection 1857-1987

Photographs of Glasgow, Missouri, and the Rocheport, Missouri, cave. Postcards depicting Hannibal, Missouri.

P1211 Stephens Sisters Portrait 1884

Portrait of Stephens sisters, of Boone County, MO: Permeha, Sarah, and Chloe. Format described as "oilograph", image taken near Brown's Station ca. 1884.

P1212 Addie M. Hosman Photograph Collection no date

Four photographs and one postcard depicting Hamilton, Missouri. Includes images of the high school, Missouri State Highway No. 8, Hamilton Trust Co. Building, Main Street for Pres Hudges Parade, and Mr. Bamers Farm.

P1213 The State Historical Society of Missouri Photograph Collection circa 1845-1965
P1214 Jesse Wrench Photographs no date

Photographs documenting a trip to Boone's Lick Spring, October 18, 1924, by Professor Jesse E. Wrench, including the Old Trail Hotel building and a DAR road marker.

P1215 Carl H. Chapman Photograph Collection no date

Photographs of and relating to archaeologist Carl Chapman and archaeological work in Missouri.

P1216 Columbia, Missouri, Negatives no date

photographic negatives of locations in Columbia, Missouri