Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0981 Rocketdyne Photographs 1962

Photos of Rocketdyne, a division of North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Neosho where engines are made, 1962

P0982 John L. Pfeiffer Photograph Collection 1869-1870

Copy photos of Boone County: Exchange National Bank, Trimble, Fyfer & Co. Dry Goods

P0983 Jack Young Photograph Collection 1890, 1914

Photos of Columbia College, 1831, and the University of Missouri Dean of Agriculture's house.

P0984 Sterett Family Photographs 1865-1893

Photos of Sterett family of Nevada, MO

P0985 Mark Wavering Photographs no date

five color prints of barns and farm equipment near Paris, Missouri

P0986 Roswell Martin Field Photograph Collection 1870, 1912

Images of and relating to Roswell Martin Field, taken from "Roswell Field, Poems & Biographica: His Personal Collections"

P0987 Kansas City Stockyards Photograph no date

Photograph of stockyards.

P0988 Lumber Yard Photograph no date

Photograph of lumber yard and buildings

P0989 William Hamilton Letcher Portrait no date

Photograph with short biography and autograph of Letcher

P0990 Hugh J. Mayberry Portrait 1945

Studio portait, bust view, of brigadier general in uniform

P0991 Daniel Cowen Jackling Portrait 1900

Studio portrait, bust view

P0992 Joy N. Oldham Photograph Collection 1883, no date

Photographs of the Akeman and Oliver families of Columbia, Missouri, and their extended family members. This collection also includes an album containing photographs of Belle Clayton Mitchell and members of her family.

P0993 Missouri Equine & Equestrian Collection of Photographs 1856-1938

Photographs of mules, horses, and equestrians. Many of the photographs were taken in mid-Missouri, but images of notable race horses of the early to mid-20th century are also included. Broadacres Farm in Liberty, Missouri, is heavily featured. Shows included are the National Belgian Horse Show, the International Livestock Exposition,

P0994 Missouri Capitol Building Fire Photographs 1911

Seven photographs of 1911 fire and aftermath

P0995 Bagnell Dam Aerial Photograph 1933

Aerial photograph of the dam, Lake of the Ozarks and the spillway

P0996 Pan American Exposition Exhibit Photographs 1901

Seven views of Missouri exhibits, designed and executed by J.E. Curmbaugh, during Charleston, SC, Exposition.

P0997 Fifth District State Normal School Commission Photograph 1906

Photograph of five men who were the commission that located the fifth Missouri State Normal School at Maryville

P0998 Frances E. Lathrop Portrait 1919

Studio portrait, probably of an earlier photograph, since Mrs. Lathrop died in 1893 and the photograph is dated 1919

P0999 Mary Ann Creason Rohde Photograph Collection 1900-1990

Photographs of the Mohney, Creason, and related families; includes photographs of tombstones of family members at Riffe and South Point cemeteries

P1000 The Beautiful Missouri Ozarks 1940

Twenty souvenir views in packet

P1001 Knights of Pythias, Grand Lodge and Grand Court of Calanthe Photograph 1930

Panoramic photograph of grand lodge and grand court members in front of the new Florence Home for Girls at 238 Campbell, Kansas City, MO

P1002 Joe G. Dillard Collection 1890-1918

Three postcards of Chillicothe, MO, sights and photograph of Blue Mound, MO, Singing School

P1003 Loretta Bingham Photograph Collection 1920-1925

Photographs of students from Odessa High School and students from Starr School with their prize winning patriotic float

P1004 Elizabeth Sayad Photograph Collection 1926, no date

Photograph of luncheon in honor of President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge and copy of a pen and ink drawing of a building on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus

P1005 C.F. Forbes Photograph Collection 1886

Panoramic photograph of George G. Vest's visit to chapel at the University of Missouri, 1886

P1006 Missouri Historic Church Slide Collection 1973-1987

35mm slides of historic church buildings across Missouri. Includes both original photography and copy slides.

P1007 E.J. Winkelmeyer Photograph Collection 1890

Photograph of the old Boone County Courthouse

P1008 Missouri State Senate Chambers Photograph 1943

Photograph of senate chambers during state constitutional convention, 1943

P1009 Gentry County, Missouri, Historical Society Photograph Collection 1969

Poster of presidents of the historical society from 1954 to 1969

P1010 Midland Printing Company, Jefferson City 1939

Poster done by Midland Printing showing California missions and a message to turn to the Bible, 3 copies

P1011 Marion and Nola Musgrove Photograph Collection no date

Early 1900s Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado images, collected by a family that lived in Douglas County, Missouri, prior to 1920.

P1012 Edmund L. Alford Photograph Collection no date

Portrait of judge of the Tenth Judicial Circuit

P1013 Lewis Family Photographs 1900-1910

Photographs of the Lewis family of Springfield, MO

P1014 Braxton Pollard Collection 1930-1945

Photographs of St. Louis, including the MUNY and St. Louis Art Museum, and a portrait of Sally Rand.

P1015 Joplin Chamber of Commerce Photograph Collection no date

Photographs of Joplin, Missouri: aerial view of downtown, and Eagle Picher Lead Company.

P1016 St. Louis Globe-Democrat Photograph Collection 1982

Arch and St. Louis skyline in winter, Mississippi River frozen over

P1017 Hall Family Photograph Collection no date

Panoramic photograph of Columbia College, then known as Christian College

P1018 H.S. Sturges Photograph Collection 1884

Group photo of Missouri Press Association meeting

P1019 Union Electric Company Collection 1931, no date

Photographs of Union Electric operations in Illinois and Iowa. Photograph of Gateway Arch.

P1020 Peggy Duffield Photograph Collection 1910

Photograph of University of Missouri columns

P1021 Ann Goth Photograph Collection 1925

Photograph of the employees of the Delta Securities Company in the Rio Grande Valley

P1022 Marilyn Van Grevenhof Photograph Collection 1917

Photograph of Sweeney Automobile School and students in front of building

P1023 Russell Garland Photograph Collection 1878

Photograph of Alexander William Doniphan

P1024 Paul Beisman Photograph Collection 1928-1939

Photographs of performances at the Muny Theatre

P1025 University of Missouri, Delta Gamma Sorority Portrait 1963-1966

Composite photographs of members of the sorority

P1026 Ryan K. Peterson Photograph Collection 1995

Aerial photograph of construction of house

P1027 Norbert A. Kramer Photograph Collection 1940-1958

Photographs taken by Brother Norbert A. Kramer, S.M. in and near Hermann, Missouri, includes descriptions of photos and possible dates for photos.

P1028 Old Matt's Cabin Photograph Collection no date

Cabin that was inspiration for "Old Matt's" cabin in the Harold Bell Wright novel "The Shepherd of the Hills." Small child sitting on porch steps

P1029 Company I, 5th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Portrait, ca. 1898 circa 1898

Company I, 5th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, group photograph of Spanish American War soldiers

P1030 World War I Photograph Collection 1917-1925

Photographs of organizations dealing with aspects of the war effort

P1031 Governor Elliott N. Major Photograph 1917

Signing of the message of the 49th General Assembly by Governor Elliott N. Major, being first offical in New Capitol Bldg., Jan 2nd 1917

P1032 John Gossler Photographs no date

Photographs of St. Charles

P1033 Frank L. Martin Photograph Collection 1904, no date

Photograph of St. Louis Fair Festival Hall and Terrace of States

P1034 Earle B. Patten Photographs 1922-1946

Photographs by Earle B. Patten of people and scenes in University City and the St. Louis area, beginning in the 1930s.

P1035 Karen Henricks Photograph Collection 1901-1935

Photographs from a Boone County family, including many portraits and school class group portraits.

P1036 Russell and Gloria Peace Griffiths Photograph Collection 1928-1956

Family photographs and ephemera, spanning from the late 1860s through the 1970s.

P1037 Central Methodist College Scrapbooks 1949

Scrapbooks of trips taken to Florida and the Southeast United States, 1948-1949.

P1038 Dale C. Barnard Photograph Collection 1900-1909

Photographs from Dale C. Barnard, a Missouri-native by way of Kirksville and Kansas City. Barnard attended the Missouri School of Mines in Rolla and worked as an mining engineer for El Barreno Mining Company in Mexico City, Mexico, and the Iron King Mine in Arizona.

P1039 Hoch-Vickery Family Photograph Collection 1937-1948

A collection of photos and scrapbooks primarily relating to the Arthur Hoch family of Sedalia, MO, ca. 1940s-1950s

P1040 Elbert Louis "Bert" Nickerson Photographs 1906-1980

Photographs by Elbert Louis Nickerson, better known as "Bert", of Bucklin and Brookfield, MO. Bert worked for the newspaper in Brookfield. This collection also includes his family photographs.

P1041 Earl Powers Photographs 1942-1965

Photographs by Earl Powers, a photographer and farmer who lived in Columbia, MO. Coverage includes people, events, and places in Columbia and Van Nuys, CA. Additional photographs cover Powers' Air Force service in the South Pacific during WWII.

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P1042 State Historical Society of Missouri Art Collection Records 1824-1988

Photographs of artwork held in the State Historical Society of Missouri's art collection.

P1043 Missouri Historical Markers Photograph Collection 1953-2006
P1044 1886 Kansas City Tornado Photograph Collection 1886

Six cabinet cards depicting the aftermath of a tornado in Kansas City, May 10, 1886.

P1045 William C. Tucker Photograph Collection 1958, 1962

Five photographs of Warrensburg, MO, ca. 1958-1962.

P1046 Confederate Home, Higginsville, Photographs 1904

Seven photographs of the Confederate Home in Higginsville, MO, ca. 1904. Includes images of the main building, barnyard, surgeon's residence, hospital reception hall, and exterior views of residences.

P1047 Kansas City Photographs circa 1902

Thirty-five photographs of Kansas City, ca. 1902. Includes images of streets and exterior views of businesses, parks, clubs, and residences.

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P1048 Nodaway County, Missouri, Photographs 1900-1903

Twenty-seven photographs of Nodaway County, ca. 1900-1903. Includes images of Maryville, farms, and Burlington Junction Mineral Springs Company and Hotel.

P1049 Bismarck, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1904-1931

Seven photographs of Bismarck, Missouri, collection on the occasion of the city's bicentennial and published in the book The Sign of a Good Town.

P1050 Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company Photograph Collection no date

Seven photographs of the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company factory and operations in St. Louis, MO.

P1051 Walter J. McCormick Photograph Collection 1929-1965, no date

Photographs of and relating to showboat theatres on the Missouri River, used in McCormick's thesis on the subject "An Historical Study of Showboat Theatre on the Missouri River."

P1052 Missouri Capitol Murals Photograph Collection no date

Photographs of the murals in the Missouri State Capitol building. Photos are from unknown sources and photographers; additional photos can be found in the Walker and Massie photographs.

P1053 Riggs Photograph Collection 1911

Six mounted photographs of the Moran Bolt & Nut Manufacturing Company and vicinity, St. Louis, taken May 2-3, 1911.

P1054 Lynching of Frank Embree Photographs 1899

Five photographs of the lynching of Frank Embree, 22 July 1899, near Fayette, MO.

P1055 Martin Family Photographs 1881-1960

Four photographs of Edward Allen Martin and one photograph of his father, Dr. J.F. Martin, both druggists in Greenfield, Missouri.

P1056 Garlichs Family Photographs 1936, no date

Seven photographs and copy photographs of the Hermann Garlichs family.

P1057 Schwarzer Zithers Photograph Collection 1885-1913

Thirty photographs of Franz Schwarzer, the Franz Schwarzer Zither Factory in Washington, Missouri, zithers, zither artisans, zither players, and zither clubs.

P1058 World War II, European Theatre, Snapshots 1940-1945

Twenty-five snapshots of soldiers, landscapes, and military operations during World War II in the European Theatre. People and places in these photographs are unidentified.

P1059 Lois Pribbles Photograph Collection 1941

Twenty-six photographs taken in Honolulu, Hawaii, during or shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

P1060 William Uzzell Photograph Collection no date

Cabinet cards taken after 1891, five depicting Mormon sites in Salt Lake City, UT and one of the East Front Pavilion in Saltair, UT.

P1061 Stella Michel Photograph Collection no date

Twenty-five copy prints of historic Missouri trees.

P1062 Ronald Reed Jr. Photograph Collection 1899

Six photographs, several taken July 1, 1899, depicting people outdoors, attributed as being near Cape Girardeau.

P1063 Olive Hill Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of early four-wheel drive trucks and manufacturing plants, B.J. Patrick, Mark Twain's home in Hannibal, and the Union Covered Bridge, Monroe County.

P1064 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Photograph Collection 1904

Fifty photographs of buildings and views of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, St. Louis.

P1065 Melvin F. Rader Photograph Collection 1945

One portrait of Melvin F. Rader. One snapshot by Rader of prisoners of war as Americans took over a concentration camp in Mauthausen, Austria.

P1066 Harry Broermann Photograph Collection 1890-1970

Copy photos of Atchison County, especially relating to the Rankin Farm and Mule Barn.

P1067 Lucas Osceola Photograph Collection 1905

Photographs of Monegaw Springs and the Osage River in St. Clair County.

P1068 T.H. Yount Photograph Collection 1840, 1920, no date

Slides depicting historic structures in Sedalia and Sedalia history.

P1069 Mrs. Ken McQuitty Photograph Collection 1910, no date

Photographic postcards of the Dorn-Cloney Laundry & Dry Cleaning delivery wagon, and a marching band parading down Broadway, Columbia, Missouri.

P1070 Swallow Family Portraits no date

Cabinet card portraits of George C. Swallow, first state geologist and dean of the University of Missouri Agricultural School, and his wife, Martha A. Swallow.

P1071 Parcell Photographs 1893-1896

Photographs by Parcell of Kirksville, Missouri, of Dr. Andrew T. Still, and students and faculty of the American School of osteopathy.

P1072 Kucker Studio Co. Photographs 1931-1940

Photographs by Kucker Studio, Springfield, Missouri, of the Springfield area and elected representatives and officials.

P1073 Billings Centennial Historical Committee Photograph Collection 1885-1925

Copy photographs from those collected by the Billings Centennial Historical Committee for use in the publication, Billings Centennial 1871-1971.

P1074 Harold Duncan Photograph Collection 1890-1940

Photograph of the Joel Haden home near Columbia, Missouri, ca. 1890, with members of the Bright family posed outside. Photograph of the Boone County Trust Company, ca. 1927, with employees and customers in the interior.

P1075 Missouri Department of Conservation Photographs no date

Portraits of Joel M. Vance and Wilbur C. Buford. Exhibition for the Centennial Forests Celebration, recognizing 100 years of forest conservation.

P1076 Elenor Schewe Photograph Collection no date

Two photographs of the Lakenan Clark Barnes house in Mexico, Missouri, 1996.

P1077 James C. Kirkpatrick Photograph Collection 1975-1976

Copy photos of Missouri officials

P1078 Underwood & Underwood Studio Photographs no date

Portraits of Missouri author Winston Churchill and Oscar Wells, President of the American Bankers Association.

P1079 Harris & Ewing Studio Photographs no date

Portraits of Missouri governors and senators.

P1080 Lawrence Rugolo Photographs 1993

Eighteen photographs of Missouri River flooding in 1993 near Easley, Missouri.