Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0681 Gerald H. Pipes Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Calvin Cloud cabin and statues at Inspiration Point, Stone County, MO.

P0682 Lulu E. Barton Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of Reynolds County, mainly the Centerville area, including Reed's Spring, the Reynolds County Courthouse, the Barton home, and the Rayfield home.

P0683 Harris B. Dickey Photographs 1890-1940

Photographs of historic sites in Southeast Missouri, Montgomery County, and Webster County.

P0684 Willis Knox Photographs 1935-1938

Photos of Jackson, Burfordville, and Allenville, Cape Girardeau County. Altenburg Seminary and Brazeau Presbyterian Church, Perry County.

P0685 Nellie Moulder Collection 1960, no date

Postcards of Ha Ha Tonka. Photograph of Wet Auglaize Camp Ground Church.

P0686 Kerl Family Photographs 1899-1929

Photographs of the Kerl family of Osage County, MO.

P0687 G.L. Zwick Postcard Collection 1949, no date

Copy prints of postcards of Lover's Lane, St. Joseph, MO.

P0688 Lottie W. Davis Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Davis home and Union Steam Laundry, St. Joseph, MO.

P0689 George E. Meyer Photograph Collection 1878-1948

Photos of Judge Mathias McGirk home and burial site in the Rhineland area. Additional images of Millie Finley, Jesse James (in death) Captain Callaway grave, and early drawing of Hermann.

P0690 Augusta Armstrong Photographs 1960-1965

Photos of Fort Clemson, Henry Clark house, Poindexter/Repper house, William Karl house, and Albert Schornhorst house: McKittrick area, MO, 1962.

P0691 Jesse Lewis Photograph Collection 1915, no date

Copy photos of Wellsville and Mineola, MO. Photograph of trolley car in St. Louis

P0692 Breckenridge Collection 1837-1928

b/w photos of JEFFERSON BARRACKS, ca. 1896. St. Charles STREET SIGNS, COLLEGE, and LOG CABINS. 1837 pro-slavery RIOT. HOUSES in VA, West VA, and MO. Photos of StL Academy of Science Founders and Busts.

P0693 Charles C. Roberts Photograph Collection 1988

Photos of the Frisco House and Wright County Historical Society members.

P0694 Omer Keel Photographs 1988

Photos of donor, Frances Keel, m.v. Old Man and construction of Jefferson Barracks Bridge, St. Louis

P0695 Northeast Missouri State University Collection no date

Photos of bandstands, pavilions, and similar park structures in Ironton, St. Louis, Lewiston, and Hermann.

P0696 H. Roger Grant Postcard Collection 1880-1920

Photo postcards of railroads and related images, primarily in Novinger and Adair county. Additional images of Bethel Colony, railroad depots, and locomotives.

P0697 Clint Denham Photograph Collection 1960, no date

Photos of Scott County houses, churches, and cemeteries. Photo of the Little River Drainage District.

P0698 John W. Vanderhoof Collection 1907, no date

Copy prints of postcards of railroad depots, roundhouses, and other structures.

P0699 Stubbs Photograph Album 1864-1910

Cartes de visite and tintypes of Howard County families. Surnames: Crews, Maupin, Bishop, Boggs, Broadus, Cornealison, Forbes, Harris, Land, Moore, Strode, and Wilcoxin. Removed from 19th century photo album. Addition photos of Mr. and Mrs. William Weaver (of Pilot Grove)

P0700 Frederick W. Niedermeyer Photograph Collection 1917, no date

Copy negatives of Frederick W Niedermeyer, Jr. and airplane factory from a Niedermeyer photograph album.

P0701 Cortelyou Portraits no date

Copy prints of Cornelea and James Cortelyou.

P0702 Boggs Family Photographs 1838, no date

Photos of William and Sonora Boggs, and Albert Gallatin Boone, donated by the son of Governor Lilburn W. Boggs. Includes photograph of an early portrait of Lilburn W. Boggs.

P0703 W.P. Headlee Photographs 1958

Photos of Bloomfield Military Pole Road and Great Mound near New Madrid, ca. 1958.

P0704 Laura P. Hunter Photographs no date

Photos of Robert Hatcher house "Bloomfield Place", Hunter-Dawson House, and New Madrid Memorial Library, ca. 1950s.

P0705 Jasamyn S. Garrett Photographs 1897, 1958

Photos of Hayti and Gayoso areas, Pemiscot county.

P0706 I.M. Buck Photographs 1900, no date

Photos by I.M. Buck of Weeks Hardware Company and First National Bank in Carterville, MO.

P0707 Mrs. Jesse Fox Photograph Collection 1886, 1899

Photos of Tipton Farm near Alba, MO, and Sunny Side School students, 1899.

P0708 Knell Family Photographs 1884-1967

Copy photos of and relating to the Knell family and Knell Mortuary in Carthage, MO.

P0709 Dr. Roy E. Meyers Photograph Collection 1881-1950

Photos of mining, carriages, and street scenes in Joplin, MO. Image of street scene in Carthage, MO, ca. 1900.

P0710 Ernest Jesse Palmer Photographs 1910, 1958

Photos of Webb City and Carter Springs, MO, ca. 1950-1958.

P0711 Jack Williams Photograph Collection 1900, no date

Photos of Bradford Zinc Company, Oronogo Circle, and zinc and lead mining in Jasper County, ca. 1900.

P0712 Leggett & Platt, Inc., Photographs 1939

Photos of Leggett & Platt, Inc., Carthage, MO, Manufacturers of Bedsprings and Innerspring Mattresses

P0713 Mary Joan Boyer Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of historic structures and monuments in Jefferson County.

P0714 William Emerson Photographs no date

Photos of Jefferson County historic homes, Byrnes Mill, and monuments, 1959.

P0715 Leon Hall Photographs no date

Photos of the John L. Thomas-Leon Hall Home, Hillsboro, MO

P0716 Amelia C. Weier Photographs 1962-1963

Photos of Jefferson County historic homes and structures, ca. 1963

P0717 Lewis W. Roop Photographs 1938-1959

Photos of Jefferson County, particularly Hillsboro, historic homes, buildings, and monuments, ca. 1940-1959.

P0718 Amy Kimmel Collection no date

Copy photos of drawings/paintings of 17th-19th century members of the Kimmel family.

P0719 Mary Miller Smiser Photograph Collection 1895-1969

Photographs of Warrensburg and Pertle Springs, MO.

P0720 Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce Photograph Collection 1914-1951

Photos of Central Missouri State University and Lake Cena, Pertle Springs Park.

P0721 Frances E. Gleason Photographs no date

Photos of the former Phil Donnelly home, Bland home, and Colonel Miles Vernon home, Lebanon, MO, ca. 1958.

P0722 Lebanon Chamber of Commerce Photograph Collection 1906-1935

Photos of Lebanon, MO

P0723 Leslie H. Bell Photographs 1959

Photos of Lexington, MO, historic buildings, ca. 1959.

P0724 Anthony Graham DiScala Photograph Collection 1911-1912

Copy photos of Aullville Public School, 1911-1912

P0725 Fred Robins Photograph Collection 1884-1951

Photos of Wellington and Lexington, MO, ca. 1920s-1930s, and the Ozark County Times printing office. Photographs of Turners Mill and Dawt Mill. Portraits of people from Lexington.

P0726 Paul G. Cavicchia Collection 1908-1910

Several early 20th century postcards of the University of Missouri and a photo of the Young Faculty Boarding Club, 1910.

P0727 Waddell Smith Photograph Collection 1960, no date

Images of Baptist Female College, Lexington, MO, and William Waddell.

P0728 Joy L. Brown Photograph Collection 1897-1960

Copy photos of Pierce City and Lawrence County, MO, early 1900s.

P0729 Fred G. Mieswinkel Photograph Collection 1925-1960

Photos of Marionville and Lawrence county, MO, 1925 and ca. 1960.

P0730 M. Vance Tilton Photograph Collection 1906-1932

Photos of Higginsville residents in the early 1900s.

P0731 Mary Jane Pinson Ott Photograph Collection 1863-1941

Copy negatives of La Belle, MO, from La Belle's Historical Collection by Mary Jane Pinson Ott.

P0732 Culver-Stockton College Photographs no date

Photos of Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO

P0733 A.V. McRoberts Photographs 1906-1959

Photos of Lewis County historic sites, particulary houses, churches, mills, and monuments, ca. 1959

P0734 Stephens College Photograph Collection 1889-1903

An artificial collection of photographs of Stephens College in Columbia, MO.

P0735 C. Leo Howdeshell Photographs 1950-1962

Photos of Lincoln Co historic buildings and structures, ca. 1950-1962.

P0736 Aida Virginia Haverkamp Photographs no date

Photos of First Presbyterian Church in Troy, MO.

P0737 George A. Coulson Collection 1970, no date

Sketches of Wyandotte, MO.

P0738 C.A. Larson Photographs 1949, no date

Photos relating to the Swedish church, near Bucklin, MO

P0739 James A. Tharp Photograph Collection 1923

Photos of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Train Wreck, 1923, Meadville, MO.

P0740 J.L. Welsh Photograph Collection 1940, no date

Three photographs: men measuring the big cottonwood tree in Pershing Memorial Park, Laclede, ca. 1940, the covered bridge over Locust Creek near Laclede, and a man fishing from the dam at Woodland Mills, Linn County.

P0741 Harry W. Graham Photographs 1913, 1923-1924

Photographs of Chillicothe, MO, in 1923-1924 by Harry W. Graham.

P0742 Allen Moore III Collection 1891-1940

Photos of Chillicothe Business College, ca. 1919 and ca. 1940, and postcards of Chillicothe Normal School, ca. 1890-1910.

P0743 George W. Somerville Photograph Collection 1950-1959

Copy photos of Chillicothe Normal School, Livingston Co Public Library, and Utica Baptist Church.

P0744 Horner Family Photographs no date

Photos of the Horner family, primarily of Columbia, and extended family members.

P0745 R. Wilson Barrow Photograph Collection 1958

Photos of Bevier Centennial Marker and Latter-Day Saints Churches in Macon, MO, ca. 1958.

P0746 Lindley Dunham Photograph Collection 1915

Photos of Callao, MO, in Macon County.

P0747 Franke Studio Photographs 1896-1928

Photos by Franke Studio of Macon: Walker Hardward, Blees Buggy Company, and Lucas Blacksmithing.

P0748 Goldie Elliff Roark Photograph Collection 1959, no date

Photos of McDonald County historic sites and natural features.

P0749 James Snow Photograph Collection 1948

Photos of Cyclone, MO, ca. 1948.

P0750 Paul S. Hollenbeck Postcard Collection 1932-1950

Postcards of Vienna: Maries County Courthouse and Old Jail Museum.

P0751 Clarice B. Andrews Photograph Collection 1898-1957

Photos of Madison County: Mine La Motte chimney, Edward Bennet slave cabin, and Gwignon residence/store in Fredericktown.

P0752 John P. Skaggs Photograph Collection 1888-1916

Copy photos of mining activities at Mine La Motte and St. Michael's Catholic Church in Fredericktown.

P0753 John Croll Photograph Collection 1890

Copy photos of Wabash Hospital (Moberly), N. Missouri R.R. Locomotive, Hannibal railroad yards and depot.

P0754 Becky Thatcher Bookshop Postcards 1975, no date

Photo postcards of Hannibal area, taken and published by John Winkler and the Becky Thatcher Bookshop.

P0755 George A. Mahon Photograph Collection 1930-1934

Photographs of Hannibal, MO, ca. 1930s, with a focus on the Mississippi River Bridge and locations related to Mark Twain.

P0756 Hannibal, Missouri, Stereographs 1885

Stereoscopic views of Hannibal, MO, ca. 1885

P0757 Helen Ford Williams Photograph Collection no date

Photos of homes relating to the Williams family of Withers Mills, and Providence Baptist Church (Withers Mills).

P0758 Princeton High School Football Photographs 1904-1905

Copy photos of the 1904 and 1905 Princeton High School football teams.

P0759 Bear Facts Photographs 1984-1987

Photographs of Missouri National Guard people and activities from ca. 1975 to 1990, published in Bear Facts.

P0760 E.E. Bryant Photographs 1960, no date

Photographs of houses and churches in the rural and Charleston areas of Mississippi County.

P0761 Effie Mozelle Smith Photograph Collection 1900-1910

Seven photos of Mississippi County and SE Missouri, including images of Whiting Public School ca. 1910.

P0762 Willa Henbest Mermoud Photograph Collection 1910, no date

Copy photos of a teachers institute in Exeter, ca. 1900, and the David W. Courdin home in Monett.

P0763 Grace Clay Photograph Collection 1900-1920

Twenty copy photos of Moniteau (California and Lupus) and Ray counties.

P0764 Sophia Eubank Featherston Photograph Collection no date

Six photos by Miller of Moberly of the Florida, MO, area ca. 1920s. Includes photos of Mark Twain cabin and statue and the Salt River.

P0765 R.I. Colburn Photograph Collection 1924-1958

Photos of Monroe county, particularly Paris, Florida, and Stoutsville, published in Monroe County Appeal newspaper.

P0766 Greg Pierceall Photograph Collection 1901-1930

Copy photos of Stoutsville, MO, ca. 1901-1930.

P0767 Ralph W. Murphy Collection of Photographs 1884-1966

Photos of Newton County by Murphy's Studio, including the Ritchey Mansion in Newtonia, Newtonia Battlefield, the Herman Jaeger property near Neosho, and Jolly Mill near Granby.

P0768 Mrs. Floyd Miller Photographs no date

Photos of historic sites in Graham, MO, Nodaway County.

P0769 I.E. Tulloch Photographs no date

Photos of Nodaway County houses, schools, and monuments, ca. 1959-1962.

P0770 William Howard Morman Photograph Collection 1871

Photos of the Greer family home, spring, and mill, near Alton in Oregon County.

P0771 Lewis A.W. Simpson Photograph Collection 1871-1938

Photos of Oregon County, primarily the Alton area, but also including images of Thayer and Thomasville. This collection includes a set of photographs of Greer Mill.

P0772 Billie S. Bledsoe Photograph Collection 1913

Photos and postcards of Victor School and Meta, Osage County.

P0773 J.W. Buchanan Photographs 1959

Photos of Osage County churches, ca. 1959.

P0774 Julia B. Good Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Westphalia, Osage County: Bruns/Redel House, St. Joseph's Church

P0775 Leonard Haslag Photographs 1959-1961

Photos of historic sites in Osage and Platte Counties, ca. 1959-1961.

P0776 Lock Brothers Milling Company Photographs 1900, 1961

Photos of the Lock Brothers Milling Company in Loose Creek/Luystown

P0777 Hallie Mantle Photographs 1961

Photos of Osage County historic sites and buildings, ca. 1961.

P0778 Delbert Matthews Photographs 1961

Photos of Osage County, ca. 1961: Alexander Matthews and his house, Mint Hill Union Church

P0779 M.W. Townley Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of Osage County: Townley house, Dr. Townley's office

P0780 Ida Riddle Photograph Collection 1950

Copy photos of Theodosia, MO (Ozark County): Theodosia Mill, Theodosia Store