Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0310 Catherine Stark Photographs 1939, no date

Photographs of Lloyd C. Stark; photographs of associates of Stark from the U.S. Army and Navy (Naval Academy classmates).

P0311 E. Dora Bohm Photographs no date

Copy photos of Dr. Wilbur Harrison Smith Bohm and his class at the St. Charles Military Academy.

P0312 Trans World Airlines Photograph no date

TWA airplane taking off; "Color-foto" by TWA - "The Take-off"

P0313 Cliffton C. Edom Photographs no date

Exterior view of Ralls County Courthouse, New London, Ralls County, photographs of Chinese stone lions at the University of Missouri.

P0314 F.D. Hampson Photograph 1903

Photo of the St. Louis Plate Glass Co., Valley Park, St. Louis County, 1903.

P0315 Associated Industries of Missouri Photographs 1926-1928

Group photo of the first annual meeting of the Missouri Committee of Women in Industry of the Associated Industries of Missouri, St. Joseph, Mo., May 7, 1926.
Group photo of the third annual meeting of the Missouri Committee of Women in Industry of the Associated Industries of Missouri, St. Joseph, Mo., May 24, 1928.

P0316 Col. H.P. Parker Fort Leavenworth Photographs 1880, 1956

Views of Fort Leavenworth, KS, ca. 1880 and 1956

P0317 William H. McCrum Photographs no date

Photographs of Watts Mill at Dallas, Missouri

P0318 John J. Cochran Photograph no date

b/w photograph of Charles Lindbergh receiving the Medal of Honor after his trans-Atlantic flight; Lindbergh and President Calvin with other dignitaries in White House Garden

P0319 M.M. Drake Photograph Collection 1873-1874, no date

Images of St. Louis, 1874, Grant house ca. 1930, Carl Wimar's "The Lost Trail", and steamboat "Grand Republic".

P0320 Georgia Arnold Lang Photograph 1900

Photograph of Miss Joy Fewsmith's primary class at Robert E. Lee Elementary School, Columbia, MO, early 1900s.

P0321 Walter B. Stevens Photograph 1893

Photo of Champ Clark and son Bennett on Capitol steps in Washington D.C., 1893.

P0322 Nancy J. DeBoer Photograph Collection 1888-1982

Commercially produced stereographs, depicting Italy, Canada, Switzerland, 1892 World's Fair, early 20th century US Presidents, military leaders, Scenes from the Life of Christ, New York City, WWI, and the American West.

P0323 Champ Clark Home Photograph no date

Photo of Champ Clark's home near Bowling Green.

P0324 Mrs. Lewis Sims Photograph Collection no date

b/w photographs of Van Horn Tavern in rural Boone County

P0325 Elizabeth Kennedy Photograph Collection 1901-1940

Six photographs of Joe Tapley of Bowling Green and groups he was involved with at the University of Missouri, including Zeta Chi fraternity, Mechanical Engineering, and ROTC.

P0326 J.H. Stidham Photograph Collection 1906-1907

Group photographs of Columbia Normal Academy students, 1906 and 1907; Harrisburg School students, 1902; and Knights of Pythias, taken in Milan, Missouri, 1912 or 1913

P0327 Virginia Hunt Robertson Photograph Collection 1927

Four framed photographs: John Wormeley Carter; Rear Admiral (Ret.) Joel Bright; W.A. Bright; Joel Haden. Nine photos of islands in Missouri River between Huntsdale and Rocheport.

P0328 Grace Sims Harris Photograph Collection 1909, 1934

Boone County officials on steps of old court house, 1909; studio portrait of Grace Sims Harris, 1920s

P0329 Fort Davidson Plan no date

Plan of Fort Davidson, Pilot Knob

P0330 Cyril Clemens Photograph Collection 1934, no date

Photographs of a model of a Mark Twain memorial by artist Walter Russell, Mark Twain, and a Mark Twain impersonator. Additional images of Missouri politicians and businessmen.

P0331 James T. Brockman Photograph Collection 1909, 1915

Mounted photograph of the M.E. Church, South, Festus, Mo., and a portrait of Omar Bradley (1915).

P0332 George L. Warfel Photograph Collection 1875, no date

Thirteen photographs of portraits of Jesse James, his colleagues, and his family.

P0333 E.G. Wallace Coal Company Collection no date

Photostatic prints (4 copies) of the St. Louis waterfront

P0334 Barbara Ault Collection no date

Page from THE EXPONENT containing picture and biographical information on Rev. Samuel J. Niccolls

P0335 Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service Aerial Photographs 1938-1979

Missouri county aerial photographs produced by the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service.

 Finding Aid
P0336 Homer L. Ferguson Photograph Collection no date

Photos of First Christian Church of Jefferson City, ministers, and events.

P0337 Missouri Public Service Commission Photographs 1915-1969

8 photographs of various Public Service Commissions: Boards of 1953, 1963, 1969; employees of commission, 1915.

P0338 C.B. Rollins Photograph Collection no date

Portrait of David H. Hickman and group portrait of University of Missouri law students, ca. 1913.

P0339 University of Missouri Francis Quadrangle Panoramic Photograph 1915

Panoramic view of the University of Missouri quadrangle, ca. 1915.

P0340 Thomas A. Webster Collection 1930, no date

University of Pennsylvania Pioneer Black Vet[erinarian]s, containing a photograph of Cornelius Vanderbilt Lowe, who worked in the meat inspectiion division of the USDA Animal Husbandry Section and is said to have been employed in Kansas City around 1907.

P0341 Floyd C. Shoemaker Collection 1804-1970

Composite Photograph of Gamma chapter, Pi Lambda Epsilon Fraternity; University of Missouri Columns; Northwest Missouri Press Association Annual Outing, Hotel Taneycomo, Rockaway Beach, 1948

P0342 Joseph Wingate Folk Portraits no date

Two mounted photographs of Governor Joseph Wingate Folk

P0343 Dalton Family Photographs 1923-1958

Photographs of Walter William Dalton, John M. Dalton, and other Dalton family members.

P0344 Centralia Historical Society Photographs 1915

Drawing and photographs of the Centralia Historical Museum building, as well as sites in the Centralia area.

P0345 Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau, Glenn House Restoration Photographs 1980

35mm slides documenting the restoration of the Glenn house in Cape Girardeau, MO from 1970-1979

P0346 Judge James Hawkins Peck Photograph no date

Copy of a painting of Judge James Hawkins Peck, first judge of the U.S. District Court of Missouri

P0347 Corder Livery Stable Photograph 1891

Corder Livery Stable, men and boys standing in front of stable with horses and carriages.

P0348 R.B. Price Jr. Collection 1849, no date

Portraits of R.B. Price, Sr. and drawings of Bennett House at Christian College.

P0349 B.B. Watson Photograph Collection no date

Portrait of J.C. Penney, waist view, seated; signature in lower right-hand corner; photograph of Methodist Church Board of Extension.

P0350 Marshall Hayden Harris Store Photograph 1880

Interior view of Marshall Hayden Harris Store, Sturgeon, Missouri, 1890s

P0351 Sanford F. Conley Home Photograph 1886-1890

Photo of Sanford F. Conley Home, ca. 1886-1890, family sitting on porches.

P0352 Mary Kochtitzky Photograph Collection 1890-1915

Late 19th century Osage River views, including surrounding land, boats on the river. Also, photos of the Kochtitzky family.

P0353 Joseph R. Snyder Photograph Collection 1888, 1950, no date

Photos of Daviess County, particularly Gallatin, monuments and sites, ca. 1950s-1960s.

P0354 Henry C. Thompson Collection 1820-1957

Facsimile of signatures of Missouri governors, 1820-1940, photos of Henry C. Thompson and some of his paintings, early notable Missourians, St. Francois County, mining, and images relating to Mormons.

P0355 Dr. Marvin Haw Jr. Slide Collection 1972

35mm color slides of buildings in Cooper, Howard, and Iron counties

P0356 Robert Townsend Photograph Collection 1970

Reproduction of a photo of trees and leaves in fall in Missouri

P0357 Fay Colleen Swyers Photograph Collection 1885, 1925

Group photograph of Springfield, Missouri, firefighters, ca. 1885, and portrait of John Barry, a St. Louis firefighter

P0358 Bussman Manufacturing Co. Sales Conference Photographs 1930-1938

Three group photographs of Bussman Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, annual sales conferences, 1930, 1937, 1938

P0359 Adrian F. Lunceford Photograph Collection 1943

Co. C.,114th Infantry Regiment, 44th Division Parade, Labor Day, 1943, Ft. Lewis, Washington; group photo, Co. C, 114th Infantry Regiment taken at Ft. Lewis

P0360 Mrs. A.H. Warren Portrait no date

Oval portrait of Mrs. A.H. Warren

P0361 Alberta Price Edmonston Photograph Collection 1880, no date

Group photograph of Christian College graduates, 1890s and group photo of Christian College students, ca. 1880s.

P0362 Audrain County Historical Society Photograph Collection 1877-1905

20 color slides of interior and exterior of A.P. Green House, restored by Frank Kent. Additional images of Mexico, MO, late 19th to early 20th century.

P0363 Concordia Theological Seminary Photographs no date

Photographs of the Concordia Theological Seminary campus in St. Louis.

P0364 James F. Atkisson Photographs 1918-1960

18 photographs of Lake of the Ozarks area, 7 additional photographs on various subjects

P0365 Dr. Leslie Anders Photograph Collection 1863-1982

The photograph collection of Dr. Leslie Anders includes photographs of himself and photos of Missouri Civil War regiments and soldiers, his area of research. Dr. Anders was a professor of history at Central Missouri State University.

P0366 Photo View Company Photographs, Kansas City, ca 1932 no date

8 photographs depicting Kansas City and its environs in the early 1930s

P0367 Dalton Family Reunion Photograph 2005

Family photo from Dalton family reunion, Oct 8-9th, 2005.

P0368 Sol J. Michael Family Photographs 1930-1933

Family memorabilia from Sol J. Michael. Includes photos of Samuel and Marvel Fell (nee DeVoll), and family friends: the Farney Family

P0369 William Wetherhold Photographs 1895

Photographs taken by William Wetherhold in 1895 in St. Louis, MO and Piedmont, MO. At the time, Wetherhold was a salesman from Macomb, IL.

P0370 Les Amis, Ste. Genevieve Diorama Photographs no date

Photographs of diorama of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri as it appeared in 1832, commissioned by Les Amis and given to the Division of State Parks, Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The diorama is 9 feet by 11 feet and was hand-crafted by Lewis Pruneau, master model-maker, of Ste. Genevieve. It is on view at the Amoureux House in Ste. Genevieve. Photographs by Sam Fentress.

P0371 Patricia Holmes Photograph Collection 1910-2000

Photographs of Sam Brown, hung in Greenville, MO in the early 1900s; High Street, Miami, MO; Helen steam ferry on Missouri River; University of Missouri Arts & Sciences faculty (1948-1949), Redding-Hill House, and Cooper county historic houses and markers.

P0372 William Dale Morrison Postcard Collection no date

10 postcards of Springfield, MO, Lake Taneycomo (Ozarks), Meramac Caverns, and the Meramec River

P0373 Verna Lee Clark Collection 1904-1909

Group portrait of Centralia High School students, ca. 1910. Postcards of Centralia, Columbia, and St. Charles.

P0374 Richard M. Hill Postcard 2003

Photo postcard of Memorial Union Tower, University of Missouri, Columbia.

P0375 Mrs. A.D. Segnin Photograph Collection 1916

Photographs of the aftermath of a 1916 tornado in Olean, Miller County, MO.

P0376 J. Don Cassidy Drawing 1914

Architect's rendering of Ellis Library exterior, 1914.

P0377 Helen Brydon Bridges Postcard Collection 1842-1967

Postcards of University of Missouri Columbia, the Missouri State Capitol, St. Louis, Barnes Hospital (St. Louis), Uniontown, and Ellington, MO

P0378 Ben W. Alexander Collection 1940, no date

Postcards of the University of Missouri - Columbia, Columbia MO, Chillicothe Business College, Winston Churchill Memorial Library, Missouri State Capital, Kansas City MO, Interstate 70, Windermere Baptist Assembly (Roach, MO) and Lake of the Ozarks.

P0379 Elizabeth Bailey Photograph Collection 1987, no date

Postcard of Missouri United Methodist Church (Columbia), photographs of Mary K. Dains retirement reception (8-8-1991), Ronald Reagan visit to Columbia (1987), and the Missouri State Archives (1991).

P0380 Dorothy Rethwisch Photograph Collection 1927-1928

Two 8x10 black and white photographs of Missouri Highway Department, Division of Employees, 1927 and 1928.

P0381 Van Beydler Stereoscopic Photographs 1993

Contemporary stereographic photographs of Waynesville and Pulaski County.

P0382 Columbia Club Prints 1907

Prints of the interior of Columbia Club Club House, April 1907

P0383 Jimmy and Mary Creecy Postcard Collection 1907

Photo postcards of the Bunceton Fair.

P0384 Allene Davidson Postcard Collection no date

Antique postcards: Missouri, United States, and general greetings and illustrations.

P0385 Haden Family Photographs 1880, no date

4 b/w photos: Two depicting C.A. and Johnny Haden respectively. One a "composite memorial card" of Abraham Lincoln (9 views). The last is the women's Drury Graduation Class of 1880, including Lucy Fullbright Hubble, a Haden relation.

P0386 Windsor Family Photographs no date

Photographs of the Windsor family of Lexington, MO. Includes portraits of Arnold Thomas Windsor, Bettie Offutt Windsor, and Lydia Offutt Windsor.

P0387 John G. Rogers Photograph Collection 1870, no date

Several copy prints of alleged James family members.

P0388 Forest Hill Photograph no date

Photograph of Forest Hill house in Columbia, built by Eli Bass.

P0389 Dr. James Goodrich Photograph Collection 1912-1955

Photos of family and friends, mainly related to recreational activities (hunting and fishing). Copy prints of 1993 flooding, Townley Log House, hunting and fishing. Two postcards of Springfield, MO Hospital and Training School for Nurses and Courthouse, California, MO

P0390 Randall and Regina Gross Photographs no date

Twelve color 3.5x5" photograph prints taken at the Teddy Bear Picnic, which took place before the 1989 Little Miss Columbia Pageant. The gathering was in the home of Randall and Regina Gross. In addition to the young participants, Debbye Turner, reigning Miss America, was present.

P0391 Robert G.J. Hoester Portrait no date

Photo of Judge Robert Gordon James Hoester, May 12, 1924 - October 23, 2006

P0392 W.B. House Photographs 1991

Photos of Dunksburg, MO, ca. July 1991.

P0393 Scottish Rite Class Portrait 1918

Photograph of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Jules J. Wehrli Memorial Class, all members identified

P0394 Macon War of 1812 Veterans Composite 1871

Composite image of War of 1812 veterans, Macon, MO 1871.

P0395 Ara Kaye Postcard Collection 1896-1943

Postcards of Union Station, St. Louis, and Santa Fe Depot, Marceline, MO

P0396 Jack Kennedy Photograph Collection 1939-1975

Postcards of 1926 5th District Normal School (Northwest Missouri State Teachers College) football players, and 2 portraits of women: L. Fugate and unidentified. Group portrait of Missouri Power and Light Company 25-Year Club, 1958, Boonville.

P0397 Kennedy Family Photograph no date

Photo of Marshall Kennedy (Nov. 1912 - ) and John W. Kennedy, Jr. (1908 - ), sons of Wallace Kennedy (1913?)

P0398 Howard C. Litton Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Valle Mines, MO, tornado, April 13, 1911. Photo of Jun 1938 flooding, Jefferson County, MO. Photographic postcard of Festus Armory.

P0399 Mrs. William Benton Collection of Wornall House Photographs no date

color slides of the interior and exterior of the historic Wornall House in Kansas City, Missouri

P0400 Mildred Fourt Melton Photograph Collection 1895-1950

Photos of Cyrus Houston Frost portrait, Hannah Leek Frost portrait, Houston Institute ca. 1890, Houston Public school 1894, Big Piney River Bridge near Houston, confederate reunions, Edna Ruth Starling, Texas County Courthouse (2), The Narrows, and O'Possum Trot School.

P0401 Mexico-Audrain County Library Photographs no date

Photos of historic buildings associated with the 1990 move of the Mexico-Audrain County Library, including Carnegie Library building.

P0402 Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division, Photograph no date

Group photograph for National Adoption Month, ca. 1994-1998, with Governor Mel Carnahan and children.

P0403 Justus R. Moll Photograph Collection 1876, 1954, no date

Photographs of Justus R. Moll and portraits of politicians.

P0404 Leona Morris Collection 1900-1986

Yarrow Mill, Macon County, MO; postcards and photographs of historic sites across Missouri.

P0405 M. Kathryn Mudd Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of Sarah Crow and Mary McRorie Putnam

P0406 The State Historical Society of Missouri Collection of Missouri County Courthouse Slides 1970

82 35mm color slides of Missouri county courthouse buildings, taken in the early 1970s

P0407 Clarence Wilson Photographs 1936, no date

Photographs of Hannibal and Kirskville, Missouri, by Clarence Wilson. Also, images of the Lake of the Ozarks, a Daniel Boone Marker, and Warren County.

P0408 Walter L. Pfeffer II Photographs 1982-1994

Photographs of several Homecoming King candidates (Pete Cowgill, Kevin Avondet, and Marty Heady) for the University of Missouri-Columbia, 1977 - the first year for a king candidate. Photos of model railroad installation and Highland Park Carousel. Westcott, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Extensive photographic documentation of muscular dystrophy telethons and award banquets, early 1990s.

P0409 Hannelore Rattee Photograph Collection 1945

World War II photographs: signing of the Japanese Surrender (Sept. 2, 1945) on the USS Missouri, and Guam villages not damaged by war.