Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0577 Minnie Landwehr Photographs 1951

Nine photos of the 1951 Missouri River flood, taken in and around Jefferson City.

P0578 Nancy Farmer Portrait no date

Portrait of State Treasurer Nancy Farmer, 2001-2005.

P0579 Jim Talent Portrait no date

Portrait of US Senator for Missouri, 2002-2007, Jim Talent.

P0580 Missouri United Methodist Church Photographs 1940-1962

Photographs related to the congregation of Missouri United Methodist Church, Columbia, MO. Original order according to accompanying list. Some photographs in oversize.

P0581 Washington University School of Medicine, Class of 1943, Photograph 1943

Class photograph from the Washington University School of Medicine, December 1943.

P0582 Alexander Dockery Photograph no date

Photo of unidentified celebratory dinner.

P0583 Randall F. Kilgore Photograph no date

Stained glass at Missouri United Methodist, Columbia, MO.

P0584 R. Dean Andrae Photographs 1962

Photos of the Edgewater Mansion, built 1834-1839 as the home of Dr. Elizah McLean. The mansion is located at W. Main & Jefferson in Washington, MO.

P0585 Franz R. Beinke Photograph Collection 1870-1903

Photos of Washington, MO, including the Washington Cave Club, mills, and stereographic street scenes, ca. 1870s-1900s

P0586 William G. Bek Photograph Collection 1874-1903

Photos of and relating to German immigrants in Missouri, including the Frederick Steines home and family, St. Albans, MO, the Muench family, the Goebel family, Bethel Colony, Charles Wulfing, and assorted followers of Duden.

P0587 Lawrence O. Christensen Photograph Collection 1986

Photos of the Birthright family tombstones, Clarkton, MO.

P0588 Walter McGuire Photographs 1906-1908

Photos of construction employees from construction of the Panama Canal, 1906-1908. Walter McGuire (1883-1974), a resident of Carrollton, MO, was employed in the building of the Panama Canal March 1, 1906 to May 1908 and these seven photographs pertaining to this event were found in his personal belongings.

P0589 Morrison-Fuller Family Photographs 1885-1960

Photos of Morrison-Fuller family, Fuller-Connell apartment in Chicago, and Morrison Observatory. Portrait of Enoch Crowder.

P0590 William G. Beard Photograph Collection 1910-1932

Photos of Stony Hill area, Gasconade Co., MO, 107 photographic postcards of people and activities taken by Michael Gabler.

P0591 Monegaw City Hotel Photograph no date

Photo of hotel, Monegaw City, with accompanying descriptive material

P0592 Tiger Regit Yearbook Photographs 1938

Photographs from the Tiger Regit Yearbook for Macon High School, 1938.

P0593 Greg L. Atwater Photograph Collection 2000

Photographs of Oscar One Launch Control Facility and Whiteman Air Force Base.

P0594 Pat Schell Photograph Collection 1957-1958

Photographs of Governor Blair and his inaugeration, his wife, Emily, and the Blairs meeting Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

P0595 Nell Deskin Album 1904

Official Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, souvenir album.

P0596 St. Louis Aerial Photographs, ca. 1953 circa 1953

Aerial photographs and map of St. Louis.

P0597 Paul S. Kivett Folly Theater Photograph no date

Photo of the restored Folly Theater, 12th and Central, Kansas City, MO.

P0598 G. Andy Runge Photograph Collection no date

Unidentified photographs, primarily group portraits of families and schoolchildren. Image of interior of telegraph office.

P0599 Paul O. Barker Photographs 1995

Photo of unidentified red mill, historic site, 1995, and photographs of Lebanon monuments and markers.

P0600 Elmo Ingenthron Photographs 1959, no date

Images of Taney County, including aerial photo of Bald Knob area and Taney County, graves of Rose O'Neill and Nat N. Kinney, steamboat landing in Forsyth, and Murder Rocks.

P0601 Ilene Sims Yarnell Collection 1906-1972

Photographs and postcards of Morgan County, especially churches, houses, and schools in and near Versailles, MO. Postcards, primarily depicting the Lake of the Ozarks area and adjacent counties.

P0602 William P. Elmer Photograph Collection 1928

Photographic postcards of Salem, MO (Dent County), ca. 1928

P0603 Lynn Gentzler Photographs 1998

Photos of Pattonsburg as movie set for Ride With the Devil (1998), and Maysville county courthouse postcard.

P0604 Ralph Gregory Photographs 1956-1961

Photos of Franklin and Warren counties, ca. 1959, especially historic homes and churches. Photographs of the Hearst family. Postcards of Mark Twain Shrine

P0605 Alvin R. Jones Photographs 1918, 1958, no date

Photos by Alvin R. Jones of Dade County historic sites ca. 1958.

P0606 Marion C. Jones Photograph Collection 1912-1925

Copy photos of Dunklin Co. Saw Mill Camp, dredging (ca. 1912-1913) and clear-cutting (ca. 1925) of the Little River Drainage District, Blodgett tornado damage, ca. 1916, and Ira Hayes.

P0607 Adams Township Centennial Photograph Collection 1889-1942

Copy photos of Weatherby and Adams Township, DeKalb County. Images were featured in Adams Township Centennial book by the DeKalb County Historical Society

P0608 Eddie Miller Photograph Collection 1852-1922

Photographs of the Truman Presidential Library, ca. 1974. Copy photos, the bulk of which depict DeSoto, Jefferson County, MO. Also images of Washington County and Old Mines, MO.

P0609 Eric Daily Collection of Missouri Portraits 1887-1891

Unidentified portraits in tintype, cartes des visite, and cabinet card formats.

P0610 Margaret Vickery Photograph Collection 1896-1986

Copy photographs of Dent county homes, businesses, and buildings.

P0611 Helen Graves Wagner Postcard Collection no date

Postcards of P.F. Graves, his residence, Doe Run Lead Co, the first building in Doe Run, and Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Doe Run.

P0612 Tom C. Strickland Photographs 1880

Stereographs images of Springfield town square ca. 1890, unidentified house, and and Fort No. 1 historic site; Marshfield tornado damage, 1880; still lifes.

P0613 Historic Hermann Postcards 1900-1924

Postcards of German School and Hermann Museum in Hermann, MO

P0614 Dr. H. Lee Hoover Photograph Collection 1961-1964

Photos of Greene County Phelps marker, Springfield square, Hazelwood Cemetery, and Danforth house (Springfield). Portrait of Virgl F. Sassman

P0615 Southwest Missouri State University Photographs 1902

Photos of Southwest Missouri State University: plans for College of Business Administration building, and Hammons House Residence Hall,

P0616 Springfield Chamber of Commerce Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Springfield area caves, creeks, and springs.

P0617 George W. Manning Postcard Collection 1905

Copies of postcards of Albany, MO, ca. 1905.

P0618 Robert Birbeck Photograph Collection 1912, 1957-1958, no date

Photos of Gentry County historic buildings, ca. 1958.

P0619 Blattner Family Photographs 1909

Photos of the Blattner family of Wellsville, MO.

P0620 Siegmar Muehl Photograph Collection 1900-1909, 1986

Photos of Rhineland and Hermann, MO, and the Merritt and Muehl families.

P0621 Charles Sheppard Photographs 1961

Photos of Greene County ca. 1961: Indian Mound Marker, the Dr. H.M. Parrish house, a Civil War earthwork on the Drury University Campus, and the Ward D. King house.

P0622 Harry T. Rall Photograph Collection 1879-1976

Photos of Thomas Jefferson and Nathaniel Lyon monuments, and the Chicago & Alton Railroad bridge at Glasgow, MO.

P0623 Dick O'Connor Photographs 1884, 1948

Photos relating to Nathan Boone and Nathaniel Lyon monuments and O'Connor's Museum, Wilson's Creek, ca. 1950.

P0624 Francis Jones Photograph Collection 1900

Photos of Chicago & Alton Railroad Bridge, Glasgow, MO.

P0625 Ella Gaffney Photograph Collection 1898

Photographs of the 4th Missouri US Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish-American war, including soldier Bayard Murray.

P0626 H. Riley Bock Collection 1884, 1992

Photographs of sites and objects relating to Amos Camden Riley. Portrait of Phil Gottschalk, 1992.

P0627 Francis A. Sampson Collection 1880-1913

Images of Missouri politicians, Central Business College, Fulton Synodical College, and the Cruikshank House in Hannibal. Photographs of Native American artifacts, likely from a mound in Cooper County. Postcards for holidays and from CA, ME, OR, RI, and WI.

P0628 Mark Riedel Photograph Collection 1924, 1927

Panoramic group portraits of the Lancaster High School class of 1924, and members of the Phi Sigma Epsilon chapter at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College in Kirksville, Missouri.

P0629 Wright's Studio Postcards no date

Photo postcards of Trenton, MO, published by Wright's Studio.

P0630 Ben G. Crouch Photographs no date

Photos of Bethany, MO: Fairview Church, Hubbard home, John S. Allen memorial.

P0631 Keller Studio Photographs no date

Photos of the Aseph McAllister Butler and Thomas Grant homes, Harrison County.

P0632 Opal Soetaert Photograph Collection 1896, no date

Photos of Harrison County: Burlington Stage Coach relay station, Edson family cabin, and Brooklyn, MO.

P0633 J.E. Briggs Jr. Photograph Collection 1958-1970, no date

Copy photos of Wheatland area, Hickory County. Photos are also included in donor's book "Dawn of Wheatland".

P0634 Nannie Jinkens Photograph Collection 1957, no date

Photos of Hickory County area buildings and monuments.

P0635 Palmer-Driggs Family Photographs 1867-1949

Photos of members of the Rust, Driggs, Osborn, Palmer, Snyder, and Blair families.

P0636 Haysler A. Poague Photographs 1962, no date

Photos of the Pigg and Bronoaugh family homes, Henry County.

P0637 Lloyd A. Dankers Collection no date

Images of Oregon, MO: photo of Banks house and postcard depicting Holt county courthouse.

P0638 Hesterlynn Griffith Photograph Collection 1915, no date

Photos of Mound City, MO, including the Hiatt and Browning homes, Big Lake State Park ca. 1915, and soldiers returning from WWI ca. 1918.

P0639 Al N. Holzhauser Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of William Banks Trading Post in rural Holt County.

P0640 Irene Milne Photograph Collection no date

Photos related to Jesse Carroll, Richville, Holt County.

P0641 Anna Mae Birch Photograph Collection 1895-1898, no date

Photos of homes in Glasgow, MO: Dunnica and Birch. Portrait of Dr. Isaac Vaughan.

P0642 Central College Photographs 1956, no date

Photos of Central College, now Central Methodist University, in Fayette, MO. Most of the photographs depict the Morrison Observatory.

P0643 Lois E. Davis Photographs 1966, 1981, no date

Color snapshots of General Omar N. Bradley in Moberly, MO, and related sites. Photographs of Hungry Mother Wildlife Area and Locust Grove school in Howard County.

P0644 Elmer Ellis "My Road to Emeritus" Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos used in the book "My Road to Emeritus" by Elmer Ellis.

P0645 Hazel Price Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Glasgow, MO: Lewis College, Pritchett College, and Glasgow Methodist Church.

P0646 E.P. Puckett Photographs 1957-1958, no date

Photos of historic house and business buildings in Fayette, MO, ca. 1958

P0647 Lewis Memorial Library Photograph no date

Photo of Lewis Memorial Library, Glasgow, MO.

P0648 John Thies Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of the Missouri River Bridge in Glasgow, MO.

P0649 Marie Woods Photograph Collection 1931-1952, no date

Photos of Linn Methodist Church and Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO. Photographs of the University of Missouri Columns and Memorial Union.

P0650 Nellie M. Castle Collection 1907-1910, no date

Postcards and photos of Howell County, mainly Willow Springs, and St. Louis County.

P0651 Catherine Castner Photographs 1959, no date

Photos of Howell County ca. 1959: Risley Memorial Bench, Olden home (West Plains), and Fruitville Farms.

P0652 Jeremiah Family Photographs no date

Photos relating to the Jeremiah family of Willow Springs.

P0653 R.L. Barger Photograph Collection 1958-1959, no date

Photos of Ironton: Centennial Marker, St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church, Swift home, and Courthouse. Postcards of Old Jail Museum, Vienna, MO.

P0654 Thomas J. Mayes Photograph Collection 1870-1900

Photos of Ironton, MO in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

P0655 Alice Loeffel Sherman Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Pilot Knob in the 19th century, including images of the mining industry and town, and rock formations in the vicinity.

P0656 Kansas City Municipal Airport Photographs 1938-1939

8 photographs of the old Kansas City airport, completed in 1939.

P0657 Charles C. Bell Photograph Collection 1863-1927

Photos of Charles C. Bell of Boonville, the Firmin Desloge family, engravings of notable Missourians, and composite of Missouri National Guard, Veteran Company A, 3rd Infantry.

P0658 Andy Collins Photograph Collection 1884, 1985

20th century photographs of Civil War sites and monuments in Missouri, Pilot Knob area.

P0659 Lena Sargent Postcard Collection 1907-1908

Two postcards of Clinton, MO and Cuba, MO.

P0660 Rev. Maury Whipple Bishop Photograph Collection 1864-1968

Photos of Bishop family members, Ben and Alice Dixon, dedication ceremonies for General Pershing's Home (1960, Laclede) and Liberty Memorial (1961, Kansas City), the 1949 Missouri State Fair, Longview Farm (Lee's Summit), and fountains in Forest Park (St. Louis). Postcards of Independence.

P0661 Shirley Capron Photograph Collection no date

Photographs of Swope Park and Kansas City scenes in the late 1800s-early 1900s.

P0662 R.E. Highley Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of sites relating to the James-Younger Gang.

P0663 Independence Chamber of Commerce Collection 1958, no date

Postcards of Independence, MO sites.

P0664 George Ehrlich and Sherry Piland Photograph Collection 1972-1989

Images of Kansas City historic buildings, photographed ca. 1970s-1980s.

P0665 Smith Family Photographs 1872-1937

Images of Kansas City and William Joseph Smith and family, removed from Genealogies - Smith - Bussell - Wood - Bryant by Mable Smith Saunders.

P0666 Brinkopf Family Photographs no date

Photographs of the Brinkopf family of Cape Girardeau, MO from the late 19th century through 1942.

P0667 Lowell Press Photographs 1980

Images of the Westport district in Kansas City, MO

P0668 Mrs. Frank B. Miller Photograph Collection 1902

Photos of Hyde Park School staff and students and Miller residence, both in Kansas City, MO, ca. 1900.

P0669 George Fuller Green and James Anderson Photograph Collection 1845-1957

Photos of Kansas City, MO.

P0670 Photo & View Company Photographs 1875-1934

Photos of Kansas City, MO, architecture, ca. 1902-1903 and 1934.

P0671 Scotford Stereographs 1878-1881

Stereographs of Kansas City, MO, ca. 1878-1881.

P0672 Barry County, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1914-1982

Photographs of Barry County, Missouri, focused on historic structures, historic markers, and schools.

P0673 Democratic National Convention, Kansas City, Missouri, Photographs 1900

Photos of the Democratic National Convention in Kansas City, 1900.

P0674 Edward C. Wright Jr. Photographs 1958-1961, no date

Photos of Independence area historic sites and buildings, 1961.

P0675 Hallmark Cards, Inc., Photographs no date

Photos of Hallmark Cards, Inc. facilities in Kansas City, including the Visitors Center, and businesspersons and Hallmark executives.

P0676 First Baptist Church, Grandview, Missouri, Photographs no date

Photos of First Baptist Church in Grandview, MO