Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
P0881 Elmer G. Harris Collection 1937, 1980

Photo of Harris and advertising card for his mules.

P0882 Missouri State Treasurer Portraits 1843-1957

large portraits of the State Treasurers of Missouri, including most treasurers from the time period from 1843 to 1960

P0883 April and Michael Koonse Photograph Collection 1948-1950

Photos of Bill See and Battery B, 128th Field Artillery Battalion, Missouri National Guard, at Fort Leonard Wood and Columbia, MO, 1948-1950.

P0884 E.W. Alexander Photograph Collection no date

Photo of Central High School, St. Louis

P0885 Martin F. Schmidt Photograph Collection no date

Photo of Civil War monument, Springfield.

P0886 Lois Stanley Photograph Collection 1905-1906

Photo of Rural Carrier Convention, district meeting at Chillicothe ca. 1905-1906

P0887 Earl W. Dye Photograph Collection 1887

Photo of Major R.J. Williams and his mule Old Jule.

P0888 Robert C. Smith Photograph Collection 1925, no date

Views of downtown Columbia, Jesse Wrench, and Robert Lee Smith Farm.

P0889 W.C. Alexander Photograph Collection no date

Photos of monuments to Martin Parmer and General Augustus Jones.

P0890 Missouri State Teachers Association Photographs 1950-1956, no date

Photos of people and places related to the Missouri State Teachers Association

P0891 James Houston Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Schuyler county homes: Hall and Hughes

P0892 Mrs. J.C. Storment Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Warren County - buildings in the Marthasville area.

P0893 St. Joseph Lead Company Photographs no date

Photos of Aptus Furnace and reenactment of early lead mining methods.

P0894 Jessie L. Gaynor Photographs no date

Photos of Jessie L. Gaynor

P0895 Fred Russell Photographs 1930, no date

Photographs of Boone's Lick Spring and buildings in Iron, Madison, and Washington Counties.

P0896 Francis English Photograph Collection 1925, no date

Copy prints of Francis English.

P0897 Hammond & Irwin Photographs no date

Photos by Hammond & Irwin studio, Jefferson City. Portraits of Governor Phil M. Donnelly.

P0898 Draper Family Photographs no date

Portraits of Philander and Sarah Draper.

P0899 Ella Horak Photograph Collection no date

Portraits of Dr. Curtis Howard Epps, snapshot of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church

P0900 Bryan Family Photographs no date

Portraits of Eveline McIlvaine Bryand and Dr. John Gano Bryan

P0901 Louise Stephens Otto Photograph Collection 1867-1892, no date

Photos of Stephens family members: Hugh, Edwin Sydney, and E.W. Photo of Academic Hall ruins after fire.

P0902 Fleeta M. Stephens Photograph Collection 1895, no date

Photos of J.L. Stephens, and the William A. Bright family

P0903 Thomas M. Stephens Collection 1968, 1974

Photos of artist Thomas M. Stephens and his works.

P0904 Mrs. J. William Benton Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Sir Carl Busch of the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra and his wife, Sallie.

P0905 Cole Family Photographs 1904, no date

Images of Hannah Cole and her descendents.

P0906 Gallaher Journal Photographs no date

Copy photos of William Gallaher and individuals mentioned in his journal, as published in the Missouri Historical Review, January 1963.

P0907 Woman's Christian Temperence Union Photographs 1913-1914, no date

Photos of Missouri state delegates for annual conventions of the Woman's Christian Temperence Union, 1913-1914. Clara Cleghorn Hoffman, president.

P0908 Judge Lawson Photograph Collection 1908-1909

Group portraits of the Missouri Bar Association, 1908 and 1909.

P0909 Marjorie Prewitt Clifford Collection no date

Copy prints of paintings of Moss Frederick Prewitt, James Callaway Anderson, and Jane R. Moorman Anderson.

P0910 Ruth M. Johnston Photograph Collection 1875, no date

Photos of Judge Thomas Jefferson Johnston and members of Missouri's Constitutional Convention, 1875.

P0911 William Hill Field V Photograph Collection 1878, 1981, no date

Images of William Hill Field I and William Hill Field IV

P0912 Belle Johnson Studio Photographs 1895, no date

Photographs taken by photographer Belle Johnson of Monroe City, MO.

P0913 Cal Hubbard Portraits no date

Copy photos of athlete Cal Hubbard when he was older

P0914 Bellevue Valley Historical Society Photograph Collection 1880-1940

Photos of Washington County, MO

P0915 Thomas C. Grimm Photographs 1936

Photos of Thomas Hart Benton painting the murals in the House Lounge, Missouri State Capitol, Dec 1936

P0916 Beckhart Family Photographs 1904-1909, no date

Copy prints of photos of the Beckhart family, including images of hunting and houseboats.

P0917 Rev. Frederic Niedner Photograph Collection 1880

Wedding portraits of Richard Bartholdt and Eugenia Niedner, photo of Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Louis

P0918 Barth Family Photographs no date

Copy prints of Barth family members: Isadore, Joseph, Minnie, Moses

P0919 Jesse W. Barrett Jr. Portraits no date

Portraits of Jesse W. Barrett, Jr.

P0920 Russell H. Stocksdale Collection 1896, no date

Postcards and photos of paintings by George Barnett depicting historic events in Missouri.

P0921 Ball Family Photographs 1854-1862

Portraits of Wesley and Matilda Ball

P0922 Bailey Family Photographs no date

Photos of Edward and Permelia Bailey. Edward operated Bailey's stage stand on Butterfield Overland Mail Route.

P0923 George Bailey Photograph Collection 1863

Copy photos of George Bailey and family, 1863.

P0924 Adella Breckenridge Moore Photograph Collection no date

Photos of and related to the Austin family.

P0925 R.L. Hosman Collection no date

Photos of portraits of Nathan Boone and Olive Van Bibber Boone.

P0926 Lloyd C. and Mary Collins Photographs 1936

Photos of Mr. and Mrs. Collins dressed in pioneer costumes and as as Daniel Boone.

P0927 Bartlett and Mary Boder Photographs 1880-1962

Photos of St. Joseph: Missouri Valley Trust Co. and St. Joseph museums.

P0928 V. Poehlman Photograph Collection 1930-1931, no date

Copy prints of Lakeview School in rural Boone county, 1930-1931.

P0929 Bacon-Defoe Cemetery Restoration Photographs 1970, no date

Original photos used in publication "Bacon-DeFoe Cemetery Restoration, St. Louis Co., 1970"

P0930 J. Clayton Lamkin Photograph Collection 1882

Photos of tornado damage in Sweet Springs, 1882.

P0931 William S. Bryan Collection 1902

Photos of Bryan House, Daniel Boone's spring, and rural school, Warren Co.

P0932 Harold M. Jayne Photographs 1865-1907, no date

Photos of Scotland County, particularly the Memphis area

P0933 Lula C. Long Photographs 1920, 1953, no date

Photos of Washington County

P0934 Ella White Photographs no date

Photos of the Harrison Long and Martin Ruggles houses, Caledonia.

P0935 Lon Sanders Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Joseph Stokely Home and Lon Sanders Canyon, Piedmont, MO.

P0936 Ed Eighmy Photographs no date

Photos of Worth County

P0937 P.M. Robinett Photograph Collection 1901, no date

Photos of James Robinett house, State Fruit Experiment Station, and Mountain Grove Academy, Wright County.

P0938 Robert E. and Betty Lou Crist Photograph Collection no date

Photos of John Forbes Benjamin house, Shelbina

P0939 Mary Banks Kermack Photograph Collection 1876, no date

Photos of University of Missouri faculty

P0940 "John Smith T" Slide Presentation no date

Slides and commentary about John Smith T, Missouri pioneer in the lead industry, and Selma Hall, by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Francois Valle Chapter.

P0941 1993 Missouri and Mississippi Flood Aerial Photographs 1993

Aerial photos of the 1993 flood of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

P0942 Paula McNeill Photographs 1989

Photos ofthe University of Missouri Sesquicentennial celebrations, 1989

P0943 Marvin Lee King Photograph Collection 1975, no date

Photos of King and Moore family members

P0944 Harry King Tootle Photograph Collection 1876-1918

Photos of Dr. Samuel Spahr Laws and his wife, Ann Marie Broadwell

P0945 Charles A. McConn Photograph Collection 1925, no date

Photos of McConn ancestors, the Osage River Swinging Bridge, and Dr. J.P. Fruit

P0946 Charles Kleinsorge Photographs no date

Copy photos of and relating to Charles Kleinsorge

P0947 Dr. John F. Patton Photograph Collection no date

Images of Robert E. Lee.

P0948 Adah Redden Ferguson Photograph Collection 1913, no date

Images of James and Lucy Ward Love.

P0949 Willard Hall Mendenhall Portraits 1857, no date

Copy photos of Willard Hall Mendenhall.

P0950 Al Kalen Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Dr. Frank G. Nifong and his wife

P0951 Stanley Patterson Photograph Collection no date

Copy photos of A.Z. (Zach) Patterson

P0952 Phillips Family Photographs no date

Photos of Phillips family members

P0953 Gilliland-Randol Family Photographs no date

Photos of Gilliland and Randol family members, 19th century

P0954 St. Joseph, Missouri, Photograph Collection 1865-1966

An artificial collection of photographs depicting the city of St. Joseph and its residents.

P0955 Hammond Studio Photographs no date

Images by Hammond Studio of Jefferson City notables and politicians

P0956 RoBards Family Photographs no date

Photos of the Robards family of Hannibal

P0957 Betty C. Rottman Photograph Collection no date

Portraits: Arthur McArthur, Dorothy Roe Lewis, Eleanor Shepherd, Betty Rottman

P0958 Margaret Kelly Portraits 1994

Portraits of Margaret Kelly, Missouri State Auditor. Kelly was the first woman to hold statewide office.

P0959 Schowengerdt Family Photographs no date

Portraits of Frederich Wilhelm Schowengerdt and his wife, Catherine Sophia Elisabeth Hilgedieck

P0960 Frederic B. Mumford Photograph Collection 1904-1936

Photographs collected by Frederic B. Mumford, primarily related to his career in agriculture

P0961 Gerhard Sisters Studio Photographs 1911-1922

Portraits of Missourians by the Gerhard Sisters, a St. Louis-based studio

P0962 Forrest Smith Portraits no date

Portraits of Forrest Smith as governor of Missouri and state auditor.

P0963 Leland S. Wood Photographs no date

Photos of Forrest Smith and his wife, Mildred, at Lake Taneycomo

P0964 Arthur T. Rainville Photograph Collection 1921

Photos of Samuel Love Smith and his wife, Lucretia Forrester

P0965 R. Haarstick Photographs 1930-1931

Aerial photos of Bagnell Dam, 1930-1931, during construction

P0966 George H. Martin Photographs 1884

Photos of civil war monuments at Vicksburg National Military Park

P0967 Lorene W. Zolg Photographs 1884

Photos of monuments for the Battle of Westport and the Battle of Camden Point

P0968 Frank Anderson Photographs 1884, 1950

Photos of Missouri's Confederate Capitol and Governor's Mansion in Marshall, TX

P0969 Peetrie-Kennedy Portraits 1890-1892

Portraits of Clara Plumb Peetrie and George Kennedy

P0970 Pearle McCown Photograph Collection no date

Photos of the Rocheport railroad tunnel, R.P. Rider, Mark Twain birthplace, and the Joseph McClurg house

P0971 Jessie Humphreys Photographs no date

Photos of Saline County, especially Arrow Rock.

P0972 Charles E. Peterson Photographs 1904-1940

Copy photos of Ste. Genevieve houses

P0973 Reverend Charles A. Weinig Photographs 1939-1941

Photos of Ste. Genevieve: St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Zell School

P0974 Sarah Lucille Turner Portraits 1923-1944

Photos of Sarah Lucille Turner, one of the first two women elected to the Missouri Legislature

P0975 James E. Yeatman Portrait 1868

Copy print of James E Yeatman

P0976 Mrs. Walter V. Lemon Photograph Collection 1893-1898

Photos of Montgomery City High School Class of 1898, Spanish American War 5th MO Volunteer Infantry, Fourth of July picnic, and Frank Saborinne and Linn Lockwood.

P0977 J. Scott Dalton Photograph Collection no date

Photos of Callaway County: Old Rock Jail, Garretts Café, and Callaway County Courthouse

P0978 Dr. Harold Fruend Photograph Collection no date

Photos of the State Hospital for the Insane No. 1 in Fulton, MO

P0979 Christian Churches of Callaway County, MO, Photographs no date

Original photos from the book An Annotated History of the Christian Churches of Callaway Co., Mo., by I. Stanley Williams

P0980 Hazel Lee Collection no date

Drawings by Hazel Lee of Jefferson County landmarks