Saint Louis Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Title Collection Dates Description Finding Aid
S0001 Academy of Science of St. Louis Records 1856-1958

The records of the Academy of Science of St. Louis contains meeting minutes and copies of its journal, "Transaction of the Academy of Science of St. Louis." Established in 1856 by twelve prominent St. Louis residents, the Academy of Science's mission was to promote the advancement of science.

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S0002 Agribusiness Club of St. Louis Records 1937-1970

The Agribusiness Club of St. Louis was founded in 1937 as the Farmers’ Club of St. Louis and was affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis. The club was established to advance research, interest, and cooperation in agricultural business. In 1960, Farmers’ Club of St. Louis was renamed the Agribusiness Club of St. Louis. A decade later, in 1970, a decision was made by the club to merge with the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce’s Food and Agriculture Committee to form the Food and Agribusiness Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis. The records contain meeting minutes, correspondence, membership rosters and cards, and the constitution and bylaws of Agribusiness Club of St. Louis.

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S0003 Jaquelin Ambler Collection 1966-1972

The Jaquelin Ambler Collection contains gallery announcements, flyers, programs,
invitations, and newspaper articles regarding St. Louis area art clubs, galleries, and artists
collected by Jaquelin Ambler between 1966 and 1972, after her retirement from the St. Louis Art

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S0004 American Chemical Society, St. Louis Section Records 1903-2009

The records of the American Chemical Society, St. Louis Section, contain correspondence, meeting minutes, subject files, and issues of the “The Chemical Bond,” documenting the group’s mission to promote the field of chemistry. Founded in 1907, the St. Louis Section’s members have included pioneers in chemistry who helped make St. Louis a chemical manufacturing center.

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S0005 The Case of the Ville Manuscript 1975

"Symbolic Emergence of Community in an Historically Black Neighborhood: The Case of the Ville," or simply "The Case of the Ville," was an essay written by Charles Bailey. The paper was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society in Chicago, April 9-12, 1975 and discussed the history of the black majority neighborhood "the Ville" and the symbolic sentiments that have been attached to the neighborhood because of its history.

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S0006 First African Baptist Church History 1976

The First African Baptist Church History contains a four-page document that briefly describes the history of African-Americans in St. Louis as well as the First African Baptist Church in St. Louis. The church was founded in 1827 by Reverend John Berry Meachum and is the oldest African-American church west of the Mississippi River. Many of the original congregation consisted of slaves, who were permitted by their owners to attend. A physical church was built two years following the organization’s inception and went through two other location changes to accommodate the rapid growth of the church’s congregation.

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S0007 Black Jack, Missouri, Housing Controversy Collection 1973-1976

In an attempt to stop the Park View Heights Corporation from building an integrated housing complex in Black Jack, Missouri, the Municipality adopted a zoning ordinance forbidding multiple-family dwellings in 1970. Park View Heights Corporation filed a lawsuit against the City of Black Jack in 1971, stating the city’s motivations for restrictive zoning were racial. At the same time, the U.S. Department of Justice also filed a suit against the City of Black Jack for similar reasons. In 1972, U.S. District Judges Roy Harper and James H. Meredith accepted the city’s denial of racial motivation. In 1974 the U.S. Eight Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that decision and struck down the ordinance, and the City of Black Jack was forced to allow the construction of Park View Heights. The collection includes court documents, memoranda, newspaper clippings, and a University of Missouri-St. Louis student paper.

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S0008 Louise Marie Bliss Papers 1894-1971

The papers of Louis Marie Bliss contain diaries, correspondence, and manuscripts regarding her life as an author and pacifist. Bliss was a member of the Fellowship for Reconciliation and worked for the Civil Liberties Committee. The materials in this collection date from 1894 to 1971.

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S0009 Women in Communications, Inc., St. Louis Chapter Records 1926-1998

This collection contains the records of the St. Louis Chapter of Women in Communications, Inc., formerly called Theta Sigma Phi. Women in Communications sponsored various programs to educate, encourage, and reward women in the field of communications. They also sponsored an annual “Ladies of the Press” luncheon. The materials in this collection include correspondence, minutes, reports, bylaws, constitution, directories, brochures, newsletters, photographs, and scrapbooks.

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S0010 Missouri Society for Health and Physical Educators 1937-2010

The Missouri Society for Health and Physical Educators (MOSHAPE) is a voluntary professional organization made up of individuals representing schools, health, recreation agencies, dance, and other institutions interested in the development of these fields. Founded in 1936, MOSHAPE was instrumental in revising statewide Health & Physical Education curricula. The collection includes constitution and by-laws, correspondence, minutes and reports, research abstracts, financial documents, membership lists, and photographs.

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S0011 Ernest Calloway Papers 1932-1989

The Ernest Calloway papers contain correspondence, speeches, public statements, reports, campaign materials, newspapers, and photographs documenting Calloway's activities as president of the St. Louis NAACP, political analyst for Teamsters' Local 688, and as a political activist in St. Louis and a lecturer on urban problems for St. Louis University. The papers include reports and memoranda developed by the NAACP on employment issues concerning blacks, including a study of hiring discrimination by the St. Louis Police Department and a boycott of the St. Louis Lever Brothers plant for discriminatory hiring practices. Included in the collection are materials from significant St. Louis black political campaigns, including the Reverend John J. Hicks' election as the first black on the St. Louis Board of Education and Theodore McNeal's election as the first black in the Missouri Senate. Other campaigns documented include aldermanic committee races in the predominantly black 25th ward from 1960 to 1964 and the Tucker-Cervantes mayoral race in 1965. Statistics on black voting behavior and employment compiled by Calloway are also included.

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S0012 DeVerne Calloway Papers 1929-1986

The DeVerene Calloway papers contain correspondence, meeting meetings, newspaper clippings, photographs, and oral histories chronicling her career as the first African-American woman elected to the Missouri legislature. As the Missouri State Representative from the 70th District (1962-1981), Calloway focused on assisting welfare recipients and prisoners, which is reflected in her correspondence. The materials in this collection date from 1929 to 1986.

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S0013 Florissant Missouri City Council Ordinance and Council Meeting Minute Books Collection 1857-1972

The Florissant Missouri City Council Ordinance and Council Meeting Minute Book Collection include copies of official correspondence, council rosters, budgets, resolutions, certificates of appointments, and maps, chronicling the city's growth and development from 1857 to 1973.

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S0014 Victor E. Clark Collection 1968-1969

The Victor E. Clark Collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs of Lieutenant Colonel Clark's attempt to create a museum of the former home of Adolph Hitler in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

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S0015 Lucille Papendick Collection 1912-1967

The Lucille Papendick Collection contains 112 programs from concerts, plays, recitals, and dance programs in St. Louis by visiting performers at the following theaters: St. Louis Women's Club, the Municipal Auditorium (Kiel), St. Louis Civic Music League, and the Garden Theater.

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S0016 Dyson-Bell-Sans Souci Papers 1845-1880

The papers contain 83 letters written by or to Absalom Roby Dyson (1832-1864) and his wife, Louisa Johnson Dyson (1833-1898), between 1850 and 1880 regarding their life in Steelville and Franklin County, Missouri, before the Civil War and Absalom Dyson’s service as a Confederate soldier. Also included are various teaching contracts, business and employment records, and other documents related to Absalom Dyson’s work as a farmer, postmaster, and teacher.

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S0017 Jewel Family Papers 1859-1878

The Jewel Family Civil War letters span the period 1859-1878 and describe camp conditions, military campaigns, and daily life in the Confederate Army and Georgia. The collection contains 150 letters written by James, Sallie, William, Eliza and their cousins, and family genealogy.

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S0018 Agnes Cady MacNutt Scrapbook 1913-1929

The Agnes Candy MacNutt scrapbook book includes newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, and a biographical sketch documenting McNutt's pioneering efforts promoting the dance movement in the Playground of the Parks and Recreation System in the City of St. Louis. In the 1920s, MacNutt conceived the idea of encouraging leading citizens to organize the Grand Avenue Community Center, a center where talented children, selected from the playgrounds at large, were given specialized training in ballet and the related arts.

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S0019 William N. Eisendrath Papers 1929-1976

The William N. Eisendrath Papers contain correspondence between St. Louis area art collector and gallery director, William N. Eisendrath Jr., and prominent artists including Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Virginia Peusner, Alexander Archipenko, and Robert Chesley Osborne. Included in the collection is Osborne's original watercolor and pencil drawings used to illustrate Anthony Trollope's Barchester Towers, 1929.

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S0020 Down Memory Lane Manuscript 1959

The Down Memory Land Manuscript is a 50th-anniversary celebration history of the Charles Sumner High School, published in June 1959 for the 1909 graduating class, St. Louis, Missouri.

S0021 Organization of Chinese Americans Newsletters 1975-1978

Originally founded in 1972 as the League of Chinese Americans, Organization of Chinese Americans – Asian Pacific American Advocates promotes the cultural heritage and social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The collection consists of newsletters from the organization from the mid-1970s.

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S0022 Development and Roles of Ethnic Groups in St. Louis Manuscript 1966

"The Development and Roles of Ethnic Groups in St. Louis" is an unpublished manuscript written by Harry Nadler for a graduate seminar in sociology at Washington University.

S0023 Ethnic Heritage Studies Colloquium, Proceedings 1975

Transcript of the proceedings of the Ethnic Heritage Studies City-Wide Colloquim, held at Washington University on May 13, 1975.

S0024 Nanette Baz-Dresh Manuscript 1982

The manuscript documents the history of 19th century Shakespeare productions in St. Louis. Baz-Dresch wrote the paper for a class at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in May 1982.

S0025 Fellowship of America's Loyal Irish Record Book 1928-1930

The record book contains a constitution, by-laws, minutes, and membership list of a St. Louis Irish organization founded to promote "good fellowship" and to establish a sick and death fund and to encourage athletic games among its members.

S0026 Albert Wenzlick Real Estate Company Report 1926

An Unpublished report that proposed the erection of a building which would include a theatre of 2,000 seats, a dance hall, five stores, a bowling alley, pool hall, and 28 efficiency apartments for "the colored people of St. Louis."

S0027 Carper Casket Company History 1975

A handwritten account of an African-American St. Louis firm founded by George A. Carper.

S0028 History of Central Baptist Church Manuscript 1927

The manuscript is an illustrated history of an African-American St. Louis church, including biographical sketches of prominent members written by its pastor to commemorate the church's 80th anniversary.

S0029 St. Louis Germans, 1850-1920: the Nature of an Immigrant Community and its Relation to the Assimilation Process Dissertation 1970

This manuscript is an unpublished dissertation by Audrey Olson, documenting the assimilation of St. Louis Germans into American life.

S0030 Study of Voluntary Association of Greek Immigrants Manuscript 1950

This unpublished thesis chronicles the voluntary association founded by Greek immigrants in Chicago in the post World War II period. Constantine A. Yercaris wrote the thesis in 1950.

S0031 St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Dedication Album 1962

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church contains an illustrated history of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and Community Center, and Greeks in St. Louis, from the 1870s to 1960.

S0032 Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church Almanac 1976

The Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church Almanac Includes an illustrated history of Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church and the Serbian Community in St. Louis from 1900 to 1976. The text is in Serbo-Croatian and English.

S0033 Harmonie Singing Society Programs 1935-1971

The Harmonie Singing Society Programs contain a book of proceedings upon the unveiling of the statue of Baron von Steuben in 1911. Also included in the collection is an official program for the national convention of the Steuben Society in 1968, as well as a program for the Diamond Jubilee of Harmonie Scengfruende on October 1, 1960.

Includes illustrated histories of a South St. Louis German men's singing society, in German and English.

S0034 Czechs in St. Louis Collection 1929-1974

The Czechs in St. Louis Collection contains anniversary programs, histories, and unpublished manuscripts, relating to Czech-American life in St. Louis, including Bohemian Hill, St. John's Nepomuk Parish, and Sokol St. Louis.

S0035 Italians in St. Louis Collection 1966-1973

This collection contains anniversary programs and histories of the Italian Club, the Ladies Auxiliary of the
Fratellanza and the Societa Unione E Fratellanza Italiana, and unpublished manuscript of "St.
Louis Italo-Americans and the First World War."

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S0036 African Americans in St. Louis Collection 1920-1991

The African Americans in St. Louis Collection is an artificial collection containing histories, unpublished manuscripts, programs, directories, reports, pamphlets, and articles documenting St. Louis's African American Community from 1920 to 1991.

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S0037 Frei Gemeinde Von St. Louis Records 1850-1974

The Frei Gemeinde Von St. Louis Records contain correspondence, ledgers, protocol books, and articles of association pertaining to the founding and operation of this German fraternal association. Founded in 1850, the organization held meetings, conducted a German School Association, and a library. In Keeping with the fraternal aspect of the association, members engaged in business ventures together and operated a cemetery as part of an insurance plan for members. Fre Gemeinde von St. Louis disbanded in 1972 due to declining membership.

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S0038 Howard F. Baer Papers 1960-1985

The Howard F. Baer Papers contain correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings documenting his activities as a member of the St. Louis Zoological Sub district Commission from 1979 to 1984 and his time as a Trustee of the Missouri Botanical Garden from 1937 to 1985. Also included in the collection is Baer's autobiography, "An Ordinary Man."

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S0039 Southside Kiwanis Club Records 1930-1995

The records of the Southside Kiwanis Club contain meeting minutes, reports, scrapbooks, newsletters, and a membership ledger, chronicling the club's mission to improve the lives of children.

S0040 Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now Records 1972-1980

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform NOW (ACORN) contains bylaws, correspondence, newsletters, issue statements, and press releases relating to the group's mission to fighting for social and economic justice for low and moderate-income families. Missouri. Missouri ACORN began in 1976 and expanded its membership to fifteen hundred families by 1980. Their goal was to build a broadly based constituency of low and moderate-income citizens who, by learning to exercise their collective power on local issues, could then attempt more substantial, more long term issues on city, county, or state-wide levels. Subjects of interest in this collection include insurance redlining, utility rate increases, and the allocation of Community Block Grant funds.

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S0041 Citizens for Global Solutions of Greater St. Louis Records 1947-2012

The records of Citizens for GLOBAL Solutions of Greater St. Louis contain newsletters, correspondence, membership rosters, speeches, reports, bylaws, meeting minutes, and financial materials pertaining to the group's mission to lobby for world peace in a world community where enforceable law replaced armed conflict. The group was founded in 1947 as the World Federalists Association of Greater St. Louis.

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S0042 Junior Kindergarten Records 1966-1968

The records of the Junior Kindergarten contain correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and articles of incorporation pertaining to the school's mission to improve the school readiness of educationally disadvantaged children before their entrance into a public kindergarten.

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S0043 Nine Network of Public Media Records 1952-2015

The records of the Nine Network of Public Media contain correspondence, meeting minutes, press releases, photographs, newsletters, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the organization's mission to provide community supported educational television to the St. Louis area. Originally known as KETC-TV, the Nine Network has been in operation since 1954 and was the fourth educational television station in the country and the first station to be community supported.

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S0044 Missouri School Districts Collection 1946-1980

The Missouri School Districts Collections is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions pertaining to various school districts in the St. Louis and outstate Missouri areas. The collection includes annual reports, maps, and school histories. Schools of interest include the Central Institute for the Deaf, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf, Missouri School for the Blind, and Missouri School for the Deaf. The Affton, Bayless, Brentwood, Clayton, Ferguson-Florissant, Francis Howell, University City, and Webster Groves school districts are also represented in this collection.

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S0045 Americans for Democratic Action Records 1948-1988

The collection contains meeting minutes, letters, memos, periodicals, and membership information pertaining to Americans for Democratic Action, St. Louis Chapter, a political advocacy group that promotes the principles of liberals as formulated in the New Deal. The bulk of the material dates from 1959 to 1970 and 1977 to 1982, all during the administration of Jack L. Pierson. Subjects of interest include the group’s endeavors to promote progressive political candidates, as well as their involvement in anti-war protests.

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S0046 Lipp Family Papers 1840-1944

The Lipp Family Papers contain marriage certificates, photographs, newspaper clippings, and theater programs documenting the life of Gustav Adolph Lipp (1871- ) and Emil W. Lipp (1873-1926) who immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, sometimes in the 1880s or 1890s. The materials in this collection are written in German, Czech, and English.

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S0047 St. Louis American Red Cross Scrapbook 1952-1955

The scrapbook contains newsletters and newspaper clippings pertaining to the St. Louis Chapter of the American Red Cross’s 1955 Fund Campaign. Also included in the scrapbook is a letter from Whitelaw T. Terry, Chairman of the St. Louis Chapter’s 1952 Red Cross Fund to Fred W. Gardner, Chairman of the chapter’s Special Gifts Division, regarding the 1952 fund raising campaign in St. Louis.

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S0048 Metropolitan Educational Center in the Arts: End of Project Report 1967-1970

A report compiled by staff members of the Metropolitan Education Center in the Arts (MECA), a three-year program, founded in 1967 under Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, to provide arts education programs to students St. Louis metropolitan region. MECA-sponsored programs taught students drama, modern dance, writing, and photography.

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S0049 Harrison J. Liebrum Papers 1928-1972

The collection contains correspondence, labor agreements, union identification cards, ballots, and programs of Harrison J. Liebrum. Liebrum was an employee of Laclede Gas Company from 1925 to 1971, and a charter member of the Gas House Workers Union, Local 18799.

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S0050 Mid-Continent Life Services Corporation Records 1975-1978

The records of the Mid-Continent Life Services Corporation contains meeting minutes, articles of corporation, bylaws, correspondence, and newsletters of a gay social services organization offering social activities, newsletters, and a telephone hotline from 1975 to 1978. Materials of interest include telephone hotline logs, including the time of the call received, as well as the types of referrals for calls received from October 1975 to October 1978. All names have in the logs have been redacted.

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S0051 Harriett F. Woods Papers 1939-2006

The papers of Harriett Woods contain correspondence, senate bills, transcripts of senate committee hearings, newsletters, press releases, and photographs chronicling her life as a journalist, television producer, and Missouri State Senator from the 13th district. Subjects of interest include bills Woods sponsored for elderly tax relief, anti-drunk driving, and a program for the developmentally disabled. Included in the collection are materials relating to her unsuccessful campaign against John Danforth for a U.S. Senate seat in 1982. The materials in this collection date from 1939 to 2002.

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S0052 Sacred Heart Catholic Church Records 1867-1981

The records of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Florissant, Missouri, contain registers for baptisms, first communions, baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Jesuits established Sacred Heart in 1866 as the second church in Florissant, Missouri, to serve the growing German population of the predominantly French town. That same year, the first combination school and convent opened, and in 1877 the Sisters of the Precious Blood took over the educational mission of the church. Collection materials are written in Latin, German, and English.

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S0053 New Age Federal Savings and Loan Association of St. Louis Records 1915-1967

The records of the New Age Federal Savings and Loan Association contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, ledgers, newsletters, and programs documenting the organization's mission to provide African-American St. Louisans with loans to buy homes. Throughout its history, the association played a significant role in extending credit to individuals, organizations, and businesses in the African-American community.

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S0054 Mary Anne Sell Diaries and Social Calendars 1941-1944

This collection consists of two diaries (1941-1943) and three "Social Capers" calendars (1942-1944( of Mary Anne Sell, a high school student at Villa Duchesne. In the diaries, Sell describes her social outings, including ice skating parties and summer trips to Michigan, as well as entries about her friendship with Tom Dooley. The calendars contain notions documenting school affairs, social outings, and family affairs.

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S0055 St. Charles, Missouri Collection 1952-1976

The St. Charles, Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining several small acquisitions pertaining to the history of St. Charles, Missouri. Included in the collection are student reports, budget, code, maps, histories, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings. Topics of interest include City Council meetings, historical sites, popular statistics, public services, restoration plans, waterworks, and zoning.

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S0056 Missouri Campaign Spending Refom Records 1969-1977

The Missouri Campaign Spending Reform Records (1969-1977) document Missourians for Honest Elections (MHE) involvement in election campaign finance reform from 1974-1977. Contents also include Wilhelmina Roberts' lobbying effort for passage of a campaign reform bill in the Missouri 77th General Assembly. When that legislature failed to act in 1974, Mrs. Roberts helped to organize the initiative petition drive and became an active participant in MHE. The collection consists of correspondence, working papers for Senate and House bills, court files of lawsuits, speeches, memos, minutes, manuals, press releases, rules and resolutions, candidates reporting forms, newsletters, articles, and newspaper clippings.

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S0057 Religious Society of Friends Records 1939-1977

The records of the Religious Society of Friends contain meeting minutes, correspondence, treasurer's reports, and newspaper clippings documenting the establishment and growth of this St. Louis area Quaker group.

S0058 St. Louis Protestant Orphan's Asylum Records 1834-1940

The St. Louis Protestant Orphans' Asylum Records contain bylaws, histories, annual reports, board minutes, matrons' daybooks, and admission and departure records documenting the organization's mission to care for orphaned children. The collection also includes the records of the Girls' Industrial Home and School (1853-1978) which merged with the St. Louis Protestant Orphans' Asylum in 1978 and also, the Visiting Committee Records of the Old Soldiers' Orphan Home (1865-1869) which merged with the St. Louis Protestant Orphans' Asylum in December 1869, and Civil War veterans' orphans records of admissions and discharges.

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S0059 Florence Wyman Richardson Usher Scrapbooks 1909-1913

Florence Wyman Richardson Usher helped found the Equal Suffrage League of St. Louis in 1910. She chaired the League's lecture committee for six years and was a member of the board of governors in 1912. The scrapbooks in this collection document suffrage activities both nationally and in St. Louis. They include news clippings, correspondence, public notices, programs, leaflets, and Usher's annotations.

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S0060 Joseph Pulitzer Papers 1897-1958

Joseph Pulitzer was an editor and newspaper publisher, whose holdings included the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The papers primarily relate to his editorship of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and cover nearly every aspect of the operation and production of the newspaper, including its internal business management and its editorial policies. The collection contains extensive correspondence with family, journalists, and politicians.

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S0061 St. Louis Labor Council Minute Books 1913-1963

The St. Louis Labor Council Minute Books include legislative committee reports, attendance lists, and announcements of activities of individual unions, documenting the Council's efforts to strengthen organized labor in the St. Louis area. In 1957 the Central Trades and Labor Union of St. Louis and Vicinity, AFL, merged with the St. Louis Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) to form the St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

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S0062 Opera Theater of St. Louis Records 1939-2019

The Opera Thater of St. Louis Records contains correspondence, programs, and financial materials relating to the history of opera in St. Louis from 1939, including the opera productions, metropolitan opera auditions, and the efforts to raise the public's interest in opera. The collection is divided into five series: St. Louis Grand Opera Guild records; General Correspondence; Legal Documents and Lists; Financial Records; and Publicity and Programs.

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S0063 People's Party National Convention Collection 1971-1973

The People's Party National Convention Collection contains position papers, campaign literature, and newspaper clippings documenting the American leftwing's national conventions, held in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1972 and 1975. During the conventions, delegates adopted platforms calling for world peace, non-nuclear proliferation, tax reform, and women's and gay liberation.

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S0064 Postcard Collection 1902-1956

Postcards of Missouri cities and towns from 1902 to 1956. Subjects include Charles Lindbergh, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and St. Louis riverfront, bukldings, parks, and streets.

S0065 Arthur Proetz Papers 1885-1917

The Arthur Proetz Papers consist of a family scrapbook containing theatre programs, flyers, and newspaper clippings from German and English newspapers, documenting the musical and cultural milieu of turn-of-the-century St. Louis.

S0066 Logan Uriah Reavis Papers 1884-1888

The Logan Uriah Reavis Papers consists of correspondence of a St. Louis businessman and booster who, from 1867-1889, sought to move the nation's capital to St. Louis, Missouri. Correspondents include Horace Greeley and Richard Yates. Collection also contains an unpublished manuscript on Reavis by Norma Switzer.

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S0067 Rotary Club of St. Louis, Missouri Records 1948-1977

The records of the Rotary Club of St. Louis contains correspondence, reports, rosters documenting the group's mission to promote community welfare and international understanding through student exchange programs and by supporting libraries, vocational training and help for the disabled.

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S0068 New Democratic Coalition Records 1968-1977

The records of the New Democratic Coalition contain correspondence, meeting minutes, press releases, and photographs relating to the group's mission to reform the Democratic Party. The New Democratic Coalition was founded in 1968 shortly after the Chicago Democratic Convention. The group's significant aims included reforming campaign spending, tax assessment, and the widening of the delegate selection process. Marvin L. Madison of St. Louis was the group's national chairman from 1970-1972.

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S0069 Committee for Environmental Information Records 1956-1977

The Committee for Environmental Information was founded in April 1958 as the Greater St. Louis Citizens' Committee for Nuclear Information. Its purpose was to collect, evaluate, and make available to the public information concerning nuclear tests and weaponry and the uses of nuclear energy. In 1967 the Committee changed its name and expanded its interests to include a variety of environmental topics. The Committee for Environmental Information records of 1956-1977 document the work of the Baby Tooth Survey; the Speakers' Bureau; public testimony of members; funding activities; the development and execution of various CEI projects; publications; conferences; conventions; and board, subcommittees, and annual membership meetings. The records also document new services, public service announcements, press releases, and the publication of its 1973 high school teaching units. Also included with the collection are public reports, testimony, correspondence, board directors, technical division and subcommittee bylaws and meeting minutes; speakers' vitae; mailings; financial statements; grant applications, proposals, acceptances and rejections; drafts and manuscripts for Environment Magazine and its precursors; Environotes; public service announcements; press releases; early newsletters and membership lists.

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S0070 St. Louis Artists' Guild Collection 1907-1976

The St. Louis Artists’ Guild is one of the oldest extant art organizations in the country and one of the few which maintains its own building and galleries. The Guild sponsors annual art exhibition competitions and provides education in many artistic varieties. The materials consist of minutes, catalogs, correspondence, "Book of Hours," indenture deed, and programs, including those of Little Theater of St. Louis.

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S0071 Greater St. Louis Arts Survey Report 1963

A planning survey of cultural activities and needs in Greater St. Louis, produced by Civic Progress, Inc.

S0072 St. Louis Civic Ballet Records 1958-1979

Stanley Herbert founded the Civic Ballet in October 1958, as a community-supported resident dance company. The organization fosters civic interest in dance, encourages young performers through scholarships and performances, arranges ballet productions, and sponsors the St. Louis Dance Festival. Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, newsletters, and programs.

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S0073 St. Louis County Data Collection 1942-1977

The St. Louis County Data Collection is an artificial collection of various small donations documenting the history of St. Louis County and county government. The collection consists of publications, reports, newspaper clippings, pamphlets on historic buildings, highways, zoning, land use, and recreation.

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S0074 St. Louis Municipalities Collection 1930-1976

The St. Louis Municipalities Collection is an artificial collection containing multiple small publications documenting the history of St. Louis County's municipalities. The collection contains publications, histories, and reports.

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S0075 St. Louis City Data Collection 1902-2011

The St. Louis City Data Collection is an artificial collection comprised of various donations documenting the history of St. Louis City, city government, and local historic sites. The collection contains publications, reports, newspaper clippings, and pamphlets on neighborhood rehabilitation, street plans, population trends, urban land policy, and the St. Louis Housing Authority.

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S0076 St. Louis Local History Collection 1963-1980

The St. Louis Local History Collection is an artificial collection comprised of various small donations documenting the history of St. Louis City, neighborhoods, and historic structures. The collection includes reports, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and unpublished manuscripts regarding Pruitt-Igoe, Mill Creek Valley, Laclede's Landing, and the Ville.

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S0077 Haren Family Reminiscence and Farewell Pamphlet 1831-1968

This pamphlet includes a reminiscence of the Haren Family by William A. Haren, no date. Also included is a farewell pamphlet for Geiger, Haren, and Von Leveling families, 1831, and "The Latin Farmers" from the German Americans by Richard O'Connor, 1968.

S0078 Wilson Diary 1904-1909

Diary of a resident of St. Louis of and Jennings, Missouri. The diary refers to the social and political life of St. Louis and Jennings, as well as the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. In the dairy, Wilson records his impressions of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (World's Fair) of 1904, Balloon Races of 1907, John Phillips Sousa, Commodore Perry, and Theodore Roosevelt's visits to St. Louis.

S0079 Mary McLeod Bethune Draft Statement 1945

Typescript drafts of statement Mary Mcleod Bethune wrote for a national conference of African-American organizations at the end of World War II. In the statement, Bethune demands "the eradication of all handicaps upon their (Negroes) political, social, and economic life."

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S0080 Glasstown, U.S.A., A Brief History of Glassmaking at Crystal City, Missouri, Paper 1981

A paper titled "Glasstown, U.S.A., A Brief History of Glassmaking at Crystal City, Missouri, 1868-1981," presented to the Crystal City Historical Society, December 10, 1981, by James Hall.

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S0081 Jennings Historical Society Collection 1843-1981

The Jennings Historical Society Collection contains photocopies of newspaper clippings, a deed of property, photographs, and the contents of a scrapbook collected by Jennings Historical Society regarding the history of Jennings, Missouri, a north St. Louis County suburb.

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S0082 St. Louis Regional Fellowship of Reconciliation Records 1941-1967

The St. Louis Regional Fellowship of Reconciliation Records contain correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, and reports documenting the chapter's commitment to the philosophy and programming of religious pacifism. Topics of interest include conscientious objectors during World War II and the Korean War, the relocation of Japanese citizens, and nuclear weapons disarmament.

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S0083 Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis Records 1923-1985

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis contains meeting minutes, correspondence, bylaws, and photographs documenting the group's mission to assist St. Louis area students by providing them with interest-free loans to help further their education beyond high school.

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S0084 Virginia Irwin Collection 1934-1963

Virginia Irwin was a journalist at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1932-1963), who spent most of her career as a feature writer, but was accredited as a war correspondent in 1944 for the European theater. She was the first woman and among the first three Americans to enter Berlin before the armistice. The army discredited her for the unauthorized trip ahead of military forces, but she was later reaccredited and cited for meritorious service. The collection consists of annotated index cards to her newspaper articles.

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S0085 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Collection 1902-1904

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition Collection is an artificial collection of publications chronicling the World's Fair in St. Louis. Publications of interest include three volumes of the Worlds Fair Bulletin, published from 1900 to 1904 to promote the fair.

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S0086 St. Louis Teachers Strike of 1973 Collection 1972-1973

The St. Louis Teachers Strike of 1973 Collection contains correspondence to and from St. Louis teachers, court proceedings, strike bulletins, and flyers documenting the first teachers strike in the history of St. Louis.

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S0087 Robert S. Saunders Papers 1893-1973

The papers of Robert S. Saunders contain his autobiography, written in six notebooks, chronicling his life as a migratory laborer and union organizer during the 1930s and 40s. The autobiography contains narratives of living conditions in hobo camps, and Saunders's efforts to recruit members for the Socialist Party in the Midwest.

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S0088 Appelbaum Family Papers 1942-1946, 1971-1975

The Appelbaum Family papers contain a scrapbook created by Marie C. Hamacher Appelbaum, documenting her son Lawrence T. Appelbaum's service in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. The scrapbook consists of correspondence, photographs, greeting cards, and newspaper clippings Lawrence T. Appelbaum sent her from 1942 to 1946. Also included in the collection are two books written by Marie Appelbaum, chronicling the Hamacher, Schliesing, Menner, Volker, Appelbaum, and Hess families. Other items of interest consist of Lawrence Appelbaum's yearbook for the Marine Corps Air Group 61 (South Pacific islands). 

S0089 Missouri Social Hygiene Association Scrapbook 1928-1933

The Missouri Social Hygiene Association (MSHA) Scrapbook contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, and newsletters pertaining to the group's mission to disseminate to the public knowledge and laws concerning social hygiene. MSHA was formed in 1909 by doctors, social workers, and others interested in promoting social hygiene. Their educational campaign included public lectures, college courses, meetings with allied groups and surveys of prostitution, social settlements, and venereal disease in St. Louis. From 1928 to 1933, MSHA advocated sex education, child welfare, the playground movement, the appointment of policewomen, and a visiting teacher's program.

S0090 Socialist Party of Missouri Collection 1909-1966

The Socialist Party of Missouri became one of the best organized state-wide chapters of the American Socialist Party, especially active during the 1930s and 1940s. Missouri contained strong pockets of rural socialism and consequently, the Party considered the state an important region for socialist activity. The Socialist Party Records reflect this activity, and include administrative files, publications, and oral histories.

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S0091 World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 Memorial Volume 1892-1893

A book commemorating the World's Columbian Exposition by the Joint Committee on Ceremonies.

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S0092 Society of Independent Artists Annual Histories 1946-1972

This collection contains pmahlets describing the history and activities of the Society of Independent Artists and its members from 1930 to 1972.

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S0093 Urban League of St. Louis Collection 1938-1982

The Urban League Collection contains annual reports; monthly and quarterly newsletters; a "fact sheet" dated 1974; a supplement to the St. Louis Sentinel of April 20, 1976; miscellaneous notices and invitations; the newspaper Urban League of St. Louis; and several informational pamphlets: What's Happening at the Urban League? (undated, 2 copies); The Negro in the St. Louis Economy (1954); and Trend of Negro Areas in St. Louis (1947, 2 copies).

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S0094 Nathan B. Young Papers 1923-1928

The Nathan B. Young Papers contains correspondence and drafts of his autobiography, "The Quest and Use of an Education. Young was an African-American educator who attended Talladega College, Oberlin College, and Selma University. He taught at Tuskegee Institute and Atlanta University and was president of Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri.

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S0095 St. Louis Public School Power Plant Struggle Manuscript 1982

Manuscript titled "The 1930's: Donnybrook Decade in St. Louis Public School Power Plants.

S0096 Young Socialist Alliance Collection 1974-1975

Flyers, posters and publications of the St. Louis youth affiliate of the Socialist Party.

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S0097 Crawdad Alliance Records 1979-1981

The records contain flyers, leaflets, handbooks, newsletters, meeting minutes and a newspaper pertaining to the Crawdad Alliance’s efforts to halt the proliferation of nuclear power in Missouri, including the construction of the Calloway Power Plant in Calloway County, Missouri, through nonviolent means, including civil disobedience.

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S0098 Funsten Nut Strike Manuscript 1933

In 1933, employees of St. Louis-based dried fruit and nut dealer Funsten Nut Company demanded and received higher wages by striking. The collection consists of a thesis by St. Louis University student Myrna Fichtenbaum, entitled "The Funsten Nut Strike May, 1933". The paper discusses the local historical setting, the sequence of strike activities, and the connections with the labor movement and Communist Party.

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S0099 Nina Lewis Papers 1894-1926

This collection contains newspaper clippings and the bylaws, a constitution, and rituals of St. Louis Black Lodges, and the August 1909 Negro Educational, that were collected by St. Louis resident Nina P. Lewis in her lifetime.

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S0100 Joint Community Board Records 1973-1974

The records contain meeting minutes, memos, evaluations, and reports of the Joint Community Board, a community service organization that was located in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. The board was comprised of three Central West End churches—Trinity Episcopal, Second Presbyterian, and First Unitarian—and oversaw the administration and funding of after-school and summer programs for neighborhood youth, as well as neighborhood revitalization projects.

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