Columbia Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
CA5857 Verlee Dauma Collection 1970s-2000s

Research material of a Missouri professional genealogist, includes material related to the Chambers and Helmick families, and research guides, reference works, and other genealogical publications.

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CA5858 Larry Rottmann Collection 1960s-2000s

Compilation of correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, publications, newspaper clippings, teaching material, production material, organizational records, and audio and video recordings related to Vietnam, the Vietnam War and anti-war activity, veterans, and conflict literature.

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CA5860 Kansas City (Mo.) Philharmonic Orchestra Programs 1938-1971

Concert programs of the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra and other performances under the direction of Hans Schwieger.

CA5861 Gregory L. and Mary Folse Hutchison Collection 1900s-2010

The collection contains material from two University of Missouri-Columbia alumni, United States veterans, and federal employees. Mary Folse Hutchison was in the first class of WAVES officers at the start of World War II, and later a CIA staff officer for twenty-five years. Includes a scrapbook related to theater and other activities at the University of Missouri in the 1930s, correspondence, diaries, photographs, travel materials, writings, and miscellaneous items.

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CA5862 Missouri Public Health Association Records 1926, 1940s-2000

Minutes of Board of Directors meetings, newsletters, conference material, and miscellaneous organizational records.

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CA5865 Kenneth E. Coombs Papers 1960s-1970s

Project files of a Kansas City architect related to historic restoration projects in Missouri. Includes correspondence, photographs, survey material, planning documents, financial records, and architectural drawings.

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CA5866 James H. Waugh Record Book 1862-1898

General purpose record book kept by a Columbia, MO, resident and banker, recording trustee's sales and other transactions, and miscellaneous papers.

CA5868 East Campus Neighborhood Survey (Columbia, Mo.) Records 1992-1993

Correspondence, proposals and other grant application material, resident contact information and other background material, and oral history recordings, notes, and logs related to a University of Missouri, Department of Art History and Archaeology sponsored architectural/historic survey.

CA5871 Modern Woodmen of America, Camp No. 4219 (Sapp, Mo.) Records 1915-1923

Financial and membership records, 1915-1923.

CA5876 Allen Dorman Papers 1890s.

Manuscript volume of poetry and publication promotional material of an author from Henry County, MO.

CA5880 University of Missouri, Cooperative Extension Service Records 1946-1970

Addition to the records of the University of Missouri’s Cooperative Extension Service include minutes, data on personnel and students involved in the programs, newsletters, and studies and research on extension services.

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CA5886 Shela S. Fretwell Genealogical Collection 1824-2020

Correspondence, photographs, and other genealogical research material related to the Fretwell family of Lewis County, Missouri.

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CA5892 Missouri Collegiate Oratorical Association Records 1895-1940

Constitutions and by-laws, programs, copies of speeches and miscellaneous records of an organization of colleges in Missouri which held annual oratory competitions.

CA5893 Benecke Family Papers 1850-2001

Addition of Benecke family materials. Includes professional and personal correspondence, photographs, glass plate negatives, cartes-de-visite, stereograph cards, diaries, clippings, volumes, periodicals, scrapbooks, Grand Army of the Republic materials, Missouri Constitutional Convention materials, genealogical data, ephemera, and miscellaneous material. Includes Magruder, Sasse, Zillman, and other related families.

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CA5894 Roger W. Wescott Papers 1930s-2000

Papers of a linguist and anthropologist include publications and unpublished writing, correspondence, research material, and miscellaneous personal and professional papers.

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CA5904 Wilson Evans Collection 1990s

Audio recordings of banjo renditions of American folk and popular music by a Sikeston, MO, musician.

CA5919 Cornett Family Papers 1920s-1970s

Addition of correspondence; financial records; photographs; school records, Linn County, Missouri; and miscellaneous Cornett family papers. See also C3808.

CA5923 Loren D. Reid Papers 2000

Addition of correspondence. See also C3946.

CA5925 Dorothy Heckmann Shrader Papers 1866-1976

The papers of a Hermann, Missouri, writer and descendant of steamboat captain, Bill Heckmann. Includes newspaper clippings of happenings along Missouri’s waterways dating from the late 1800s to mid-1900s. Also includes genealogical information on the Heckmann family, maps of Missouri's rivers, and a few photographs of steamboats and river scenes.

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CA5927 Sheila Gibbons Papers 1964-2023

Newsletters, newspaper clippings, columns, journal articles, conferences proceedings, and research papers concerning women and the media. Issues covered include marketing, women in film, news coverage of women, pornography, and women journalists.

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CA5933 Hurst John Papers 1957

Addition of documents concerning the referendum on construction of parking structures in downtown Columbia, Missouri, in 1957. See also C3850.

CA5934 Allen McReynolds Papers no date

Addition of correspondence, family papers, and campaign materials. See also C3605.

CA5935 Frances Asbury Sampson Collection no date

Additions of business cards, hotel advertisements, temperance pledge card, and speech to the Women's Christian Temperance Union. See also C3813.

CA5937 Clem F. Storckman Papers 1943-1944

Addition of scrapbooks of judge and member of the 1943-1944 Missouri Constitutional Convention. Includes photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. See also C3602.

CA5939 Missouri Patriotic Associations Collection no date

Records of state and local chapters of various patriotic and heritage associations in Missouri.

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CA5951 Carolyn and David Leuthold Papers 1960s-1990s

Addition of papers of David Leuthold, a professor of political science at the University of Missouri-Columbia and consultant, includes teaching material, reports, studies and surveys, campaign literature and other research material related primarily to public attitudes, voting patterns, and mass media impact in Missouri state politics.

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CA5957 Special Libraries Association, Mid-Missouri Chapter (Columbia, Mo.) Records 1985-1999

Meeting minutes, financial records, newsletters, correspondence, and miscellaneous material of the organization.

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CA5958 National History Day in Missouri Records 1980-2018

National History Day in Missouri (NHDMO) is a yearlong history education program, sponsored by The State Historical Society of Missouri, in partnership with the Missouri Humanities Council. The program encourages young people to explore history and teaches them to understand historical issues, ideas, people and events. It is the state affiliate of National History Day. Records include office files and student entries.

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CA5962 Ella Gibson Composition Book 1872-1874

Composition book of a Stephens College student in the 1870s. Includes essays on history, philosophy, and other topics studied at the school.

CA5963 George W. Parker Papers 1962-2000s

Papers of a World War II bomber pilot and Republican State Representative from Boone County, Missouri, who founded the Pachyderm Club.

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CA5969 Linguistic Society of America Records 1901-2020

Addition of records of an organization dedicated to research and publication in the analysis of language. Includes publications, programs from annual meetings and Linguistic Institutes, publicity clippings, and materials concerning affiliated organizations, various committees, and Ebonics. Also includes correspondence of George M. Bolling and Bernard Bloch, who were both editors of Language and presidents of LSA.

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CA5972 Boone County Medical Society Records 1999-2017

Addition of the Society's publication, "Prescriptions." See also C2475.

CA5973 Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation Records 1966-1996

Organizational records documenting efforts to preserve and restore historical buildings and sites throughout Missouri.

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CA5975 John T. Dawson Papers 1930s

Insurance papers of the St. Joseph, Missouri resident, dating to the 1930s.

CA5976 Annie Louise Roberts Papers 1910s

Court documents, insurance papers, abstracts, and financial papers of the St. Joseph, Missouri resident, dating to the 1910s.

CA5977 Herbert A. Owens Papers 1880s-1940s

Tax receipts, abstracts, financial records, insurance papers, and business correspondence of a resident of St. Joseph, Missouri.

CA5984 KOPN Radio Records 1951-2006

Records of the organization include audio tapes from the locally produced Children’s Radio Theater, poetry readings, live performances, and assorted miscellaneous recordings; correspondence; newspaper clippings; newsletters; grant materials; staff meeting minutes; brochures; digital audio files; and miscellaneous material. Also includes records of the Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop, including administrative files, grant applications, photographs, scripts, and audio cassettes from the project.

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CA5986 Missouri United Methodist Review Records 1981-2002

Photographs and church histories used in the publication of the Missouri United Methodist Review and church directories.

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CA5990 World War II Ephemera no date

Blue print for Mauthausen concentration camp and Nazi armband.

CA5992 Robert F. Bussabarger Papers 1940s-2010

Addition of slides, photographs, correspondence, and other materials documenting the artist's work and travels to Asia and India. Also photographs and correspondence concerning his naval service in WWII and materials of his son, David Bussabarger.

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CA5993 Nicholas George Papers 1930s-2000s

Office correspondence, wire copy, and news reports on audio tapes and cassettes of managing editor for ABC Radio News during the 1960s and 1970s. Tapes document most major events of this period including the Kennedy and King assassinations, Vietnam War, and space missions. The papers also contain materials from George's teaching career in the 1980s and 1990s.

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CA5994 Woodlandville United Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Ladies Aid Society Records 1910-1975

Meeting minutes and cash books for the Ladies Aid Society of the Woodlandville United Methodist Church, 1910-1975.

CA5998 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Missouri River Survey Collection 1870s-1890s

Log books and maps from U.S. Corps of Engineers survey of the Missouri River. Log books include observations of topography, hand drawn maps, and notes documenting the journeys and dredging operations along the river. The bulk of the collection relates to the upper Missouri River.

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CA6002 Maurine Beasley Papers 1917-2020

The papers of a journalism professor specializing in journalism education and women journalists include book manuscripts and research material; materials on the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication; writings on journalism education and media gender bias; and miscellaneous professional material.

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CA6004 "Women of Old-Time Music" Video Cassette no date

Video documenting women's role in development of folk music in the Missouri Ozarks. Includes performances and interviews with musicians.

CA6005 Campaign Materials 1992

Campaign posters and bumper stickers from 1992 Presidential Election.

CA6007 Katy Trail State Park Collection 1980s-1990s

Addition of materials concerning the creation and development of the Katy Trail State Park. Includes legal documents, newspaper clippings, promotional materials, and correspondence.

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CA6011 Jefferson Barracks Engineering Plans Collection 1941

Engineering specifications, plans, and photographs of the construction of various buildings and infrastructure at Jefferson Barracks in 1941.

CA6022 B. James George Collection no date

Addition of land grants, newspaper articles concerning former Confederate soldiers, recorded interview with B. James George about William Quantrill, and correspondence concerning the interview. See also C3564.

CA6023 Ragtag Cinema Café (Columbia, Mo.) Collection 1977-2002

Collection of film catalogs, publications, promotional material, posters, and advertisements for film showings and other events at the theater.

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CA6024 Tad Bartimus Interview Tapes no date

Audio of a profile interview done with journalist Tad Bartimus for a class project.

CA6025 City of Rocheport (Mo.) Records 1887-2017

Records of the city of Rocheport, Missouri, include meeting minutes; financial records; files on sewer, street, and waste water improvements; audio cassettes of council meetings; correspondence; materials pertaining to the 1993 Mississippi/Missouri Rivers flood; and files on city hall renovation, planning and zoning, and recreational trails program.

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CA6028 Missouri State Genealogical Association Records 1979-2015

The records of a genealogical organization founded in 1979 include minutes, financial records, publications, administrative files, and conference material.

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CA6029 Chris J. Johannsen Papers 1970s-1990s

Papers of noted soil scientist who taught at UMC from 1972 to 1985 and specialized in geographic information systems and remote sensing. Includes files of organizations and committees with which he was involved. Also includes correspondence files from the College of Agriculture, Courses, University Departments, and Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS).

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CA6033 Marshall Dial Oral History Collection 1980s-1990s

Collection of interviews between Marshall Dial and various residents of the Bootheel for Dial's radio show, "Stories They Tell."

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CA6035 Columbia (Mo.) Kiwanis Club Records 1940-2010

Records of a Columbia, Missouri, service organization include annual reports, minutes, correspondence, and financial records.

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CA6039 James Olson Papers no date

The collection largely contains research files Olson collected while writing his biography of Senator Stuart Symington.

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CA6040 Missouri Athletic Trainers' Association Records no date

Addition of membership applications, meeting minutes, committee minutes, correspondence, and newsletters. See also C2793.

CA6049 J. Hurley and Roberta Roland Hagood Papers no date

Subject files documenting the history of Hannibal, Missouri. Also oral history interviews with several prominent residents.

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CA6051 John P. Tandarich Collection 1880s-1990s

Photographs, biographies, and select collected works of several noted soil scientists. Also some University of Missouri bulletins and reports from the early 1900s. Includes abstracts and articles, correspondence, field tour logs, photographs [primarily soil scientists, Universities of Illinois, Missouri], maps, newsletters, notebook by soils scientist James Thorp of Australia, posters, symposium and conference proceedings, reports, and related materials, and miscellaneous papers. Also includes limited family photographs [C.C. Logan].

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CA6053 James W. Goodrich Collection 1770s-2001

Papers and miscellaneous research material collected by the Director of the State Historical Society of Missouri. Includes correspondence; photographs, slides and negatives; newspaper clippings; issues of the Missouri Conservationist and Waterfowl magazines; research notes, and photocopies; Revolutionary War Orderly Book of Tertius Taylor, volumes 1 and 2 [bound and foldered]; and history and genealogy of Charles H. Taylor family [Goodrich maternal ancestry].

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CA6054 Community Action Partnership Records 1991-1998

Executive skills portfolios prepared by community action leaders from across the country. Submitted to the national association, the portfolios document a variety of accomplishments by community leaders in pursuit of CCAP [Certified Community Action Professional] designation. Includes correspondence, work samples, and essays.

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CA6060 Richard E. Schroeder Papers no date

Versions, both digital and print, of Schroeder's manuscript entitled "Missouri At Sea: Warships With Show-Me State Names." Includes correspondence, index, and illustrations. Also materials pertaining to the book "The Foundations of the CIA: Harry Truman, the Missouri Gang, and the Origins of the Cold War."

CA6063 Shirley Putnam Schneerer Scrapbook 1905-1909

While living in Columbia during 1905-1909, Shirley Putnam Schneerer compiled a scrapbook of pictures and post cards of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her father, Dr. James W. Putnam, taught in the School of Business Administration at UMC from 1906 to 1909. Also includes images of the St. Patrick Day celebrations by the School of Engineering; Columbia and the surrounding central Missouri area; and Stephens College. There are limited images of the Putnam family and family home.

CA6066 Missouri Library Association Records 1916-2018

Addition of correspondence, financial records, membership directories, conference materials, administrative files, publications, and minutes.

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CA6070 Missouri Christian Leadership Forum (Columbia, Mo.) Records 1979-2013

Conference proceedings, correspondence, policy statements, publicity pamphlets, committee and assorted other business meeting minutes, assorted committee and task force materials, financial records, and miscellaneous papers. Originating in 1981, the Forum included a wide range of Christian denominations in one ecumenical body. The organization dissolved in 2013.

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CA6071 Maimie Stephenson Papers 1950-2000

Papers of artist Maimie Stephenson, a longtime supporter of the arts community in Columbia, Missouri, and wife of journalism professor William Stephenson. She was historian of the Columbia Art League and received the Missouri Arts Council Award for Service to the Arts in 1983.

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CA6073 Hawkins-Timmons Family Genealogical Collection no date

Consists of genealogical materials pertaining to the Hawkins, Timmons, and related families [Barron, Byrd, Pippin, Patrick, McDaniel, Shuey] of Kentucky, Missouri and Texas. Includes correspondence, census abstracts, engagement and wedding announcements, funeral notices, programs, and obituaries, newspaper clippings, photographs, and family record sheets.

CA6074 Richard A. Watson Papers 1970s-1990s

Research materials of the University of Missouri political science professor who studied the presidential veto and political nomination process.

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CA6083 Gladys Coggswell Papers 1990s-2000s

The papers of storyteller, educator, folklorist, and singer Gladys Coggswell of Frankford, Missouri, include correspondence, miscellaneous personal papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, folklore stories and other professional materials, and audio and video recordings of Coggswell performances.

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CA6084 Missouri Council for Exceptional Children Records 1940-2001

Records of the state federation of the national professional special education organization. Includes conference and membership materials, awards, brochures, correspondence, strategic plans, minutes, newsletters, proclamations, publications, photographs and slides, treasurer's reports, financial records, and unit resource handbooks.

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CA6086 Bob Priddy Collection 1973-2008

The collection contains materials concerning the Jefferson City American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. Also included are audio recordings from bust unveilings in the Hall of Famous Missourians; recordings and interviews concerning the Thomas Hart Benton’s mural and the Missouri State Capitol; programs from Priddy’s radio show “Missouri Moments” produced for Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri; and miscellaneous political recordings.

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CA6087 Glenn Farm Records 1943-1995

Farm ledgers kept by the Edward Glenn family in Pike County, Missouri from 1943 to 1995.

CA6093 Columbia (Mo.) Concerts and Events Collection 1970s-2000s

Concert and event posters and miscellanea pertaining to the Blue Note, True/False Film Festival, and other venues and events located in Columbia, Missouri, and vicinity.

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CA6096 Leland Steinkuehler German Dialect Collection 2005-2008

Recordings and accompanying paperwork of interviews done with Missourians of German heritage from Concordia, Loose Creek, Westphalia, and St. Elizabeth, Missouri, as well as visitors from Meerbusch, Germany. Includes a comparison of dialects between three interviewees. The interviews were conducted by Leland Steinkuehler. Addition of recordings of a Lutheran Church service conducted in Low German and a narration with English translations by Reverend Alfred W. Rodewald, 2009.

CA6099 Concordia Project Records 1990s

Color photographs and negatives of textiles produced by Missouri artisans for the Concordia Project. Includes crochet and tatting, cut work and embroidery, quilts and quilting, rag rugs, and weaving. Also includes miscellaneous files and audio cassette interviews.

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CA6103 William Howard Taft Papers 1930s-2000s

Research notes and miscellaneous papers from a professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism compiled for his book "Show Me Journalists: The First 200 Years." The work is one of a series of monographs published under the auspices of the Missouri Press Association. Also includes publications, research material, scrapbooks, genealogical material, and miscellaneous material.

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CA6104 Sara A. Parker Papers 1970s-2000s

Professional papers of the Missouri State Librarian who served from 1995 through 2005. During a career spanning 43 years, Parker also served as Pennsylvania and Montana state librarian and held other librarian positions in Colorado and Springfield and Monett, Missouri.

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CA6105 American Dialect Society Records 1859-2007

Papers and organizational records of the American Dialect Society. Charged with investigating spoken English of the United States and Canada, the Society was established in 1889 at Harvard University. Includes correspondence, treasurer reports and material, general organizational records, and research on words.

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CA6106 John W. Payne Papers no date

In December 1941, Lt. j.g. John W. Payne was stationed in the Philippines commanding the U.S.S. Isabel, a yacht converted to a destroyer. When Manila Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces, the Isabel along with the remains of the U.S. fleet, eventually retreated to Australia. Engineer officer Daniel P. Griffin compiled this 60 page reminiscence to honor his commanding officer upon Payne's death in a plane collision over the Grand Canyon in 1956.

CA6107 Central Missouri Pastoral Care Association Records 1967-1980

The Central Missouri Pastoral Care Association was organized in 1969 [originally the Mid-Missouri Chaplain Corporation] as a not-for-profit corporation to receive funds from local churches and help pay the salaries and other expenses associated with providing chaplain services to patients at the University Hospital and Mid Missouri Mental Health Center. Includes letters, handwritten notes, financial records, and other miscellaneous papers.

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CA6109 Missouri River Folk History Project Records 2005

Oral history interviews of Missourians who have lived and worked along the Missouri River. Meredith Ludwig conducted the interviews.

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CA6110 Ryan Stockwell Collection 2005

Oral history interview of Richard M. Collins, active member and employee of the Missouri Farmers Association. The interview was conducted by Ryan Stockwell in 2005 as part of the Farming in Missouri After WWII Oral History Project. Includes transcript and biographical information sheet.

CA6114 Stevens Family Papers no date

Collection contains audio recordings of songs, stories, and poems compiled by storyteller Benjamin Stevens of Russellville, Missouri. Also includes photographs and a Master's thesis based on Stevens' work written by his daughter Marilewan Mahan in 1946 at Louisiana State University.

CA6116 Missouri Libraries Network Board Minutes 1982-1985

Meeting minutes of the Missouri Libraries Network Board, 1982-1985.

CA6117 Missouri Libraries Film Cooperative Records 1948-1997

Records and other organizational papers of the Missouri Libraries Film Cooperative. A grant to the Missouri State Library in 1948 created the MLFC to develop a statewide film circuit. The Cooperative dissolved in 1996. Includes correspondence, photographs and microfilm, master's thesis, journal articles and other historical materials, and financial records.

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CA6119 Maude Orita Wallace Papers 1906-1949

Papers of Maude Orita Wallace who attended the University of Missouri in 1917 and taught school in Mexico, Missouri. Includes a photograph, 1936 Missouri Writer's Guild award plaque, and select plays and music for children written and published by Wallace, primarily during World War I. Also includes limited sheet music.

CA6120 Steinbach Family Papers no date

Plat maps of Bethel, Missouri. Also includes recorder of deeds supporting materials.

CA6121 Watts Family Papers 1870s-1979

The papers of a family from Putnam County, Missouri, include an autograph book; travel scrapbooks and family photograph albums compiled by Bertha and Christine Watts; diaries composed by the Rev. Samuel S. McWilliams; and poetry and writings.

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CA6122 Speer Morgan Papers 1970s-1990s

The papers of the University of Missouri English professor include correspondence, personal writing and manuscript files, book reviews, speeches, miscellaneous papers, publishing materials (correspondence, royalty statements etc.), and newspapers clippings. Dr. Morgan has published numerous fictional works and short stories, as well as edited The Missouri Review since 1980.

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CA6123 Missouri State Teachers Association Records 1837-1997

Records and official papers of the Missouri State Teachers Association. In May 1856, teachers met in St. Louis and established the first U.S. professional organization for state educators. The records include newsletters and other publications, historical materials, committee reports, and oversize scrapbooks.

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CA6128 Jerry L. Litton Papers 1970s

Addition includes correspondence, limited campaign memorabilia, financial records, and miscellaneous papers and office files.

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CA6131 Saengerbund (Jefferson City, Mo.) Papers no date

CD copies of German songbooks collected by members of the Jefferson City German singing society. Also includes the society's constitution, annual reports, annual activities, membership, and a photograph.

CA6135 John E. Ballard Papers 1965-2005

A local government specialist for 21 years for the University of Missouri Extension, Ballard earned a Master's degree in Community Development from the University of Missouri. Papers include personal research, records from his private consulting business, political newsletters, and other miscellaneous files.

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CA6138 Sister Ruth Heaney Papers 1970s-1990s

The papers of Ruth Boylston Heaney, Benedictine sister of Our Lady of Peace Monastery in Columbia, Missouri. Widow of Larry Heaney (founder of the Milwaukee Catholic Worker) and a social activist, Heaney raised her six children on a Catholic Worker farm in Starkenburg, Missouri. She volunteered with the Benedictine sisters and eventually joined the order in 1979. Includes correspondence with prisoners, notebooks, and limited photographs.

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CA6143 Gary R. Kremer Papers 1961-2019

The papers of the Director of the State Historical Society of Missouri primarily contain correspondence, publications, research material, and audiovisual material.

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CA6144 Capitol Brewery Company (Jefferson City, Mo.) Records no date

Business ledger of the Capitol Brewery Company of Jefferson City, Missouri, founded in 1898 by the Moerschel family of St. Charles and Jefferson City. Also includes Moerschel family postcards.

CA6145 Mary Kay Blakely Papers 1970s-1990s

Personal papers of the author, journalist, and professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Includes correspondence, research materials, published magazine and newspaper articles.

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CA6151 Nellie Edith Koonce Diaries 1931

Diary compiled by Nellie Edith Koonce in Bloodland, Missouri during the Great Depression in 1931.

CA6155 William Chrisman High School (Independence, Mo.), Class of 1951 Collection 1946-2018

Addition of brochures, newspaper clippings, reunion materials, newsletters, yearbooks, and miscellaneous material.

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