Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0782 Canton Journal Photographs 1978

Photos of the Missouri State Fair, 1978.

P0783 H.C. Beaumont Photographs 1948

Photos of the State Trachoma Hospital, Rolla, 1948.

P0784 Greta Plemmons Collection no date

Images of Phelps County historic sites and notable residents

P0785 Park College Alumni Office Photographs 1894-1900

Photos of Park College, Parkville, MO.

P0786 Leslie Dyers Photographs no date

Photos of Platte County historic homes, ca. 1958-1960.

P0787 Boone County, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1890-1964

An artificial collection of photographs of Boone County, Missouri.

P0788 Minnie S. Gingerich Postcard Collection 1910-1937

Postcards of Pulaski County: Devil's Elbow and Hooker, MO

P0789 Mabel M. Mottag Photographs no date

Photos of the Alias Black Hotel, Waynesville, and the first Pulaski County Courthouse.

P0790 A.A. Schuttenhelm Photographs 1940-1941

Photos of the construction of Fort Leonard Wood, 1940-1941.

P0791 Karyn M. Stansbery Collection no date

Photos of Waynesville: Pippin Place, Bartlett Mill (Pulaski Co)

P0792 Russell Summers Photographs 1938

Photos of log houses in the Duke area, Pulaski Co

P0793 Robert G. Schultz Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Monroe Drug Company, Unionville, Putnam Co

P0794 A.B. Shelton Photograph Collection 1895, 1958-1962

Photos of Putnam County historic buildings and sites, primarily in the Unionville area ca. 1959-1962, and of notable residents.

P0795 Jay Wright Photograph Collection 1877-1882

Copy photos of the Randolph County Courthouse and Mount Pleasant College.

P0796 Louise Darneal Collection no date

Photos of Richmond, MO historic sites and monuments, ca. 1958.

P0797 Mrs. Howard Hill Photographs 1962, no date

Photos of the Baber house and old Ray County Courthouse in Richmond, MO.

P0798 R.B. Garrison Photographs 1883, 1930, no date

Photos of the Doniphan area, primarily historic homes ca. 1959-1962.

P0799 Rudolph H. Goebel Photographs 1850-1907

Photos by Goebel of St. Charles, St. Louis, and Warren Counties.

P0800 Ruby Bergfeld Menscher Photographs 1957, no date

Photos of St. Charles County ca. 1957, including Pond Fort, the Bates house, and Dardenne Presbyterian Church.

P0801 Ryne T. Stiegemeier Photographs 1900, 1951-1961

Photos by Stiegemeier of St. Charles County historic sites and buildings, ca. 1957

P0802 Mrs. William H. Harper Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Hildebrand/Boaz home near Bonne Terre, St. Francois County

P0803 Albert Karsch Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Philip Graham Long home in Farmington, MO.

P0804 Wayne Lindquist Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of Bonne Terre Hospital Nurses' Home and Bonne Terre lead miners.

P0805 Velma Lee Buban Collection no date

Postcards of Missouri scenes, primarily in St. Francois and St. Charles Counties, photos of Dred Scott painting and Lieutenant Sturgis' grave.

P0806 Dr. William G. Swekosky Photograph Collection 1894-1960

Photos of St. Louis and notable St. Louisans. The bulk of images were photographed from 1940-1960 and show historic buildings and Bellefontaine Cemetery.

P0807 Richard Averill Smith Photographs 1959, no date

Photos by Smith of Hansen and Maremont homes, St. Louis.

P0808 Mary L. Bennett Photograph Collection 1880-1920

Photos of St. Louis street scenes and the Judge & Dolph Drugstore. Photographs of the Berry family. Group portrait of a conference at William Woods College, ca. 1920.

P0809 James Denny Photographs 1983, no date

Photos of floorplans and paintings at the Ravenswood estate in Cooper County.

P0810 Leslie Davison Photographs 1961, no date

Photos of Florissant, MO houses ca. 1961.

P0811 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association Photograph Collection 1933-1963

Photos of Arch site prior to and cleared for construction. Also photo of site with model of Arch inserted.

P0812 Harry F. Malseed Photographs 1955-1960

Photos by Malseed ca. 1955-1960 of St. Ferdinand's Church, and the Old Courthouse, St. Louis, and Cold Water Creek, and St. Stanislaus Seminary, Florissant.

P0813 St. Louis Chamber of Commerce Photographs 1939-1969

Images of St. Louis landmarks, including Union Station, the St. Louis Art Museum, Barnes Hospital Group, and a 1963 aerial photograph of the city.

P0814 St. Louis Division of Parks and Recreation Photographs 1930-1944

Photos of St. Louis from 1936-1939, with an emphasis on parks, urban forestry, and public buildings.

P0815 Missouri Botanical Garden Photographs 1951, no date

Photos of Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

P0816 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Photographs 1890-1940

Photos of Southwestern Bell Telephone offices and properties in St. Louis, Joplin, Slater, and Manchester, ca. 1940

P0817 Wainright Building Photographs 1890-1891, 1982

Photos of the Wainwright Building, St. Louis, in 1982, and one photo of its construction.

P0818 First Unitarian Church, St. Louis, Photographs 1974-1977

Copy photos of First Unitarian Church, St. Louis.

P0819 Susan L. Marsh Photographs 1941

Photos of Rock Hill Presbyterian Church, St. Louis County.

P0820 Arthur W.Schisler Photographs 1938-1955

Photos of the Luther A. Armstrong Home, Kirkwood, St. Louis County.

P0821 L.A. Pickard Sr. Photograph Collection 1890-1908

Copy photos of drainage activities in the Little River Drainage District, ca. 1908, and the Dunklin County Courthouse.

P0822 A.F. Rekert Photographs 1962

Photos of J.H. LaMotte Home, Ferguson, MO.

P0823 Roy Carlson Photographs 1962

Photos of Utz home, Hazelwood, MO.

P0824 William M. Reinhold Photographs 1947

Photos of Weider home, St. Louis County, 1947.

P0825 Emil Boehl Photographs 1870-1904

Photos of St. Louis by Emil Boehl.

P0826 Dunklin Democrat Photograph Collection 1888-1914

Six copy photos of Dunklin County, ca. 1888-1914.

P0827 St. Louis Art Museum Photographs 1780, 1950

Photos of the St. Louis Art Museum.

P0828 Museum of Transportation, Kirkwood, Photographs 1951

Photo postcards of Museum of Transportation, Kirkwood.

P0829 Mrs. Mark T. Riedel Photograph Collection 1935-1944

Photos of New Overland School classes.

P0830 W.H. McGinness Union Station Postcard Collection 1915

Ten illustrated postcards of Union Station in Kansas City, ca. 1915.

P0831 St. Louis County Planning Commission Photographs 1949

Photos of proposed Tyson Valley Park.

P0832 Donald R. Hale Photographs 1906-1951

Postcards depicting the exterior of KKK birthplace (Pulaski, Tenn) and exterior of Big Spring Inn (Neosho, MO). 2 colour: exterior of Ben Franklin Hotel, Springfield, and levee scene, Cape Girardeau.

P0833 Blanche O. Dorman Photograph Collection 1863, no date

Carte de visite of civil war military officers and important figures

P0834 Frank J. Uhlenbrock Collection 1941-1945

A collection of World War II photographs, most from the Official War Pictures Co, collected by Uhlenbrock, a Marine (March 1943-April 1945, South and Central Pacific). Additionally, colour, fold-out postcard depicting Springfield, MO (1938).

P0835 Leslie Cowan Photograph Collection no date

B/w photo of James Forsee, seated and in uniform, signed. b/w headshot of Roscoe Anderson, St. Louis attorney and member of UM Board of Curators.

P0836 Harry E. Scurlock Photograph Collection 1905, no date

Mounted b/w photograph of "Ras" Robinson, a train conductor from Centralia, MO and image of safe being moved into the Boone County Courthouse, 1905.

P0837 Cora M. Wilson Collection 1884-1903

Portraits of Joseph W. Folk, David R. Francis, and James W. Van Cleave.

P0838 Army R.O.T.C., University of Missouri, Photograph Collection no date

Portraits of professors of military science and tactics at the University of Missouri.

P0839 Louis R. Boone Photograph Collection 1862-1867, no date

Photos of the Doyle family and Portraits, surnames Walker, Whitmack, Sharp, Middaugh, Hastain, Campbell, Avery

P0840 Christ Church Cathedral Photographs 1845-1980

Portraits of Christ Church Cathedral clergy

P0841 Ruth Graham Photograph Collection 1905, no date

Portraits of Dr. R.E. Graham, first pathologist at the University of Missouri. Photos and momentos of horse Rex McDonald

P0842 Hardeman Family Photographs no date

Photos of Hardeman family members

P0843 Thelma Hickok Collection 1917, no date

Copy prints of civil war generals. Photographic postcard of damage from the 1917 Kansas City Stockyards fire.

P0844 Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Photographs 1890-1986

Photos of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College and related people and personnel

P0845 Taylor Family Missouri Portraits Collection 1880, no date

Portraits of the Taylor family of Louisiana, MO, and an assortment of identified and unidentified portraits from Hannibal, Kansas City, and unknown locations in Missouri.

P0846 University of Missouri Secretary Portrait Collection 1893-1909, no date

Headshots of notable Missourians.

P0847 University of Missouri History Department Lewis Atherton Photograph Collection 1986

Photos of the Lewis Atherton recognition day banquet and reception for Lewis Atherton at the University of Missouri, 1986.

P0848 University of Missouri Press Image Collection 1987-1988

A collection of images used by the University of Missouri Press in publications: b/w headshot of Vernon Wilson, former dean of UM Medical School. b/w portrait of Gov. B. Brown as a child and a negative for a portrait of him "as a young man." A PMT of a title page of a Report written in German (Gottfried Duden). Also includes images of the University of Missouri campus in 1988

P0849 Lester A. Vonderschmidt Photograph Collection 1838-1933

Portraits of Missouri representatives to the General Assembly

P0850 James C. Joplin Photograph Collection no date

Copy prints of people related to the Civil War

P0851 First Christian Church Photographs 1875-1960

Photos of and relating to First Christian Church

P0852 Irwin Switzler Photograph Collection 1860-1874, no date

Photos of people related to Columbia, MO and the University of Missouri

P0853 Merrill E. Otis Photograph Collection no date

Portraits of John Finis Philips

P0854 University of Missouri Financial Aid Office Photograph Collection 1912, no date

Photos of scholarship donors and honorees

P0855 Schofield Family Photographs 1864-1931

Photographs of members of the Schofield family of Lewiston and Newark, MO.

P0856 Ralph Gravely Scrapbook 1910-1914

Copy photos from scrapbook of Gravely, manager of Bolivar Free Press. Includes photos of Gravely family, Bolivar, and the University of Missouri.

P0857 Moore Family Photographs 1880-1920

Copy photos of Moore family members, an African-American family from Kansas City, 1880-1920.

P0858 Switzler Family Photographs 1863-1942

Photos of members of the Switzler family, focused on William F. Switzler and his relatives.

P0859 Rackers Studio Photographs 1925-1934

Photos by Rackers Studio of Jefferson City, MO, many of which are of Missouri representatives.

P0860 Ruth Rust Studio Photographs 1922-1946

Photos by Ruth Rust Studio of Jefferson City, MO, many of which are of Missouri representatives.

P0861 Jack Bean Photograph Collection 1871, 1889, no date

Photos of Missouri officials.

P0862 Carl F. Deeg Photographs 1890-1939

Photos of Missouri representatives and senators by Carl Deeg.

P0863 Tim Williams Photograph Collection no date

Family photos, including glass plate negatives of Columns at University of Missouri.

P0864 German American National Alliance Convention, Photographs 1913-1916

Panoramic group photos from German American National Alliance Conventions, 1913 and 1916.

P0865 Damel Family Photographs 1892-1982

Photographs of members of the Damel family, an African American family that came to settle in Jefferson City.

P0866 Schlief-Boudreau Family Photograph Collection 1869-1916

Photographs taken in Osage County, Missouri, in Koeltztown, Westphalia, and the Taos area, including group photos of bands, a picnic, choirs, and Corpus Christy Day. Also includes snapshots of landscapes and the Osage River, bridges, and Hubers Ferry.

 Finding Aid
P0867 Williams Family Photographs no date

Portraits of Williams family members in carte de visite and tintype formats. Removed from family bible.

P0868 Robert Smith Photograph Collection 1880-1908

Collection of photos of Missouri historians and images relating to the civil war, from a professor at Missouri Southern State College, Joplin.

P0869 John A. Scholten Photographs 1860-1870

Portraits taken by John A. Scholten of St. Louis

P0870 Frank Russell Photograph Collection 1887, 1909

Copy prints of Mark Twain.

P0871 Fred B. Rogers Photograph Collection no date

Photos of and relating to General John Wilson.

P0872 Charles Nutter Photograph Collection 1776-1803

Portraits, submitted for use in Missouri Historical Review articles.

P0873 Ruth McDaniel Photograph Collection circa 1884-1909

Photos of Nevada, MO and figures from that town, including Nellie Yaer in costume advertising for the Nevada Noticer and W.J. Hawkins, Superintendent of Schools.

P0874 Wise Family Photographs 1893-1904

Photos of and relating to the Wise family of Kirskville, MO.

P0875 Mary Lee Kemper Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of Robinson family members.

P0876 Mary Abney Gamble Photograph Collection 1907-1944

Photos of Naption area, Saline Co. Also of Gamble family ancestors. 35mm color slides depicting travel and farming in Missouri

P0877 Dr. William Elder Photograph Collection 1909-1958

Portraits of biologists

P0878 Mary Barile Photograph Collection 1890-1910

Late 19th century studio portraits from Boonville, MO

P0879 Strauss Studio Photographs 1869-1937

Studio portraits of General Assembly members, politicians, and doctors.

P0880 Gary Woolfolk Photograph Collection 1896-1900, no date

Copy photos of the Fulton area.

P0881 Elmer G. Harris Collection 1937, 1980

Photo of Harris and advertising card for his mules.