Springfield Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
SP0001 William M. Damron Papers 1905-1914

The William Damron Papers consist of the diary of William Moses Damron, a Freewill Baptist minister in Jasper County. They detail his certification as a Freewill Baptist Minister, his calculations for mileage, notations for his sermons, and dates on which he preached.


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SP0002 Brightwell Family Papers 1860-1996

The Brightwell Family Papers consist of the personal papers and business ledgers of the Brightwell family, particularly those pertaining to the land deeds and business dealings of John Brightwell from Taney County. Also included is genealogical information for the Brightwell family and family stories as told by Hillary Brightwell.      

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SP0003 Songs From the Ozarks Childhood, Music Manuscript 1924-1942

The Songs From an Ozarks Childhood, Music Manuscript consists of the lyrics of Ozarks folk songs, as well as an audio recording of Sybil Irene (Shipley) Jobe singing the songs.

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SP0004 Suzanne Wilson Papers 1959-2009

The Suzanne Wilson Papers consist of the fiction, nonfiction, and personal correspondence of free-lance writer Suzanne Wilson (1937-   ). The papers cover a variety of topics, but many deal with nature. The bulk of her work was created for Scouting Magazine.    

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SP0005 S. Fred Prince Papers 1899-1999

The S. Fred Prince Papers document the work of a naturalist and illustrator who spent many years studying the geology and ecology of the Southwest Missouri Ozarks. They also include the research conducted by Suzanne Wilson, a freelance writer who published an article in the Missouri Conservationist magazine about Prince’s life and work. The collection consists of copies of Prince’s unpublished original manuscripts along with interviews and correspondence that Wilson conducted with those who knew Prince or had possession of his work. 

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SP0006 Cummins Family Photographs 1850-1934

The Cummins Family Photographs consist of multiple portraits of adults, children, and candid shots of the family. Also included is some family correspondence, created from 1910 to 1934.   

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SP0007 Donna Kay Cowan Papers 1855-2013

The Cowan Family Papers are composed of pamphlets, programs, photographs, and materials relating to the history of the Golden City High School, which Frank Cowan attended in the class of 1933 and his daughter, Donna Cowan, in the class of 1958.               

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SP0008 Bangert Family Papers 1923-1994

The Bangert Family Papers chronicle two generations of the Bangert Family. They consist mostly of the personal papers of Nell Mabrey Bangert and the genealogy and family photographs of her husband’s family. Also included is material chronicling her teaching career, including photographs of her students, which have been organized by year.

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SP0009 Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development Records 1964-2011

The records consist of the financial documents, correspondence, project notes and publications pertaining to the operation of the non-profit environmental organization known as Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development. 

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SP0010 Branson Lodging Postcards 1937-1972

The Branson, Missouri, Lodging Postcards collection includes postcards and a travel brochure from several motels and lodges that existed in Branson during its emergence as a tourist destination. The collection focuses on the Anchor Travel Village.

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SP0011 Charles Henry Howerton Oral History 1911-1950

The Charles Howerton Oral History contains an oral history interview with Charles Howerton conducted by his daughter, Sue Howerton Victoria, and son-in-law, Doug Victoria. The interviews took place on June 30, 1995, July 4, 1995, and July 6, 1995.

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SP0012 Duval Family Photographs no date

The Duval Family Photographs depict the lives of families from McDonald County, Missouri. The collection contains many photographs featuring Claib E. Duval, his family members, and other families who lived in the area. The collection also includes numerous documents relating to people and businesses from the county.    

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SP0013 McDonald County Secession Papers 1961-2015

The McDonald County Secession papers contain photocopied newspaper articles dealing with the publicity surrounding the McDonald County secession hoax from Missouri in 1961.        

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SP0014 Ruby Rose Stauber Photographs 1959-1982

The photographs of Ruby “Rose” Stauber depict life in the Woman’s Army Corps from 1952-1978. Of particular interest are the photographs of women in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and Fort McClellan, Alabama. Rose’s photographs also contain images of female generals at Fort McClellan, such as Mildred Inez Caroon Bailey and Elisabeth Hoisington. The collection also documents the people she encountered in her world travels during her military career.   

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SP0015 Ruby Rose Stauber Papers 1777-2016

The papers of Rose Stauber contain the personal papers of Ruby Rose Stauber. They include correspondence, genealogical research, family photographs, and material related to Rose’s 31 years of service in the Women’s Army Corp.

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SP0016 Missouri Postcards 1953

The Missouri Postcard Collection contains postcards featuring images from around the state of Missouri.

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SP0017 Southwest Missouri Collection no date

This collection contains miscellaneous materials pertaining to the Southwestern counties of Missouri

SP0018 Mabrey Family Papers 1854-1964

The Mabrey family papers consist of the diaries and letters of Henry Yeakley Mabrey and his son, George Henry Mabrey.                 

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SP0019 Tri-State Mining Superfund Site 1945-2018

The Tri-State Mining Superfund Site records contain the research of Shanen Givone into the environmental impact of nuclear contamination and mining in the Joplin area and into Kansas.

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SP0020 Lawrence Leroy O'Kelley Papers 1918

The Lawrence Leroy O’Kelley Papers document O’Kelley’s experiences in France during WWI from April 1918 to October 1918. The collection also contains postcards, a cd of unidentified family photographs, and a certificate awarded to O’Kelley in 1919 for wounds he received in the war.

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SP0021 Ozark Area Amateur Film Collection 1957-1964

The Ozarks Area Amateur Film Collection contains fourteen reels of home movie footage featuring the Ozarks including Springfield, Nixa, Table Rock Dam, and St. John’s School of Nursing. 

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SP0022 Amish Scrapbooks 1989-1999

The Amish Scrapbooks collection consists of the writings of Noah Gingerich about the lives of his family and friends. The bulk of his work was created for Budget newspaper, a paper specializing in reporting the experiences of Amish and Mennonite community members in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and across the nation.    

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SP0023 Wherritt and Tunnel Scrapbooks 1950-1970

The Wherritt and Tunnell Scrapbooks collection contains thirteen scrapbooks created by sisters Mary Wherritt and Mildred Tunnell. The scrapbooks documents trips they took around the United States and Europe from the 1950s to the 1970s.

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SP0024 Harry J. Beagles Scrapbook 1918-1919

The Harry J. Beagles Scrapbook documents Beagle’s service in France during World War I.

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SP0025 At The Funeral of an Ozarks Farm Widow Manuscript 1980  Finding Aid
SP0026 Rose O'Neill Papers 1863-1990

The Rose O’Neill Papers consist of the personal correspondence of Rose O’Neill and her family members and friends.    

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SP0027 Claude Turner Papers 1942-1944

The Claude Turner papers consist of letters written by Claude Turner to his family in Webb City during World War II.  Claude served on the USS Spence.          

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SP0028 Beaver Family Papers 1890-1986

The Beaver Family Papers consist of genealogical research, personal correspondence and photographs of the Beaver and Hudson families. 

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SP0029 Seneca Missouri Scrapbooks 1898-1992

The Seneca, Missouri, Scrapbooks were compiled by Virginia Hoare and contain photographs, newspaper clippings, and articles about the history of Seneca, Missouri.          


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SP0030 Fort Leonard Wood Photograph 1953

The Fort Leonard Wood Photograph collection consists of an oversized image of the members of Company B, 44th Armored Infantry Battalion, stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in 1953. 

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SP0031 Missouri Photographs Collection 1912-1954

The Missouri Photographs Collection consists of various photographs from the state of Missouri, as well as several postcards for attractions around the state, including Meramec Caverns. The collection also contains an address book dated 1954. 

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SP0032 Eisenmeyer Family Papers 1906-1983

The Eisenmayer Family Papers consist of documents pertaining to the Eisenmayer Mill in Springfield, Missouri. Andrew Eisenmayer owned and operated the mill at the beginning of the twentieth century. The collection also includes examples of the flour sacks used by the company, newspaper clippings pertaining to the family and other materials discussing the history of Springfield.       

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SP0033 Laclede High School Play 1918

The Laclede High School Play consists of a script for The Thread of Destiny, a play set during the American Civil War, which was performed on April 25, 1918, by the Senior Class of Laclede High School, located in Linn County, Missouri. 

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SP0034 War Time Recipes 1917

The War Time Recipes Cookbook collection consists of a cookbook, featuring meals that conserve wheat, meat, sugar, and fats because of World War I rationing. The cookbook also features a display of advertisements for local companies and public service announcements made by the United States Government.

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SP0035 Eleanor O'Day Scrapbooks 1868-1946

The Eleanor O’Day Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings about members of the O’Day family, and topics that Eleanor O’Day found interesting.

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SP0036 Ray Gene and Betty Richardson Papers no date

Geneaology, research, and personal papers of Ray Gene and Betty Richardson of Lawrence County

SP0037 Margaret Marston Mansfield Scrapbook 1882-1951

The Margaret Marston Mansfield Scrapbook collection consists of a scrapbook compiled by Margaret Marston Mansfield. It contains newspaper articles she found interesting or relevant to her life, including information about her brother, Charles E. Marston, one of the first deans of what is now Missouri State University.              

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SP0038 Larry James Papers no date

Negatives and photographs from a professional Ozark's photographer and researcher.

SP0039 Herbert Kleyboecker Papers 1918

The Herbert Kleyboecker Papers contain his World War I correspondence from 1918 to 1919. His letters, written to his family in St. Louis, Missouri, contains detailed descriptions of basic training in Kansas, life in camp, opinions on the participation of African-American troops, conscientious objectors, trench warfare, and the treatment of the wounded in allied hospitals.

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SP0040 Choate Family Papers 1837-1860

The Choate Family Papers consist of correspondence between John K. Choate and his siblings, Aaron, Tom, and Elisabeth.

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SP0041 Turner Family Papers 1894-1925

The Turner Family Papers consists of correspondence between Thirza Smerdon Turner, her daughter Leona Turner, and other family and friends. The letters discuss travel, social interactions, and local gossip.          

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SP0042 Brandt and Grant Family Papers 1933-2000

The Brandt and Grant Family Papers contains 35 diaries written by Lena K. Grant from 1933 to 1976. They document the travels of her family during her husband’s many deployments, to places like the Philippines, Korea, and Crown Point, Indiana. The collection also contains clippings, pamphlets, a baby book, photographs and other mementos from the family’s life.      

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SP0043 The Southwest Missouri Tourism Collection no date

The Southwest Missouri Tourism Collection contains 18 menus and pamphlets from tourist attractions located across Missouri. They were collected by an unknown Ozarks family during the 1950s and 1960s.        

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SP0044 Purcell Family Photographs 1903-1951

The Purcell Family Photographs collection contains photographs of the Purcell family and the Bois D'Arc, Missouri area. The photographs were taken between 1903 and 1951. It includes photographs of the Fairview school, which was a one-room schoolhouse in Pierce City, Missouri, which the Purcell children attended. The Purcell children are portrayed from childhood to adulthood.   

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SP0045 Greene County Abstracts of Title 1846-1976

The Greene County Abstracts of Title collection contains abstracts of properties located in Greene County. It includes the abstract for property owned by Springfield, Missouri, attorney Henry C. Young, the abstract of a home located at 2400 S. McCann in Springfield, and a home located in the Rosewood sub division in Springfield.

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SP0046 Dunnegan Family Papers no date

The Dunnegan Family Papers consist of photographs, military papers from the Civil War and World War I, souvenirs and ephemera from Civil War reunions, legal and official documents, maps,  local history publications and a notebook featuring the notes about a Middle School student’s favorite 1940s college sports teams. The papers were collected by members of the Dunnegan family from Bolivar, Missouri, but information about the Stalling family is also included.   

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SP0047 Henry County Plat Book and Map 1877-1914

Henry County Plat Book dated 1914 and Henry County Map dated 1877.

SP0048 James Washington Woodard Papers 1862-1867

James Washington Woodard Papers consist of Civil War letters that recount the horror of war, camp life, the fate of comrades at the battles of Corinth and Vicksburg, and the movements of General Sterling Price’s army as they evacuated Missouri in 1862 and 1863. The collection consists of six letters written by a Confederate Lieutenant serving in Company D, 5th Missouri Infantry, 1st Brigade. Also included is a document dealing with an 1867 property transfer from his wife’s family, the Lemmons, to his widow.

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SP0049 Elsey Wagon Company Photographs 1908-1983

The Elsey Carriage Company Photographs collection contains images of vehicles built by the company from 1905, when the company opened, to 1927 when the name of the company changed. Missouri and Arkansas businesses commissioned Elsey to build vehicles of various designs that were decorated to their specifications. A 1983 newspaper article gives the history of the company.

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SP0050 Carnahan Family Oral History Collection 2001-2002

The Carnahan Family Oral History Collection consists of nineteen cassette tapes featuring interviews with family members of Governor Mel Carnahan. They were interviewed by Alex Primm two to four months following the Governor’s death in a plane crash on October 16, 2000. 

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SP0051 Shirey Family Papers 1855-1959

The Shirey Family Papers contain documents belonging to Etta Shirey and her family, including letters and postcards addressed to Etta, two diaries she kept, and her childhood school notes. The collection also contains publications that the Shirey family saved.  

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SP0052 Melvin E. Anglin Papers 1943-2010

The Robert Lipscomb Papers consists of photographs taken or collected by Robert Lipscomb in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as an oral history interview with Robert.

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SP0053 Robert Lipscomb Papers 1945-2019

The Robert Lipscomb Papers consists of photographs taken or collected by Robert Lipscomb in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as an oral history interview with Robert.

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SP0054 Alex Primm Oral History Collection 1981-2000

The Alex Primm Oral History Collections contain audio cassette tapes with oral history interviews conducted by Alex Primm in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. The interviews cover a range of Ozark related topics such as Grasshopper Hollow in Reynolds County, Missouri; Palmer, Missouri; Ozark rivers; and Fort Leonard Wood. The project on Ozark rives includes interviews with individuals lived and made their livings on or near the Current, Jacks Fork, Little Piney, and Big Piney rivers. Primm interviewed local residents, many of whom had lived in the Ozarks their entire lives.

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SP0059 Julius Hewitt vs. Chatham Mining Company no date

Lawsuit brought against the Chatham Mining Company by an employee over a salary dispute.

SP0060 Springfield Contemporary Theater Records 1995-2019

The Springfield Contemporary Theater Records include posters, programs, photographs, marketing materials, and video recordings of productions performed by the company from 1995 to 2019.

SP0061 Arthur and Bull Family Papers 1842-1996

The Arthur and Bull Family Papers consist of the correspondence and business papers of John Arthur, the World War I correspondence of Harrison Bull, the World War II correspondence of his son Joseph Bull, the postcard collection of Belva “Bess” Lee Estes, and the music lesson ledgers of Elizabeth Hodges Bull.

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SP0063 Claud Hoffman Papers no date

The Claude Hoffman Papers include the historical research conducted by Hoffman in Southwest Missouri, as well as genealogical research of his family.

SP0064 Lybarger Glass Plate Negatives no date

The Lybarger Glass Plate Negatives collection contains seven negatives of photographs taken by W.N. Lybarger in the early twentieth century.

SP0065 Emory Melton Papers 1880-1980

the Emory Melton Papers contain the personal and professional papers of attorney and long-time state Senator Emory Melton of Cassville, Missouri.

SP0066 Gene Taylor Papers no date

The Gene Taylor Papers consist of photographs, scrapbooks, and the legislative papers of Missouri Senator Gene Taylor.

SP0067 Arthur Richard Hill Photographs no date

Photographs of Missouri towns taken by Greene County native Arthur Richard Hill.

SP0069 Civil War Veteran Homestead Ledgers 1874

The Civil War Veteran Ledgers collection contains two small volumes of handwritten notes taken in 1874 by a government land agent. The notes record information about Union veterans of the Civil War who served in the United States Army or the Missouri State Militia and had made homestead claims of 160 acres or less via the Homestead Act of 1862. The veterans resided in five Missouri counties: Douglas, Ozark, Barry, McDonald, and Stone.

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