Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0382 Columbia Club Prints 1907

Prints of the interior of Columbia Club Club House, April 1907

P0383 Jimmy and Mary Creecy Postcard Collection 1907

Photo postcards of the Bunceton Fair.

P0384 Allene Davidson Postcard Collection no date

Antique postcards: Missouri, United States, and general greetings and illustrations.

P0385 Haden Family Photographs 1880, no date

4 b/w photos: Two depicting C.A. and Johnny Haden respectively. One a "composite memorial card" of Abraham Lincoln (9 views). The last is the women's Drury Graduation Class of 1880, including Lucy Fullbright Hubble, a Haden relation.

P0386 Windsor Family Photographs no date

Photographs of the Windsor family of Lexington, MO. Includes portraits of Arnold Thomas Windsor, Bettie Offutt Windsor, and Lydia Offutt Windsor.

P0387 John G. Rogers Photograph Collection 1870, no date

Several copy prints of alleged James family members.

P0388 Forest Hill Photograph no date

Photograph of Forest Hill house in Columbia, built by Eli Bass.

P0389 Dr. James Goodrich Photograph Collection 1912-1955

Photos of family and friends, mainly related to recreational activities (hunting and fishing). Copy prints of 1993 flooding, Townley Log House, hunting and fishing. Two postcards of Springfield, MO Hospital and Training School for Nurses and Courthouse, California, MO

P0390 Randall and Regina Gross Photographs no date

Twelve color 3.5x5" photograph prints taken at the Teddy Bear Picnic, which took place before the 1989 Little Miss Columbia Pageant. The gathering was in the home of Randall and Regina Gross. In addition to the young participants, Debbye Turner, reigning Miss America, was present.

P0391 Robert G.J. Hoester Portrait no date

Photo of Judge Robert Gordon James Hoester, May 12, 1924 - October 23, 2006

P0392 W.B. House Photographs 1991

Photos of Dunksburg, MO, ca. July 1991.

P0393 Scottish Rite Class Portrait 1918

Photograph of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Jules J. Wehrli Memorial Class, all members identified

P0394 Macon War of 1812 Veterans Composite 1871

Composite image of War of 1812 veterans, Macon, MO 1871.

P0395 Ara Kaye Postcard Collection 1896-1943

Postcards of Union Station, St. Louis, and Santa Fe Depot, Marceline, MO

P0396 Jack Kennedy Photograph Collection 1939-1975

Postcards of 1926 5th District Normal School (Northwest Missouri State Teachers College) football players, and 2 portraits of women: L. Fugate and unidentified. Group portrait of Missouri Power and Light Company 25-Year Club, 1958, Boonville.

P0397 Kennedy Family Photograph no date

Photo of Marshall Kennedy (Nov. 1912 - ) and John W. Kennedy, Jr. (1908 - ), sons of Wallace Kennedy (1913?)

P0398 Howard C. Litton Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Valle Mines, MO, tornado, April 13, 1911. Photo of Jun 1938 flooding, Jefferson County, MO. Photographic postcard of Festus Armory.

P0399 Mrs. William Benton Collection of Wornall House Photographs no date

color slides of the interior and exterior of the historic Wornall House in Kansas City, Missouri

P0400 Mildred Fourt Melton Photograph Collection 1895-1950

Photos of Cyrus Houston Frost portrait, Hannah Leek Frost portrait, Houston Institute ca. 1890, Houston Public school 1894, Big Piney River Bridge near Houston, confederate reunions, Edna Ruth Starling, Texas County Courthouse (2), The Narrows, and O'Possum Trot School.

P0401 Mexico-Audrain County Library Photographs no date

Photos of historic buildings associated with the 1990 move of the Mexico-Audrain County Library, including Carnegie Library building.

P0402 Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division, Photograph no date

Group photograph for National Adoption Month, ca. 1994-1998, with Governor Mel Carnahan and children.

P0403 Justus R. Moll Photograph Collection 1876, 1954, no date

Photographs of Justus R. Moll and portraits of politicians.

P0404 Leona Morris Collection 1900-1986

Yarrow Mill, Macon County, MO; postcards and photographs of historic sites across Missouri.

P0405 M. Kathryn Mudd Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of Sarah Crow and Mary McRorie Putnam

P0406 The State Historical Society of Missouri Collection of Missouri County Courthouse Slides 1970

82 35mm color slides of Missouri county courthouse buildings, taken in the early 1970s

P0407 Clarence Wilson Photographs 1936, no date

Photographs of Hannibal and Kirskville, Missouri, by Clarence Wilson. Also, images of the Lake of the Ozarks, a Daniel Boone Marker, and Warren County.

P0408 Walter L. Pfeffer II Photographs 1982-1994

Photographs of several Homecoming King candidates (Pete Cowgill, Kevin Avondet, and Marty Heady) for the University of Missouri-Columbia, 1977 - the first year for a king candidate. Photos of model railroad installation and Highland Park Carousel. Westcott, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Extensive photographic documentation of muscular dystrophy telethons and award banquets, early 1990s.

P0409 Hannelore Rattee Photograph Collection 1945

World War II photographs: signing of the Japanese Surrender (Sept. 2, 1945) on the USS Missouri, and Guam villages not damaged by war.

P0410 Frederic D. Redeker Collection 1900-1938

Photos of Stark Brother's Nurseries and Delicious Apple Monument, photos and postcard of SGT Floyd Army Corps tow boat ca 1975, postcards of Missouri fishing and farming, University of Missouri Columbia, St. Louis, and Plano, MO

P0411 J.T. Harper Photographs 1949, no date

Photographs by J.T. Harper of the James Hicklin and James M. Dinwiddie homes, 1949, Lafayette County.

P0412 Gordon Renfrow Photograph Collection 1938

Copy photos of successful bass fishermen (Lake of the Ozarks) and goose hunters (Boonville, MO), 1938.

P0413 Joan Rimmon Photograph Collection no date

Photos from antique album, unidentified portraits, some identified as work of a Columbia, MO photographer.

P0414 Robert L. Elgin Photographs 1961, no date

Photos of Rolla and St. Joseph areas, Charles Van Ravenswaay, ca. 1961, and Elizabeth (Mrs Joseph O.) Shelby. Also, Missouri postcards.

P0415 J. Pitts Elmore Photograph Collection 1890-1976

Photos, bulk ca. 1976, and postcards of Monett, Monark Springs, Seneca Women's Social Club, and Fairview.

P0416 Frank Luther Mott Photograph no date

Photo of Frank Luther Mott autographing copies of Golden Multitudes.

P0417 Improved Order of Red Men Photograph no date

Photo of Improved Order of Red Men Degree Team.

P0418 Sophronia Clemenson Rabon Dawes Photograph no date

Photo of Sophronia Clemenson Rabon Dawes, 1st woman sheriff of Missouri ca. 1919, taken in front of the Vernon County Jail in Nevada, Missouri.

P0419 Priscilla Dietrich Photograph Collection 1939-1998

Copy photos of Matthias C. Campbell property in Columbia, MO.

P0420 Charley Riggs Portrait no date

Photo of Charley Riggs artist.

P0421 Larry Allen Photograph Collection 1919, no date

Photographs copied from Allen Scrapbook, relating to Jesse James and Frank James

P0422 Ben L. Emmons Photograph Collection 1869-1939

Photos of St. Charles and St. Charles County, 1890-1916. Photographs of the Emmons family, 1930s.

P0423 Robert Anschuetz Postcard Collection 1907-1908

Postcards of the University of Missouri, Columbia

P0424 Noelle Soren Photographs 1974-1975

Photos of the Missouri Theatre and Ninth Street in Columbia, MO, ca. 1975.

P0425 Trenton Boyd Collection 1869-1970

Postcards and photos of Columbia, MO, New Bloomfield, MO and Cape Girardeau County.

P0426 J.C. Caldwell Photographs 1959-1970

Photos of Boone County: Gordon Manor, Maplewood, M.K.T. Railroad Tunnel, Schaefer's Shoes, St. George's Church. Also, photos of Chariton County historic buildings.

P0427 Mrs. James R. Couch Postcard Collection 1900-1915

Postcards of Columbia and the University of Missouri campus, ca. 1906-1915

P0428 James T. Darrough Photograph Collection 1905-1971

Photographs of Boone County, primarily Columbia ca. early 1900s and ca. 1970s

P0429 City of Ashland, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1900-1923

Photographs of Ashland, MO ca. 1900-1920s

P0430 Henninger Jewelry Store, Columbia, Photographs 1889-1907

Photographs of Henninger Jewelry Store, Columbia, MO 1899, ca. 1902, ca. 1907

P0431 Barth's Clothing Store, Columbia, Photographs 1910-1980

Photographs of Barth's Clothing Store, Columbia, MO, beginning in 1910.

P0432 Edgar H. Logan Photograph Collection 1880-1890

Photographs of Boone County, Columbia area: Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Rockbridge Cave, McConathy House. Photos of Mercer Co.: Logan family farm.

P0433 Elizabeth Lacy Photograph Collection 1892

Photographs of the University of Missouri's Academic Hall ruins after the 1892 fire

P0434 Joseph L. Douglass Studio Photographs 1885-1911

Photographs taken by Joseph L. Douglass, a commercial photographer in Columbia Missouri ca. 1890s-early 1900s. Includes images of the ruins of Academic Hall, the University of Missouri campus, and portraits of students and Columbia residents.

P0435 Volney McFadden Photographs 1909-1914

Photographs taken by Volney McFadden, student photographer at University of Missouri in the early 1900s, ca. 1909-1914. Mainly real photo postcards of University of Missouri students, but includes photos of a pageant in Forest Park (St. Louis) and the St.

P0436 Stanley Owen Postcard Collection 1905-1948

Postcards of Boone County: Central Dairy, Miller Shoe Co, Wigwam Café, Wabash Railroad Depot, First Christian Church, and Hinkson Creek.

P0437 James M. Colby Photographic Postcards c. 1910

Photographic postcards, ca. 1910, of houses, schools, and churches in Queen City, Green Ridge, Higbee, Centralia, Calhoun, Windsor, Clarence, Cairo, and Kirksville. Photographs by James Colby of Wausau, WI and his Northern Photo Company.

 Finding Aid
P0438 Frank St. Clair Photograph Collection 1900-1915

Copies of photos of Columbia (Boone County) houses, ca. 1910.

P0439 Murray Strong Photograph Collection 1922-1969

Photos of the University of Missouri men's tennis team, 1922-1926, 1928, 1929, 1931, 1967-1969

P0440 Betty Brooks Photograph Collection 1870-1915

Copy photos of Boone and Moniteau counties, covering the University of Missouri, Columbia, Rocheport, Tipton, and California.

P0441 Jeanie Troy Photographs 1997

Photos of bas reliefs on the Will Mayfield College Arts & Sciences building.

P0442 Peter Mayo Portraits no date

Photographs of Peter Mayo, cartoon collector.

P0443 Mary L. Hahn Photograph Collection 1890, 1970

Copy photos of the Bollinger County Courthouse in Marble Hill, 1890 and 1970.

P0444 W.L. Stubblefield Photograph Collection 1900-1901

Photographs of the Butler County Courthouse, ca. 1900-1901

P0445 Missouri Military Academy Photographs 1988

Photographs of the Missouri Military Academy, ca. 1988

P0446 Robert S. Green Photograph Collection 1957

Photographs of the A.P. Green home, Mexico, MO

P0447 Charles Roemer Collection 1905-1919

Postcards of Missouri scenes in Audrain and Boone Counties. Photographs of returned WWI Soldiers luncheon, Columbia.

P0448 James J. Randall Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Barry County ca. 1960s: Tom Town, and Calton Mill. Portraits of Edie and Simeon Armes.

P0449 David Blake Sasse Photographs 1988-1991

Photos of Chariton County and Boone County (Katy Trail Fun Festival), ca. 1988-1991

P0450 Mrs. J.N. Trotter Postcard Collection 1909

Postcards of University of Missouri football ca. 1909, Glasgow (MO), Springfield (MO), and The Benton, Excelsior Springs, MO

P0451 S.W. Skelton Photograph Collection 1960, no date

Photos of Atchison County: St. Oswald in the Fields Protestant Episcopal Church, Walkup's Grove Baptist Church, and Grange Hall, ca. 1960

P0452 Missouri Division of Tourism Photographs 1945-1980

Photos of Thomas Hart Benton and Missouri Historic Sites, monuments, markers, and memorials.

P0453 Missouri Department of Transportation Photographs 1929-1972

Photos of State Highway Commision members, Ronald Reagan speaking at the Missouri State Fair, the Missouri State Highway Takeover program, and Missouri bridges, businesses, and historic sites.

P0454 Winston Churchill Memorial and Library Photographs no date

Copy photos of Churchill related sites in Callaway County

P0455 Bertha M. Williams Daarud Photograph Collection 1930, no date

Photos of Camden County, primarily the Linn Creek area, used in Daarud's book The Ozark Farmer's Daughter.

P0456 Paul Newton Doll Photograph Collection 1880-1936

Copy photos of the James F. Colby Co. and the North Missouri Fair, both in Hamilton, MO. Additional photo of Mystical Seven, University of Missouri, 1936

P0457 Mrs. B.K. Flanery Photograph Collection 1875-1929

Copy photos of Poplar Bluff, Butler County, late 19th and early 20th centuries.

P0458 Clarence N. Fultz Photographs 1950-1958

Copy photos (from slides) of Cape Girardeau County.

P0459 Tom H. Gerhardt Collection no date

Photos of the David Glenn House, Cape Girardeau

P0460 Edith McCall Postcard Collection no date

Photographic postcards of Camden County, with a particular focus on waterways, dams, and bridges.

P0461 Fern Moreland Photograph Collection 1900-1985

Copy photos of Hahatonka, Camden County

P0462 Lloyd Arthur Dixon Collection 1898

Copy photo of school in Harviell, 1898.

P0463 George Gray Collection 1938-1939

Photos of Pony Express mural by George Gray and its unveiling by Eleanor Roosevelt, 1938, at the Robidoux Hotel in St. Joseph. Drawing of Ft. Leavenworth. Photo of the artist.

P0464 H.V. Porter Postcard Collection 1905-1908, no date

Postcards of St. Joseph and Glasgow, Missouri.

P0465 Russell E. Smith Photographs 1957

Photos of Missouri scenes, primarily small Missouri river towns and rural scenery, ca. 1957

P0466 Helen F. Smither Collection 1888-1917

Postcards, mainly of Kansas City area, and photos of the University of Missouri ca. 1890. Cabinet cards; portraits of University of Missouri students.

P0467 William H. Wilkening Photograph Collection 1900, 1975

Photos of Old Appleton Zion United Methodist Church, Cape Girardeau Co.

P0468 Hugh P. Williamson Photographs 1884, 1958-1959

Photos of historic houses in Callaway County.

P0469 St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce Photographs 1930

Photos of St. Joseph by L.C. Shady, ca. 1930.

P0470 Jenny Wilson Photograph Collection 1950-1961

Photos of Poplar Bluff, ca. 1960

P0471 Brother Joe Welshmeyer Photograph Collection 1921-1951

Photos of Ukrainian churches in St. Francois, St. Joseph, and Ilasco.

P0472 Virginia L. Miller Photograph Collection 1961

Photos of the Isaac Miller house, St. Joseph.

P0473 Larry Bauman Photograph Collection 1894-1905

Copy photos of the St. Joseph Union Station, ca. 1894-1905

P0474 Stephen J. Raiche Photograph Collection 1856-1972

Photos of historic buildings in Missouri, primarily in the St. Louis area.

P0475 Missouri Press Association Photograph Collection 1867-1985

Photos of the Missouri Press Association and newspaper journalists and editors.

P0476 J.S. Allen Photograph Collection 1900-1910

Copy photos of Carter County, largely of Grandin.

P0477 Daniel A. Brand Photograph Collection 1894-1922

Copy photos of Carrollton, MO, including several images relating to the Meeks family murder.

P0478 Harold N. Calvert Photograph Collection 1868-1972

Copy photos of Calvert family and Carrollton, MO, ca. 1870s-1940s. Originals in Harold Calvert Collection, Carrollton, Missouri.

P0479 Lucile Anderson Photograph Collection 1960

Photos of Christian County monuments and sites.

P0480 Mrs. J. William Benton Photograph Collection no date

Photos of the William E. Hill home and monument in Keytesville, and John B. Wornall home in Kansas City.

P0481 Bill Brandt Photograph Collection 1930-1950

Copy photos of the Cutoff Club, near Dalton, Missouri, 1930s-1950s