Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0510 Dr. Laurence Hedlund Photographs 1975

Photos of Boone, Cole, Cooper, and Osage counties, ca. 1975.

P0511 Lafayette Park, St. Louis, J.A. Seibert Album 1870

Photographs of Lafayette Park in St. Louis by J.A. Seibert, ca. 1870.

P0512 Sidney B. Phillips Photograph Collection 1916-1917

Copy photos of the 3rd Missouri Infantry Machine Gun Co. during the Mexican Border Troubles, 1916-1917.

P0513 Mayer, Siegel, Photographs 1909-1911

Photos of the University of Missouri taken by Siegel Mayer, a student photographer, ca. 1909-1913

P0514 Pearle Mitchell Photograph Collection c. 1890-1895

Photographs of the University of Missouri campus and early Columbia.

P0515 Mary Banks Parry Photograph Collection 1880-1920

Photos of Columbia, 1870s-1913, including an early image of Stephens College, 1913 photos of Sigma Chi fraternity, and images of the Parry family.

P0516 Beulah Ralph Photograph Collection 1946-1970

Copy photos of Boone County, with focus on the African American community, including images of Douglass School and early black police officers.

P0517 Chester W. Ray Collection 1928

MU Tiger emblems and photo of University of Missouri stadium, ca. 1928.

P0518 G.J. Stephens Postcard Collection 1907, 1911

Postcards of the University of Missouri campus and Balanced Rock (Boone County), ca. 1911.

P0519 Stephens College Photographs 1937-1963

Photographs of the Stephens College campus in Columbia, MO. Includes photos by Tom Binford

P0520 Mary Matthews Happy Photograph Collection no date

35mm slides of historic buildings in Jefferson City and Springfield, Missouri

P0521 Margaret Boggs Wight Collection 1908-1918

Copy images of Boone Co Circuit Clerk's Office, Armistice day broadside, and invitation to a hanging.

P0522 James L. Hughes Photograph Collection 1917

Images of World War I era soldiers, ca. 1917.

P0523 John A. Biggerstaff Photograph Collection 1962

Photos of Plattsburg houses and monuments.

P0524 Minnie Hahn Boyce Photograph Collection 1889-1911

Photos of the Missouri State Capitol, 1917 and ca. 1889-1911.

P0525 Jim Brizendine Photographs 1984

Photos of the Missouri Supreme Court building, 1984

P0526 Mrs. Henry Certain Collection 1915-1953

Postcards of Cooper County schools, including Kemper Military School, and Kansas City. Photographic postcard of Conley & Myers Bank, Columbia. Photo of the Parade of Masons in Carthage.

P0527 Helen Cromwell Damhorst Photographs no date

Photographs of the Cole County Historical Society Museum.

P0528 Mrs. William P. Cox Collection 1888-1911

Postcards of Odessa Public School ca. 1908, Warrensburg Mo ca 1911, and Excelsior Springs. Photo of girls who attended school in Warrensburg in 1888.

P0529 Ailie Cleveland Deem Photographs 1959-1962

Snapshots of Plattsburg and Lilly area homes, Clinton County.

P0530 Rev. William W. Ferren Photograph Collection 1900

Copy photos of St. John's Lutheran Church, Jefferson City, ca. 1900

P0531 Mrs. H.D. Floyd Postcard Collection 1919-1939

Postcards of Boonville area buildings, Arrow Rock Tavern, and Bagnell Dam (Lake of the Ozarks).

P0532 Mrs. Jerry Giffen Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Jefferson City historic homes. Photos of sites relating to Dr. John M. Townley in Osage County.

P0533 Myrene Houchen Hobbs Photograph Collection 1940-1945, no date

Photos of Cole County homes, buildings, and monuments.

P0534 Lula F. Shelton Postcard Collection 1912, no date

Postcards of the Missouri and Kansas mining industry. Additional postcards of the Truman home in Lamar, and the Missouri State Capitol.

P0535 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams Photograph Collection 1871-1945

Copy photo of Presbyterian Church, ca. 1871, Boonville. Photos of Phelps, Franklin, Carter, Greene, and Crawford counties, focusing particularly on caves and other natural features.

P0536 Women of the Mansion Photograph Collection 1834-1933

Photos of Missouri first ladies, female relatives of the governer, and the governer's mansion. Many images used in their book Women of the Mansion, Missouri, 1821-1936

P0537 Cole County Historical Society Photograph Collection 1850-1954

Photos of Jefferson City and Arrow Rock Tavern.

P0538 William P. Hall Circus Photograph Collection 1913-1918

Copy photos of the William P. Hall Circus, Menagerie, & Hippodrome near Lancaster, MO.

P0539 Charles M. McClain Postcard Collection 1900-1956

23 postcards of Missouri scenes, including the Ozarks, Paseo in Kansas City, Warrenton, Troy, Hannibal, St. Louis, St. Joseph, Nevada, and Russellville.

P0540 Mrs. Jack Ehrig Postcard Collection 1907-1912

Postcards of Jefferson City churches and scenes.

P0541 Harbinger Magazine Photographs 1968-1973

Originals from the production of Harbinger Magazine

P0542 Dawes Family Photographs 1911, no date

Photos related to the Dawes family and related families.

P0543 Porth Home Photograph no date

Copy photo of the Porth home, Jefferson City

P0544 Walters-Horton Photograph Collection no date

Daguerrotype of George Caleb Bingham. Photos of Bingham relatives.

P0545 Priscilla Evans Photograph Collection 1914-1971

Copy photos of Lon Hogan, photographer, and the Hogan family. Copy photos of lumber companies and related milling and trucking activities, particularly the Cordz & Fisher Lumber Co. in the Winona area.

P0546 George Stark Photographs 1890-1903

Photos by Stark of steamboat William McClellan ca. 1903, cotton bales in a Pemiscot Co warehouse, and Washington Ave in St. Louis, ca 1890s.

P0547 Lester Jones Photograph Collection no date

Photos of churches in Lexington, MO.

P0548 Carolyn R. Bergseid Postcard Collection 1906-1944

Postcards of St. Joseph, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, Bolivar, and the University of Missouri Columns.

P0549 Harriet Cockefair Skinner Postcard Collection 1900-1916

Postcards, the bulk of which depict Higginsville and Odessa. Additional postcards of St. Louis, Butler, Central Methodist University, Schell City, Joplin, and St. Joseph.

P0550 Charles Lorenz Photographs no date

Two photographs of the Washington University campus in St. Louis.

P0551 Old Appleton Mill Photograph 1962

Copy photo of Old Appleton Mill ca. 1962.

P0552 William L. Heckman Photograph Collection 1892-1908

Photos of steamboats from noted river pilot William L. Heckman.

P0553 Boatmen's National Bank Steamboat Photograph Collection 1858-1897, no date

Photos of steamboats.

P0554 J.H. Long Photographs 1910-1941

Photos by Long of boats, particular emphasis on steamboats. Images of the St. Louis waterfront, Tower Rock in Perry County, and levee (mattress) construction near Birds Point.

P0555 Marie Blees Lohmeyer Photograph Collection 1899-1900, no date

Copy photos of the Blees Military Academy in Macon, MO, ca. 1899-1900.

P0556 Columbia, Missouri, Architecture Slides 1980

35mm slides documenting samples of architecture, primarily of homes, in Columbia, Missouri, in 1980

P0557 R.O. Wykoff Photograph Collection 1882-1892

Postcards of Robert Ford Funeral, 1892, in Colorado.

P0558 W.J. Eitzen Collection no date

Photo of bust of Charles D. Eitzen. Copy photo of Hermann courthouse.

P0559 R.C. Grisson Photograph Collection 1930-1956

Photos of Carthage, MO, buildings, businesses, and features, ca. 1940s.

P0560 Virginia Booth Photograph Collection 1938, no date

Two portraits of unidentified man, Columbia, one group photo of women including Miss Virginia Booth

P0561 Ruth E. Minor Photograph Collection 1900-1930

Seven photographs of University of Missouri agriculture students and activities, 1900-1930.

P0562 Kit Bond Portrait no date

Autographed photo of Kit Bond.

P0563 Phipps Photograph Album no date

Cartes des visite and tintype portraits from photo album, of people from Cooper and Moniteau counties.

P0564 Pleasant Green School Photograph 1910

Photo of students at Pleasant Green School, Monroe County, MO, June 8, 1910. Individual students identified.

P0565 Louise Stephens Photograph Collection 1866-1867

Cartes de visite of early University of Missouri professors, students, and presidents, Columbia notables, and Academic Hall.

P0566 Nancy Stirman Collection no date

Photos believed to be of Eva Davidson Caster (d. 1980) and her brother Homer, and their family members.

P0567 Gervice Gates Ripley and Clinton H. Gates Photograph Collection 1916

panoramic photos of the 1st Missouri at Laredo, Texas, September 1916

P0568 Wooldrige-Hooper Family Photographs 1872-1916

Copies of portraits of Lily Lee and William Jesse Wooldrige, Georgia Ann Hooper, and other family members.

P0569 Donald A. Wise Photograph Collection 1910, 1990

Two photographs of W.H. Crosswhite Store, Columbia, MO. 1910 and 1990.

P0570 Josephine Snyder Walker Portrait 1873

Photo and biography of Josephine Snyder Walker (1842-1914).

P0571 Dr. Durand Benjamin Photographs 1935

Photos from pilgrimage to grave of William Beaumont, on the occasion of his 150th birthday anniversary, 1935-11-21. Photos by Dr. Durand Benjamin of St. Louis, MO

P0572 King-Bowin Family Photographs 1940, no date

Photos of the King and Bowin families. The Bowin family lived in Greenwood, MO.

P0573 Dr. M.S. Harless Photograph no date

Photo of fire at the Dewey Short home, Galena, MO, ca. 1992.

P0574 Sellers Family Photographs no date

Photos of the Sellers family and farm near Bolivar, MO, ca. 1900.

P0575 Bob Holden Portrait no date

Portrait of Bob Holden, 53rd governer of Missouri.

P0576 Leonard Pryor Photograph Collection no date

Copy prints of photos of Lake Placid, Missouri, used in a 2000 Review article by Gary Kremer.

P0577 Minnie Landwehr Photographs 1951

Nine photos of the 1951 Missouri River flood, taken in and around Jefferson City.

P0578 Nancy Farmer Portrait no date

Portrait of State Treasurer Nancy Farmer, 2001-2005.

P0579 Jim Talent Portrait no date

Portrait of US Senator for Missouri, 2002-2007, Jim Talent.

P0580 Missouri United Methodist Church Photographs 1940-1962

Photographs related to the congregation of Missouri United Methodist Church, Columbia, MO. Original order according to accompanying list. Some photographs in oversize.

P0581 Washington University School of Medicine, Class of 1943, Photograph 1943

Class photograph from the Washington University School of Medicine, December 1943.

P0582 Alexander Dockery Photograph no date

Photo of unidentified celebratory dinner.

P0583 Randall F. Kilgore Photograph no date

Stained glass at Missouri United Methodist, Columbia, MO.

P0584 R. Dean Andrae Photographs 1962

Photos of the Edgewater Mansion, built 1834-1839 as the home of Dr. Elizah McLean. The mansion is located at W. Main & Jefferson in Washington, MO.

P0585 Franz R. Beinke Photograph Collection 1870-1903

Photos of Washington, MO, including the Washington Cave Club, mills, and stereographic street scenes, ca. 1870s-1900s

P0586 William G. Bek Photograph Collection 1874-1903

Photos of and relating to German immigrants in Missouri, including the Frederick Steines home and family, St. Albans, MO, the Muench family, the Goebel family, Bethel Colony, Charles Wulfing, and assorted followers of Duden.

P0587 Lawrence O. Christensen Photograph Collection 1986

Photos of the Birthright family tombstones, Clarkton, MO.

P0588 Walter McGuire Photographs 1906-1908

Photos of construction employees from construction of the Panama Canal, 1906-1908. Walter McGuire (1883-1974), a resident of Carrollton, MO, was employed in the building of the Panama Canal March 1, 1906 to May 1908 and these seven photographs pertaining to this event were found in his personal belongings.

P0589 Morrison-Fuller Family Photographs 1885-1960

Photos of Morrison-Fuller family, Fuller-Connell apartment in Chicago, and Morrison Observatory. Portrait of Enoch Crowder.

P0590 William G. Beard Photograph Collection 1910-1932

Photos of Stony Hill area, Gasconade Co., MO, 107 photographic postcards of people and activities taken by Michael Gabler.

P0591 Monegaw City Hotel Photograph no date

Photo of hotel, Monegaw City, with accompanying descriptive material

P0592 Tiger Regit Yearbook Photographs 1938

Photographs from the Tiger Regit Yearbook for Macon High School, 1938.

P0593 Greg L. Atwater Photograph Collection 2000

Photographs of Oscar One Launch Control Facility and Whiteman Air Force Base.

P0594 Pat Schell Photograph Collection 1957-1958

Photographs of Governor Blair and his inaugeration, his wife, Emily, and the Blairs meeting Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

P0595 Nell Deskin Album 1904

Official Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, souvenir album.

P0596 St. Louis Aerial Photographs, ca. 1953 circa 1953

Aerial photographs and map of St. Louis.

P0597 Paul S. Kivett Folly Theater Photograph no date

Photo of the restored Folly Theater, 12th and Central, Kansas City, MO.

P0598 G. Andy Runge Photograph Collection no date

Unidentified photographs, primarily group portraits of families and schoolchildren. Image of interior of telegraph office.

P0599 Paul O. Barker Photographs 1995

Photo of unidentified red mill, historic site, 1995, and photographs of Lebanon monuments and markers.

P0600 Elmo Ingenthron Photographs 1959, no date

Images of Taney County, including aerial photo of Bald Knob area and Taney County, graves of Rose O'Neill and Nat N. Kinney, steamboat landing in Forsyth, and Murder Rocks.

P0601 Ilene Sims Yarnell Collection 1906-1972

Photographs and postcards of Morgan County, especially churches, houses, and schools in and near Versailles, MO. Postcards, primarily depicting the Lake of the Ozarks area and adjacent counties.

P0602 William P. Elmer Photograph Collection 1928

Photographic postcards of Salem, MO (Dent County), ca. 1928

P0603 Lynn Gentzler Photographs 1998

Photos of Pattonsburg as movie set for Ride With the Devil (1998), and Maysville county courthouse postcard.

P0604 Ralph Gregory Photographs 1956-1961

Photos of Franklin and Warren counties, ca. 1959, especially historic homes and churches. Photographs of the Hearst family. Postcards of Mark Twain Shrine

P0605 Alvin R. Jones Photographs 1918, 1958, no date

Photos by Alvin R. Jones of Dade County historic sites ca. 1958.

P0606 Marion C. Jones Photograph Collection 1912-1925

Copy photos of Dunklin Co. Saw Mill Camp, dredging (ca. 1912-1913) and clear-cutting (ca. 1925) of the Little River Drainage District, Blodgett tornado damage, ca. 1916, and Ira Hayes.

P0607 Adams Township Centennial Photograph Collection 1889-1942

Copy photos of Weatherby and Adams Township, DeKalb County. Images were featured in Adams Township Centennial book by the DeKalb County Historical Society

P0608 Eddie Miller Photograph Collection 1852-1922

Photographs of the Truman Presidential Library, ca. 1974. Copy photos, the bulk of which depict DeSoto, Jefferson County, MO. Also images of Washington County and Old Mines, MO.

P0609 Eric Daily Collection of Missouri Portraits 1887-1891

Unidentified portraits in tintype, cartes des visite, and cabinet card formats.