Speakers Bureau

Show Me Missouri: Conversations about Missouri's Past, Present and Future
Presented by the Missouri Humanities Council and the State Historical Society of Missouri

Show Me Missouri: Conversations about Missouri’s Past, Present, and Future is a speakers' bureau program jointly organized and managed by the Missouri Humanities Council and the State Historical Society of Missouri.  The purpose of the Speakers’ Bureau is to promote public education for rural, urban, and suburban audiences throughout the state of Missouri. If your civic organization, museum, historical society, library, or similar institution or group is looking for an expert to give a presentation on a topic related to the history, culture, geography and/or people of Missouri, we hope you will consider what this program has to offer.

What Topics are Available?

The Show Me Missouri Speakers' Bureau offers a selection of “basic programs,” which are presentations addressing topics chosen by our speakers. See the speakers section to review the many options.

View the Current Speakers

For more information, or if you have questions about speakers or programs, contact Missouri Humanities Council at 816.802.6566.

Can we request a program on a topic that is not on the list of prepared presentations?

Yes, you may request a special presentation to be created for your group, but there will be an additional charge for this type of “custom” program (subject to availability of a scholar or expert willing to do the program).

Who can request a speaker from the Show Me Missouri Speakers' Bureau?

Both non-profit and for-profit organizations can apply, but for-profit groups will have to pay a higher fee.

What will it cost to host a speaker from the Speakers' Bureau program?

Basic program

Custom program

Additional travel fee

The Show Me Missouri Speakers' Bureau will cover travel expenses up to $150. Travel is reimbursed at a rate of $.56/mile. Speakers’ travel expenses in excess of $150 must be paid by the host group and will be included in the group’s fee.

When does the fee have to be paid for the program?

Program fees must be paid in advance. Your reservation for a program will not be confirmed until a check for the full amount (including additional travel fee, if appropriate) has been received.

Is there is a lead time for scheduling a program?

Reservations for a program must be made at least 60 days prior to the date of the presentation.

Is there a limit on how many Show Me Missouri Speakers' Bureau programs our group may host per year?

Yes.  Any organization will be able to host only two speakers per year.

Are there other guidelines and/or limitations regarding this program?