Manuscript Collection

St. Louis Manuscript Collections by Collection Number

S0001Academy of Science of St. Louis; Records, 1856-1958
S0002Agribusiness Club of St. Louis; Records, 1937, 1970 
S0003Jaquelin Ambler Collection
S0004American Chemical Society; Records, 1903-1982
S0005Ville, Case of the, 1975
S0006First African Baptist Church; History, 1976
S0007Black Jack, Missouri Collection, 1973-1976
S0008Bliss, Louise Marie; Papers, 1894-1971
S0009Women in Communications, Inc., St. Louis Chapter, Records, 1948-1979
S0010Missouri Association for Health Physical Education and Recreation (MAHPER)
S0011Calloway, Ernest; Papers, 1937-1980
S0012Calloway, DeVerne, Papers, 1956-1983
S0013Florissant, Mo. City Council; Minutes, 1857-1973
S0014Clark, Victor E.; Collection, 1968-1969
S0015Papendick, Lucille; Collection, 1912-1967
S0016Dyson, Bell, and Sans Souci Families Papers
S0017Jewel Family; Civil War Letters, 1859-1878
S0018MacNutt, Agnes Cady; Scrapbook, 1913-1929
S0019Eisendrath, William N.; Papers, 1929-1976
S0020Down Memory Lane. 1959
S0021Organization of Chinese-Americans; Newsletters, 1975
S0022Development and Roles of Ethnic Groups in St. Louis; Manuscript, 1966
S0023Ethnic Heritage Studies Colloquium; Proceedings, 1975
S0024Baz-Dresh, Nanette; Manuscript, 1982
S0025Fellowship of America's Loyal Irish; Record Book, 1928-1930
S0026Wenzlick (Albert) Real Estate Co., 1926 Report
S0027Carper Casket Company; History, 1975
S0028History of Central Baptist Church, 1927 (History of Central Baptist Church, 1846-1926; Manuscript, 1927)
S0029Olsen, Audrey J., "Germans In St. Louis, 1850-1920," Ph.D. Dissertation, 1970
S0030Study of Voluntary Association of Greek Immagrants; Manuscript, 1950
S0031St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church; Dedication Album, 1962
S0032Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church; Almanac, 1976
S0033Harmonie Singing Society; Programs, 1935-1971
S0034Czechs in St. Louis; Collection, 1929-1974
S0035Italians in St. Louis, Collection, 1966-1973
S0036Afro-Americans in St. Louis Collection, 1920-1980
S0037Frei Gemeinde Von St. Louis; Records, 1850-1974
S0038Baer, Howard F., Papers, 1960-1978
S0039Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union, Stl.; Collection, 1937-1950
S0040Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now; Records, 1972-1980
S0041World Federalists Association; Records, 1947-1975
S0042Junior Kindergarten; Records, 1966-1968
S0043KETC-TV; Records, 1952-1976
S0044Missouri School Districts; Collection, 1946-1980
S0045Americans for Democratic Action, 1948-1983
S0046Lipp Family; Papers, 1840-1944
S0047St. Louis American Red Cross Scrapbook
S0048Metropolitan Educational Center in the Arts: End of Project Report
S0049Harrison J. Liebrum Papers
S0050Mid-Continent Life Services Corp.; Records, 1975-1978
S0051Woods, Harriett F.; Papers, 1964-1980
S0052Sacred Heart Catholic Church; Records, 1867-1981
S0053New Age Federal Savings and Loan; Records, 1915-1967
S0054Sell, Mary Anne; Diaries and Social Calendars, 1941-1944
S0055St. Charles, Mo.; Collection, 1952-1976
S0056Missouri Campaign Spending Refom, Records, 1969-1977
S0057Religious Society of Friends; Records, 1939-1977
S0058St. Louis Protestant Orphan's Asylum; Records, 1834-1940
S0059Usher, Florence Wyman Richardson; Scrapbooks, 1909-1913
S0060Pulitzer, Joseph; Papers, 1897-1958 
S0061St. Louis Labor Council; Minutes, 1913-1963
S0062Opera Theater of St. Louis; Records, 1939-1980
S0063People's Party National Conventions; Collection, 1971-1973
S0064Postcard Collection, 1902-1956
S0065Proetz, Arthur, Scrapbook, 1885-1917
S0066Reavis, Logan Uriah; Papers, 1844-1888 
S0067Rotary Club of St. Louis, Mo.; Records, 1948-1977
S0068New Democratic Coalition, Records, 1968-1977
S0069Committee for Environmental Information; Records, 1956-1977
S0070St. Louis Artists' Guild; Collection, 1907-1976
S0071Greater St. Louis Arts Survey; Report, 1963
S0072St. Louis Civic Ballet; Records, 1958-1979
S0073St. Louis County Data; Collection, 1942-1977
S0074St. Louis Municipalities; Collection, 1930-1976
S0075St. Louis City Data; Collection, 1917-1980
S0076St. Louis Local History Collection
S0077Haren Family; Farewell Pamphlet, 1831
S0078Wilson Diary, 1904-1909
S0079Bethune, Mary McLeod; Draft Statement, 1945
S0080History of Glassmaking in Crystal City, Missouri; Manuscript, 1981 
S0081Jennings, Mo. Historical Society; Collection, 1843-1981
S0082St. Louis Regional Fellowship of Reconciliation; Records, 1935-1967
S0083Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis; Records, 1928-1981
S0084Irwin, Virginia; Collection, 1934-1963
S0085Louisiana Purchase Exposition; Collection, 1902-1079
S0086St. Louis Teachers Strike of 1973; Collection, 1973
S0087Saunders, Robert S.; Papers, 1893-1973
S0089Missouri Social Hygiene Association; Scrapbook, 1928-1933
S0090Socialist Pary of Missouri Collection
S0091Memorial of the World’s Columbian Expedition, 1893
S0092Society of Independent Artists; Annual Histories, 1946-1972
S0093Urban League of St. Louis; Collection, 1938-1982
S0094Young, Nathan B.; Autobiography, 1923-1928
S0095St. Louis Public School Power Plant Struggle, 1982 (Young, F. Weldon; Manuscript; 1982)
S0096Young Socialist Alliance, Publications, 1974-1975
S0097Crawdad Alliance Records
S0098Funsten Nut Strike, May 1933; Paper, 1974
S0099Lewis, Nina; Papers, 1894-1926
S0100Joint Community Board Records
S0101Alpha Kappa Alpha, 1975
S0102Association of Family Women; Newsletters, 1975-1979
S0103Eastern Star of Missouri; History, 1976
S0104Fern Leaf Study Club; History, 1976
S0105Heroines of Jericho, 1891, 1903
S0106Coalition of Labor Union Women, St. Louis; Records, 1974-1983
S0107Coalition of St. Louis Women; Records, 1973-1976
S0109Women's Hearings of the War in Vietnam; Collection, 1972-1973
S0110St. Louis Women's Labor Conference; Collection, 1973
S0111Missouri Citizens for Life; Collection, 1973-1979
S0112Abortion Rights Alliance; Records, 1973-1984
S0113St. Louis Area Women In Higher Education; Collection, 1973-1976
S0114Equal Employment Opportunity-Women Committee Report, 1972
S0115Tuesday Literary Club; Program, 1974-1975
S0116Real Women; Newsletters, 1971
S0117Bakers' Union, Local 4; Collection, 1911-1916
S0118St. Louis Abused Women's Support Project inc.; Collection, 1977-1981
S0119Addams, Jane (1860 - 1935), Letter
S0120Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church; Programs, 1975-1980
S0121Gateway National Bank; Annual Reports, 1965-1979
S0122Wheeler, Henry Winfield; Papers, 1953-1980
S0123Lowe Family; Papers, 1922-1970
S0124Faulkner Family Memoirs; Manuscript, 1980
S0125Home of the Friendless, St. Louis, Mo.;Annual reports, 1931-1973
S0126Gaylord's Social Club; Records, 1936-1980
S0127United Brothers of Friendship...;Records, 1908, 1980
S0128Ladies Friday Musical Club; Yearbooks and Programs, 1927-1972
S0129Lesbian Alliance
S0130The Life Seekers (1963-), Collection, 1973-1974
S0131Life and Equality; Collection, 1974-1979
S0132Henderson, Morris, (1926 - ), Scrapbooks, 1930-1965
S0133White, Pearl Schwartz; Papers, 1911-1981
S0134Reed-Carter Family; Papers, 1966-1980
S0135Tandy, Charlton H.; Papers, 1868-1967
S0136St. Louis Peace Information Center Records
S0137New Left Political Activist Collection, 1976-1981
S0138St. Charles Borromeo Church; Records, 1792-1934
S0139St. Louis National Stockyards Co.; Records, 1877-1979 
S0140Religious Culture of St. Louis; papers, 1981-1982
S0141Small, Fred; Papers, 1936-1938
S0142Davis, Julia; Research Papers, 1919-1979
S0143Rosen, Ralph; Papers, 1924-1982
S0144James, Ivan, Papers, 1938-1981
S0147Culture Club; Records, 1899-1979
S0148St. Louis New Call to Peacemaking Records
S0149Lalla R. Kern Diary
S0150Pritchard, Gloria; Papers, 1910-1983
S0151Kinloch History Committee; Records, 1983
S0152Peabody, Charles; Diary, 1846
S0153Civic Progress Inc.; Records, 1953-1979
S0154Frost, Anita; Papers, 1953-1984
S0155St. Louis Housewives League; Scrapbook, 1973, 1980
S0156Savin, Marcia; Play Manuscript, 1975
S0157Cooperative Consumers of St. Louis; Records, 1933-1941
S0158Missouri Citizens' Action; Records, 1977-1980
S0159Upper Mississippi River Basin Commission; Records, 1973-1982
S0160Carpenters' Local No. 5; Financial Books, 1885-1888; 1904-1913
S0161Carpenters' Local No. 5; Records, 1886-1948
S0162Regional Commerce and Growth Association; Records, 1912-1980 
S0163Carpenters' Local 1596; Records, 1871-1975
S0164St. Louis Vietnam Committee; Records, 1965-1971
S0165Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Local 495, Records, 1965-1969
S0166Nooney, John; Papers, 1882-1939
S0167Dreer, Herman; Papers, 1933-1976
S0168Nooney, Gregory; Papers, 1909-1984 
S0169Greer, Paul; Papers, 1900-1977
S0170St. Louis Unit of March on Washington, 1944
S0171Von Romer, Harry; Autobiography, nd
S0172Peace Action Committee of Missouri Collection
S0173Regan, John Keating; Papers, 1959-1960
S0174Family and Children's Service of Greater St. Louis; Records, 1871-9159
S0175National Organization for Women, Metro St. Louis Chapter, Records, 1971-1979
S0176Bureau For Men; Records, 1920-1981
S0177Williams, Sarah Cornelia; Diaries, 1845, 1863-1889
S0178Williams, Alice May; Diaries, 1863, 1867
S0179Goodman, Stanley; Papers, 1931-1983 
S0180Rexford, Mary Metcalfe, Doughnuts A La Clubmobile, From Letters Of Mary Metclafe Rexford
S0181Rumbold, Frank M.; Papers, 1854-1937
S0182Bakers' Union, Local 4; Records, 1897-1958
S0183North St. Louis County NOW
S0184Camp Solidarity, Inc.; Records, 1937-1978
S0185History of the Church Federation in St. Louis; Dissertation, 1984
S0186Court Ordered Desegregation; Case Study, 1979 (Implementing Court-Ordered Desegregation...; Dissertation, 1979)
S0187Civil Rights Movements in St. Louis, 1954-1970
S0188Lippman, Winifred; Papers, 1955-1984
S0189Mathews-Dickey Boy's Club; Records, 1960-1984
S0190Wenzlick (Albert) Real Estate Co. Records, 1910-1960
S0191Williams, Robert C.; Collection, 1981-1984
S0192Dismas House; Records, 1919-1978
S0193St. Louis Department of Public Welfare; Scrapbook, 1923-1934
S0194St. Louis Zoological Park; Records, 1910-1963
S0195Planned Parenthood Assoc. of St. Louis; Records, 1930-1975
S0196Chuck Berry Project; Research Papers, 1958-1984
S0197Reproductive Health Services; Scrapbooks, 1969-1984
S0198Oberbeck, Rita; Papers, 1939-1979
S0199Double Helix; Records, 1972-1979
S0200Electric Rate Payers Protection Project; Records, 1976-1984
S0201UMSL Black History Project, 1911-1983
S0202Leland, Austin Porter (1907-1975) Papers, 1959-1983
S0203St. Louis Union Labor Advocate, Newspaper, 1934-1937
S0204Daughters of the American Revolution; Records, 1895-1985
S0205Wheatley, James Parker, Papers, 1945-1982
S0206Werner, L. Matthews; Papers, 1922-1981
S0207Historical Study of Charitable Enterprise in St. Louis; Thesis, 1940
S0208Woman Gathering II; Collection, 1984
S0209St. Louis Joint Council of Women's Auxiliaries; Scrapbook, 1926-1976
S0210Goodman, Stanley; Addenda, 1964-1992 
S0211Bogey, Lewis, Memorial Address
S0212Bland, Richard P., Memorial Address
S0213Metro St. Louis NOW (National Organization For Women), Records, 1971-1980
S0214Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; Records, 1962-1975
S0215Peoples, Maggie; Papers, 1963-1971
S0216Jordan, Mary Ranken; Collection, 1936-1980
S0217Warehouse Employees Local 667; Strike Bulletins, 1935-1936
S0218St. Louis Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1901-1980
S0219Mulligan, Mary Margaret; Diary, 1941-1946
S0220Smith, Cora; Diaries, 1951-1960
S0221St. Louis Metropolitan Women's Political Caucus, Records, 1971-1980
S0222Missouri State Women's Political Caucus, Records, 1971-1980
S0224Schlafly, Phyllis; Collection, 1972-1982
S0225Equal Rights Amendment; Papers, 1972-1984
S0226Women's Physical Education Club; Records, 1931-1977
S0227Americans for Democratic Action, Addenda, 1955-1982
S0228International Women's Year; Collection, 1974-1979
S0229Kenny, The Reverend Marguerite Shirley; Papers, 1965-1981
S0230College Club of St. Louis, Missouri; Scrapbooks; 1916-1943
S0231Business and Professional Women; Records, 1935-1975 
S0232League of Women Voters of Missouri; Records, 1911-1976
S0233League of Women Voters; Records, 1937-1968
S0234League of Women Voters; Records, 1936-1975
S0235Preisler, Paul William; Papers, 1902-1971
S0236Hickey, Margaret; Papers, 1928-1977 
S0237Vorwaerts Workmen's Singing Society; Records, 1895-1977
S0238Int. Assoc. of Mach. and Aerospace Workers, Dist.9; Records
S0239Burbank, David T.; Papers, 1934-1935
S0240Leather, Plastics and Novelty Workers Union; Records, 1941-1970
S0241Drey, Kay; Papers, 1965-1982
S0242Kuck, Henry; Papers, 1861-1865
S0243Broeg, Bob (1918-), Addenda, 1946-1990
S0244Aeronautical History Society of St. Louis; Newsletters, 1972-1974
S0245St. Louis Pledge of Resistance; Newsletters, 1987-1989
S0246Women's Rights in Missouri, 1866-1875; Paper, 1987
S0247Leland, Austin P. (1907-1975), Addenda, 1954-1991
S0248Metropolitan Area League of Women Voters Collection, 1919-1987
S0249Artist's Presentation Society; Records, 1947-1971
S0250Fehlig, Conrad Theodore, Diaries, 1902-1913
S0251J.P. Morgan and Co.; Bond Notices, 1937, 1940 
S0252Rankin, Robert, Papers, 1937-1992
S0254Women Of Achievement (1955- ), Records, 1955-1996
S0256American Radio Collection, 1931-1972
S0257Concerned Parents of Greater St. Louis...; Collection, 1972-1973
S0262Humane Society of Missouri; Collection, 1870-1970
S0266Focal Point; Calendars and Newsletters, 1974-1982
S0294Pageant and Masque of St. Louis; Collection, 1914
S0300Gibson, George Miles Jr. (1896-1980) Papers, 1914-1980
S0307St. Louis Tornado of 1896; Collection, 1896
S0313Albert Schweitzer Centennial in St. Louis; Proceedings, 1975
S0314Sullivan, Margaret L.; 'Out of the Ghetto, 1900-1930' Paper
S0315Lawrence, Bertram I., The Story of the 138th Infantry Regiment-St. Louis' Own, 1975
S0320St. Louis Strike of 1877; Manuscript, nd
S0321McNeal, Theodore D.; Scrapbook, 1941-1943
S0322Johnson, Eddie, Scrapbook of Jazz Musician, 1930-1970
S0323Shaw Elijah J.; Scrapbook, 1914-1971
S0324Civil War Round Table of St. Louis; Newsletters, 1958-1967
S0325St. Louis American Newspaper, 1949-1992 
S0329Frances Hurd Stadler Papers
S0330Edward G. Lewis, University City Mayor; Paper, 1974
S0331Mesker Brothers Iron Works, 1879-1953
S0334Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis; Newsletters, 1978-1986
S0335"Cropperville" From Refuge to Community
S0336UMSL Black History Project Photograph Collection, 1895-1983
S0337Father Dickson Cemetery Burial Books, 1904-1983)
S0342Downtown St. Louis Incorporated, Records, 1958-1975
S0343Young Women's Christian Association, St. Louis; Records, 1914-1970
S0344Institute for Peace and Justice; Records, 1970-1979
S0345Early Years of Black YWCA chapter, Wheatley Branch; Paper, 1979
S0348Women Workers of St. Louis, 1930; Report, 1930
S0354Book Lovers Club; Program, 1978-1979
S0355Brander, Griffin; Papers, 1801-1988
S0356Proud Magazine, 1971-1981
S0357Click, James Weldon, Addenda, 1933-1963
S0358Guenther, Charles; Papers, 1899-1991
S0359Adult Abuse Remedies Act; Records, 1978-1982
S0360Provident Counseling, Records, 1909-1990
S0361Ethical Society of St. Louis; Tapes, 1952-1973
S0362Meramec Basin Association; Records, 1965-1978
S0365St. Louis Teachers Strike of 1979; Collection, 1975-1979
S0371Hickey, Margaret; Addenda, 1922-1977 
S0372Advertising Women of St. Louis (1916- ) Records, 1916-1980
S0373Adams, Beatrice (1902- ), Papers, 1937-1975
S0375St. Louis Consumer Federation; Records, 1935-1977
S0376Citizens Council on Housing and Community Planning; Records, 1948-1962
S0377St. Louis Garment Workers; Paper, 1979
S0378National Association of Negro Musicians Inc.; Programs, 1979
S0379Hardy Salt Company; Records, 1914-1984 
S0380Hardy Family; Papers, 1911-1982 
S0381Handley-Taylor Family; Papers, 1809-1946 
S0382First Boatmen's Church, St. Louis; Collection, 1854
S0383Malone, Ora Lee; Papers, 1972-1977
S0385American Federation of Technical Engineers; Records, 1941-1972
S0387Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis; Records, 1956-1966
S0388Anniversary Club, Records, 1915-1978
S0389NAACP, St. Louis Branch; Publications, 1930-1964
S0391Auroran Club, Phyllis Wheatley Branch, YWCA; Scrapbooks, 1958-1981
S0392Slavin, Alberta; Papers, 1965-1978
S0397Bicentennial Horizons of American Music; Records, 1973-1977
S0402Blumberg, Thelma (1920-2012) Photograph Collection
S0403St. Louis Rapid Transit; Feasibility Report, 1971
S0404St. Louis County Map, Circa 1960
S0405W.C. Gilman & Co.; Transportation Study, 1959
S0406Misselhorn, Roscoe, Pencil Sketches of Mississippi River Steamboats, 1946-1962
S0407Oral History with Reverend Odis James and Ruby James, 1990
S0408Sverdrup & Parcel; Land Use Report, 1976
S0409Pruitt-Igoe Action Program Report, 1972
S0410Kappa Alpha Psi Alumni; History, 1953
S0411Organization History of Ferrier Harris Home, nd
S0412Moss, Viola; Collection, 1961-1979
S0413Historical Preservation Task Force; Records, 1979-1980
S0414Hungate, William L.; Addenda, 1973-1976
S0415St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society; Records, 1810-1990
S0416Brotherhood of Eperotes; Constitution, 1934
S0417Ellis, Mary Margaret; Memoir of  That's The Way it Was, 1914-1930; Manuscript, 1980
S0418Antioch Baptist Church, Souvenir Program, 1979
S0419Carlson, Avis Dungan; Daybooks, 1923-1943
S0420Normandy Area Historical Association; Records, 1923-1982
S0421Coalition for the Environment (1969- ) Records, 1968-1978
S0422International Institute of St. Louis; Records, 1919-1960
S0423Citizens for Reformed Electric Rates; Records, 1975-1977
S0424Northwoods, Mo.; Records, 1939-1980
S0425Advertising Women of St. Louis; Addenda, 1916-1976 
S0426Labor for Peace Conference; Records, 1972-1973
S0427Rural Revolt in Missouri; Papers, 1979-1984
S0428Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter; Records, 1967-1986
S0429Laundry Workers Union, No. 108; Records, 1945-1977
S0430Communist; Newsletters, 1868-1877
S0431Right-To-Work Referendum; Collection, 1973
S0432St. Ferdinand's Chruch, Florissant, Missouri Records, 1792-1977
S0433Symington, James W.; Papers, 1965-1976
S0434Health & Welfare Council of Metro. St Louis; Records, 1911-1975
S0435Lentz, Theodore F.; Papers, 1926-1983
S0436Missouri Public Interest Research Group; Records, 1971-1981
S0437Missouri Equal Rights Amendment Coalition; Records, 1973-1979
S0438Greater St. Louis Committee on Freedom of Residence; Records, 1962-1969
S0439Craft Alliance; Records, 1964-1982
S0440Matthews-Chambers, Papers, 1860-1970
S0441Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace; Records, 1966-1974
S0442Blumenhorst, Marge; Papers, 1586-1959
S0443National Council of Jewish Women, St. Louis Section, Records, 1895-1984
S0444Ethical Society of St. Louis; Records, 1880-1986
S0445Lesbian and Gay News Telegraph; Records, 1981-1986
S0446United Nations Association of St. Louis; Records, 1945-1978
S0447Missouri Federation of Teachers; Records, 1935-1983
S0448Coalition for Info. on School Desegregation, 1954-1984
S0449Reproductive Health Services; Collection, 1971-1976
S0450Roy Wenzlick Real Estate Co.; Records, 1868-1970
S0451Hecker, Friedrich; Papers, 1825-1986
S0452Mallinkrodt, Edward, Jr.; Papers, 1798-1981
S0453Coalition for the Environment; Addenda, 1969-1984
S0454National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign; Records, 1980-1986
S0455Witman, Arthur; Papers, 1934-1978
S0456St. Louis Living Treasures; Collection, 1983-1985
S0457Dubinsky, Saul; Papers, 1959-1978 
S0459Crawford, Anthony R. Collection, 1980-1983
S0460Fitzpatrick, Daniel R. and Mauldin, Bill; Cartoons, 1935-1962
S0461White, Park Jerauld; Papers, 1911-1981
S0462Raftery, Lawrence M.; Papers, 1915-1983
S0463Carlson, Avis Dungan; Papers, 1940-1976
S0464Dooley, Thomas A.; Papers, 1932-1988
S0465Roudebush, Dorothy C.; Papers, 1959-1982
S0466Baer, Howard F., Papers, 1972-1985
S0467Christian Nationalist Crusade, Collection, 1945-1968
S0468Buckner, John D.; Papers, 1875-1981
S0469Burbank, David T.; Addenda, 1912-1987
S0470Lippert, Clarissa Start; Papers, 1939-1976
S0471Von Romer, Harry; Collection, 1880-1981
S0472Meredith, James H.; Scrapbooks, 1961-1987
S0473Young Men's Christian Association, St. Louis; Records, 1853-1979
S0474Hickey, Margaret; Addenda, 1943-1983 
S0475Konnyu, Leslie, Papers, 1935-1981
S0476Sayad, Elizabeth Gentry; Papers, 1951-1981
S0477Soldan High School; Collection, 1923-1931
S0478St. Louis Women Historians; Records, 1983-1988
S0479Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers; Records, 1933-1965
S0480Hayes, Bernard; Papers, 1961-1989
S0481Woodall, Viola; Papers, 1942-1946
S0482Kroeger Family; Papers, 1850-1960
S0483New Music Circle; Records, 1959-1979
S0484Crawford, Curtis C.; Papers, 1964-1985
S0485Spreen, Orville; Railroad Papers, 1830-1982 
S0486Spreen, Orville; Papers, 1900-1982 
S0487St. Louis City/County Board of Freeholders, Records, 1959-1990
S0488Pepper, Selwyn; Papers, 1928-1986
S0489UM-St. Louis Women's Studies Program, Collection Of Publications 
S0490Woods, Harriett F.; Addenda, 1975-1983
S0491Dilliard, Irving, Papers, 1867-1992
S0492Minority Aging Project, 1987-1990
S0493Broeg, Bob; Papers, 1974-1986
S0494Conference on Education; Records, 1955-1988
S0495McCue, George; Papers, 1948-1985
S0496Musical Research Club; Scrapbooks, 1913-1984
S0497Ville; Collection, 1975-1990
S0498Preisler, Paul William; Addenda, 1953-1977
S0499Lesbian and Gay News Telegraph; Addenda, 1987-1990
S0500Electric Rate Payers Protection Project; Addenda, 1983-1984
S0501American Chemical Society; Addenda, 1924-1982
S0502Scholarship Foundation (1920- ), Addenda, 1923-1985
S0503World Federalists Association; Addenda, 1948-1983
S0504Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers; Addenda, 1935-1982
S0505St. Louis City/County Board of Freeholders, Addenda, 1988-1989
S0506Hardy Salt Company; Addenda, 1961-1985 
S0507Click, James Weldon; Papers, 1937-1963
S0509Greater St. Louis Committee on Freedom of Residence; Addenda, 1964-1978
S0510Hardy Family; Addenda, 1911-1982
S0511Italian Immigrant Oral History Project; Collection, 1973-1984
S0512Communicaions Class Oral History Project
S0513Oral History with Reverend Odis James and Ruby James, 1990
S0514Oral History with Irving Dilliard, 1990
S0515World War II Collection, 1944-1988
S0516Perkins, Marlin; Papers, 1905-1986
S0517Young, Robert A.; Papers, 1974-1986
S0519Notable Women in St. Louis History; Slide Show
S0520Schwarz Studio Taxidermy; Records, 1882-1987 
S0521St. Louis Labor Tribune; Records, 1918-1987
S0522Wessel/Schaefer Family; Papers, 1907-1974
S0524Dines, Mary Stakes; Diary, 1861-1867
S0525Roberts, Michael, Papers, 1940-1991
S0526St. Louis Metropolitan Reference Collection, 1960-1980
S0527Salisbury, Philander; Papers, 1843-1880
S0528Gore, Fisk; Diary, 1850-1897
S0529Lehnhoff, Albert; Papers, 1894-1965
S0530League of Women Voters of St.Louis; Records, 1916-1975
S0531Drey, Leo A.; Papers, 1957-1991
S0533Normandy School District; Collection, 1957-1968
S0534St. Louis Historic Photo Collection
S0535Wild Canid Survival and Research Center
S0536KDNA\KDHX Radio; Tapes, 1965-1992
S0537Proetz, Arthur W. (1888-1966), Photograph Collection, 1890-1963
S0538Illinois Pure Water Committee Inc.; Records, 1944-1985
S0539St. Louis Naturalists Club; Records, 1896-1990
S0540Calloway, Ernest; Addenda, 1932-1989
S0541Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), Photograph Collection
S0542Wagaman, Lisa; Papers, 1974-1992
S0543Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis; Addenda, 1970-1992
S0544St. Louis Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration Committee; Records, 1983-1992
S0545St. Louis Lesbian and Gay Archives; Collection, 1972-1992
S0546St. Louis Blues Musicians Research Collection
S0547George Allen Shepardson Diaries
S0548Paul William Preisler Photograph Collection, 1933-1966
S0549Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), 35mm Photographs
S0550Calloway, Ernest; Addenda, 1948-1984
S0551Calloway, DeVerne; Addenda, 1929-1986
S0552Grant, David; Papers, 1917-1986
S0553Richmond, Ray S. (1896-1969), 1914-1984
S0554Grace Hill Settlement House Records, 1906-1989
S0555Dickmann, Bernard F. (1888-1971), Photograph Collection, 1918-1967
S0556St. Louis Chinese-American Oral Histories, Collection, 1993-1994
S0557St. Louis City Data Collection, 1902-1982
S0558Women's Program Council, Records, 1973-1995
S0559Missouri Teamster Photograph Collection, 1941-1975
S0560Snyder, Robert O., Papers, 1960-1987
S0561St. Louis International Salon of Photography; Programs, 1940-1945
S0562The High School News, 1898
S0563Atwater, Bertram ( -1896), Photographs, C. 1984
S0564Hickey, Margaret; Addenda, 1935-1990
S0565Lowic, Larry, St. Louis Architecture Collection
S0566Scheidegger, Francis (1918-2000), Collection, C. 1940-1972
S0567St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Charles Bureau; Records, 1981- 1994
S0568Rammelkamp, Julian (1917-1994), Papers, 1800-1994
S0569Mallinkrodt Chemical Works Histories
S0570Eschen, Frank, Collection 
S0571John Ramming Machine Company Records 1882-1913
S0572Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union, Stl.; Photograph Collection, 1930-1977
S0573World War II Addenda, 1942-1993
S0574Wenzlick, Roy (1894-1989) Papers, 1882-1981
S0575Burroughs, William S. Newsclippings, 1936-1951
S0576The Palladium; Newspaper, 1903-1907
S0577Greenwood Cemetary, Records, 1904-1996
S0578Black Pages, 1984-
S0579Leroy, Robert, Papers, 1963-1996
S0580Pepper, Selwyn, Addenda, 1928-1995
S0581Mathews-Dickey Boy's Club; Addenda, 1984-1992
S0582National Alliance Against Racist And Political Repression, St. Louis Branch (1973- ), Records, 1973-1986
S0583Bannister, Charles, Photograph Collection
S0584Elwood Park, Photograph Collection
S0585Oscar Farmer Club Riveria, Photographs Collection
S0586St. Louis Argus Newspaper, Photograph Collection
S0588Sheppard, Margaret, Collection 1976-1997
S0589Quigley, Martin P., Papers 1930-1996 
S0590Taussig, Florence, Papers, 1891-1944
S0591Monsanto Texas City Explosion Insurance Claim, 1947
S0592The Assumption Portrait, 1989
S0593Oakes, Edmind C.; Papers, 1943-1987
S0594St. Louis Photo Art Prints, 1911
S0595Theater Programs, St. Louis, Missouri, 1852-1953
S0596United Nations Association of St. Louis, Addenda, 1946-1978
S0597KETC-TV; Addenda, 1960-1976
S0598Pittman, Ann, Missouri Folklore Project, 1997
S0599Wheeler, Maurice and Doris, Papers, 1906-1989
S0600Guy Golterman Grand Opera Collection
S0601Gerstenker, J.G., Memorabilia, 1890-1920
S0602Young Men's Christian Association, Book Collection, 1898-1957
S0603Gualdoni, Louis C., Papers, 1924-1998
S0604Landesman, Jay(1919-), Papers, 1937-1997
S0605Lee, Alfred, Papers, 1827-1931
S0606Davis, George, Family, Papers, 1856-1997
S0607St. Louis Civil Rights Enforcement Agency, Scrapbooks, 1953-1960
S0608Landesman, Fran, Papers, 1959-1998
S0609Lift Every Voice and Sing, Oral History Project
S0610St. Louis County Parks Advisory Board, Minutes, 1952-1990
S0611Beauvais Manor, Records, 1834-1999
S0612People's Art Center, Records, 1942-1963
S0613Cronbach. Robert, Collection, 1933-1992
S0614Lowenhaupt, Bessie, Collection, 1961-1999
S0615Henry Tobias Brewers and Maltsters Union #6 Collection, 1873-1990
S0616St. Louis Rotary Club, Newsletters, 1949-1961
S0617Rose, Gertrude, Jay Landesman Collection, 1959-1967
S0618Metropolitan Church Federation, Records, 1905-1978
S0619Confluence St. Louis Oral History Project, 1994-1995
S0620Missouri Public Interest Research Group; Addenda, 1972-2000 
S0621Engineers Club of St. Louis, Records, 1882-1997
S0622St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America, Addenda, 1977-1979
S0623Raiche, Stephen, Papers, 1864-1989
S0624African-American Pioneers in Journalism, 1920-1980
S0625Bucklew, Leslie Leroy, Collection, 1897-1997
S0626St. Louis Zoological Park (1913- ) Animal Transaction Ledgers, 1914-1988
S0627Rhine, Earl, Papers, 1958-1975
S0628The Junior League of St. Louis Records, 1914-2000
S0629Rodgers, Benny G.; Photographs
S0630Rawick, George, Papers, 1841-1988
S0631Rawick, George, Communist/Socialist Literature Addenda, 1926-1982
S0632Varnell, Kathryn Brossard Clarke, An Oral History Of Life, Marriage And Family, 1922-1992
S0633Pritchard, Gloria; Addenda, 1952-1989
S0634Madill Family; Correspondence, 1866-1867
S0635Service Station and Warehouse Employees of St. Louis pamphlet, 1933
S0636Johnson's Commercial College, Booklet, 1882
S0637Hyland, Robert (1920-1992), Papers, 1935-1990 
S0638Kinloch Missouri Photograph Collection
S0639Wild Canid Survival and Reseaerch Center, "Wolf Sanctuary" (1971- ), Addenda, 1986-1992
S0641Henderson, Morris; Newsclippings Scrapbooks, 1955-1968, 1982
S0642Gellhorn, Edna; Scrapbook, 1937-1991
S0643KDNA\KDHX Radio; Addenda, 1963-1976
S0644Greek American World War II Veterans Oral History Project, 2000
S0645US Pilots Association, Records, 1978-1996
S0646Wright, Dr. Katie H., Papers, 1970-2000
S0647World War II Veteran Survey, 1942-1995
S0648Masonic Home of Missouri
S0649World War II Veteran Survey, Addenda, 1943-1988
S0650Cherrick, Ruth, Class Book, 1926-1930
S0651Medicine in the Jungle Web Exhibit; Collection, 1959-2002
S0652Woods, Harriett F.; Addenda, 1945-1999
S0653Hallenbeck, Wilfred, Photograph Collection, 1870-1961
S0654Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Orient Of St. Louis Convacations, 1911-1917
S0655T.J. Moss Tie Company, Records, 1898-1925
S0656Bond, Anita Lyons, Papers, 1964-1995
S0657Hart, Bonnie (The Atomic Lady), Papers, 1948-1997
S0658Bush, James T., Real Estate Records, 1909-1966
S0659Ford, Alfred J., Papers, 1945-1980
S0660Physicians for Social Responsibility; Records, 1977-1993
S0661Dagen, Margaraet and Irvin, History of St. Louis CORE, Collection, 1941-2000
S0662Engineers Club of St. Louis, Addenda, 1916-2000
S0663Piatchek, Joseph; Papers, 1927-1976
S0664Amalgamated Association of Street Railway Employees, Division 131, Secretary's Book, 1899-1901
S0665Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), Color Photographs
S0666Dreer, Herman, Addenda, 1925-1977
S0667Hornback, James F. (1919- ), Papers, 1931-1998
S0668Perris, Ben, Letters, 1917-1919
S0669KETC-TV; Addenda, 1952-2000
S0670Malone, Ora Lee; Research Papers, 1940-1990
S0671Starkloff, Max C. (1859-1942), Scrapbook, 1921-1931
S0672Dr. Henry Crossen, World War II Scrapbooks, 1936-1946
S0673Gill Family Photograph Collection, 1891-1925
S0674Older Women's League, Records, 1981-1992
S0675Wesley House, Records, (1900-)
S0676Missouri State Women's Political Caucus, Addenda 1975-1987
S0677St. Charles Countians Againt Hazardous Waste/Weldon Springs (SCCAHW); Records, 1946-1996
S0678Crisis Magazine Collection, 1969-2000
S0679Peters, Charlotte, Papers, 1930-1977
S0680Rotary Club of St. Louis, Missouri, Addenda 1978-1990
S0682St. Louis Japanese American Citizens League, Records, 1906-1988
S0683Bemis Bag Company, Records, 1858-1976
S0684St. Louis Desegregation Case, Records, 1972-1986
S0685McGivern, Mary Ann; Papers, 1971-2001
S0686Hazelton, Lucy Reed, 1946-2003
S0687Schechter, Maurice; Papers, 1919-1977
S0688Himelhoch, Myra, Papers, 1926-1975
S0689Darigo, Dolly; Papers, 1949-1994
S0690Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), St. Louis Branch, Records Addenda, 1953-1997
S0691Clergy and Laity Concerned (CALC), St. Louis Branch, Records, 1966-1990
S0692Junior College District of St.Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri Records, 1957-1967
S0693Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW), St. Louis Branch, Records, 1943-1979
S0694St. Louis Vertical File Collection, 1968-2004
S0695Greater St. Louis Federal Business Association, 1927-1981 
S0696Bergmann, Roy W. Papers, 1932-1996
S0697Young Men's Christian Association, Pine Street Branch Newsletters, 1924-1948
S0698Ambrose, Henrietta, Papers, 1887-1999
S0699Women in Communications, Inc., St. Louis Chapter, Addenda, 1926-1983
S0700Langleben, Edward A, Postcard Collection, 1904-1978
S0701St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America, Records, 1977-1979
S0702Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), Arch Construction Photographs
S0703Downtown St. Louis Incorporated, Records, Addenda, 1928-1978
S0704Coalition of Labor Union Women, Addenda, 1973-2001
S0705Rehkopf, Charles, Papers, 1923-1995
S0706St. Louis Strike Newspapers, 1978-1981 
S0707Kinloch School Desegregation, Collection, 1972-1989
S0708St. Louis Metro NOW (National Organization for Women), Addenda, 1977-1980
S0709Pasadena Hills, Records, 1947-1989
S0710US Pilots Association, Addenda, 1978-2001
S0711Planned Parenthood, Addenda
S0712St. Louis Council On World Affairs, Incorporated (1948- ), Records. 1949-174
S0713Mcguire Family, Collection, c. 1895-1925
S0714Stein, Eileen, Scrapbook, 1933-1935
S0715Nash, Edmee Bauer; Scrapbooks, 1907-1966
S0716Kranzberg, Paul (1900- ), Papers, 1907-1994
S0717Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), Photograph Addenda
S0718McCue, George; Addenda, 1902-2002
S0719Lowery, Willie Mae,"GRACY"
S0720Women of Achievement, St. Louis, Records, 1955-2005
S0721Perkins, Marlin; Addenda, 1905-1986
S0722Rice, Patricia; Papers, 1973-1986
S0723History Senior Seminar Papers; Collection, 1992-1993
S0724United Nations Association of the USA St. Louis Section, Addenda, 1978-1999
S0725Wallace Family; Papers, 1929-1983
S0726Missouri Assocation For Adult Continuing and Community Education 
S0727Hardy Salt Company; Addenda, 1920-1990 
S0728Advertising Directors, Records, 1878-2002 
S0729Junior League of St. Louis, Records, Addenda, 1915-2005
S0730Ryder, Mary E. Scrapbook, 1947-1981
S0731Sayad, Elizabeth Gentry; Papers, 1943-2004
S0732Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), 120mm Photograph Collection 
S0733Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), 35mm Photograph Collection 
S0735National Organization for Women, Metro St. Louis Chapter, Addenda, 1981-1999
S0736Wileman, Hershel, Papers, 1930, 1945-1952
S0737Farmer, Oscar Papers,1916-2005
S0738Privacy Rights Education Project (PREP); Records, 1990-2000
S0739American Association of University Women;Records, 1901-1959
S0740Lake St. Louis Development, Records, 1961-1965
S0741Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Records, 1933-1984
S0742Thias, Edward J. (1924-); Papers, 1954-2002
S0743Farkas Family; Collection, 1875-1921
S0744St. Louis Zoological Park; Addenda, 1919-1950
S0745Senturia, Ben; Papers, 1976-1987
S0746World Federalist Association of Greater St. Louis; Addenda, 1983-2004
S0747Senturia, Ben; Addenda, 1969-1988
S0748Jet-Lag Magazine; Collection, 1980-2007
S0749African-American Healing Arts and Lore, Collection, 1996
S0752Senturia, Ben; Campaign Finance Reform, Records, 1975-2000
S0753Minden, Edward, St. Louis Stretcar Photographs, C. 1940s
S0754Step Up St. Louis, Incorporated, Records, 1986-1991
S0755Woods, Harriett F.; Addenda, 1952-2006
S0756United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, Collection, 1925-1995
S0757Reform Organization of Welfare (ROWEL), Records, 1971-1995
S0758McDonnell Airscoop Newsletters, 1963-1966
S0759McDonnell Space Program In St. Louis, 1957-2008
S0760Lift Every Voice and Sing, Research File, 1999
S0761World War II Veteran's Survey, Correspondence, 1991-1994
S0762Coalition Against Public Funding for Stadiums, Records, 2003-2006
S0763Bigham and Porter Receipt Book, 1857
S0764St. Louis Publications Collection, 1887-2005
S0765Delta Kappa Gamma, Records, 1946-2006
S0766St. Louis Lesbian and Gay Archives Collection, Addenda, 1992-2008
S0767Morris, Ann, Records,1927-1993
S0768Hall, George, H.; Papers, 1932-1994
S0769Dill, Clinnie Dodge, Scrapbook, 1893-1911
S0770Ungerer, Alvina, Correspondence, 1928-1933
S0771Bellville Family, Letter Correspondence, 1909-1944
S0772Metro Housing Resources; Records, 1970-1982
S0773St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Records, 1878-1902
S0774Ford, Richard "Dick" A.; Collection, 1912-2005
S0775Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Records Addenda, 1955-2004
S0776Graf, Hugo, Papers, 1924-1994 
S0777Miller, Robert D., WWII Correspondence, 1945
S0778Gummels, Eilert F., Papers, 1931-1937
S0779Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union, Stl.; Photograph Collection, 1958-1977
S0780McGough, Barbara J.; Collection, 1977-2001
S0781Kramer and Harms Architecture Firm, Records, 1949-1980
S0782Bush, Rev. David V., Papers, 1917-1957
S0783Goldston, John, Photograph Collection
S0784Delta Kappa Gamma Addenda 193?-2006
S0785Metro Housing Resources, Addenda, 1976-1981
S0786Rannells Family Papers, 1838 - 1914 
S0787Wessel/Donnan Records, 1956-2005
S0788St. Louis Metropolitan Reference Collection, Addenda, 1957-1992
S0789Political Ephemera, Campaign Posters, and Bumper Stickers, late 1930s to 2008
S0791Downtown St. Louis Partnershp Addenda, Downtown St. Louis Inc.
S0792Schoemehl, Mayor Vincent, First Term Records, 1981-1985
S0793Lincoln War Production Bulletin, 1943-1944 Newsletters, 1943-1944
S0794Witman, Arthur; Papers Addenda, 1954-1987
S0795Phantom Flyers, Newsletters, 1975-1985
S0796World War II Engineer's Photograph Collection, 1941-1944
S0797Bates Family Papers, 1827-1928
S0798Allied Printing Trades Council (1893-), Records, 1894-1990
S0799Woods, Harriett F.; Video Addenda, 1986-2002
S0800St. Louis County Cemetery Collection, 1901-2000
S0801Young Men's Christian Association, Indian Guides
S0802Murray/Goede Collection, 1927-1968
S0803Radical Newspaper/Journal Collection
S0804Agris, Anna; Collection, 1932-1969
S0805Missouri Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (MRCAR), 1973-1988
S0806Schwach, Gene, Silver Skates, 16mm Film, 1958-1961
S0807Carroll, Edna, Papers 1932-1969
S0808FBI Bullletins, 1942-1943, circa 1970
S0809SCHEIDEGGER, FRANCIS (1918-2000), ADDENDA,  1940-1972
S0810Tomas, Henry (1919- ), Papers, 1950-1985
S0811Stebbings, Jim, Photograph Collection
S0812Boundary Commission, St. Louis County, Records, 1985-2002
S0813Hungate, William L.; Papers, 1973-1976
S0814St. Louis Vertical File, Ongoing
S0815Hungate, William L. (1922-2007), Watergate Collection
S0816Hungate, William L. (1922-2007), Photograph Collection 
S0817Palmer, Vincent and Lucie, Papers, 1927-1987
S0819Wood, Joseph (1914-1996), Photograph Collection, 1931-1958
S0820Herstory Collection, 1956-1974
S0821Schoemehl, Mayor Vincent, Second Term Records, 1985-1989
S0822Schoemehl, Mayor Vincent, Third Term Records, 1990-1993
S0823Drey, Kay, Art Museum/Forest Park, Records, 1978-2001
S0824Rannells Family Papers, Addenda, 1836 - 1897
S0825St. Louis Donor Historical Recordings, 1927-1974
S0826Drey, Kay; Mallinckrodt Collection, 1943-2006
S0827Bergman, Don, Papers, 1917-2009
S0828National Organization for Women, Metro St. Louis Chapter, Addenda, 1970-1984
S0829Oral History Collection
S0830Lister, John W., Papers
S0831NASA Skylab Collection 1965-1979
S0832Video Collection
S0833Henseler, John E; Papers,1820-1907?
S0834Walsh, Martin Papers Collection 1904-2005
S0835YMCA Addenda, 1853-2003
S0836Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), Photographic Prints, 1936-1956
S0837Phalen, William J., World War I Diary, 1917-1919
S0838Hungate, William (1922-2007), Desegregation Collection, 1972-1990
S0839Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Addenda, 1893-1993
S0840Drey, Kay, Civil Rights Subject File, 1960-2000
S0841Matthews, Leonard Family Papers, 1861-2003
S0842Drey, Kay; Toxic Chemicals and Nuclear Waste Collection, 1980-2005
S0843St. Louis Zoological Park; St. Louis Zoo Films, 1950-1977
S0850St. Louis City Data Collection, Addenda, nd, 1979-2011
S0851Harry Edward Berndt Papers
S0854Buder, Eugene Papers, (1917- ), N.D., 1902-1992
S0865Sweet, Nan, Herstory Project, 1988
S0867Corrigan, Pat, Papers
S0873Drey, Leo, Papers, 1953-1994
S0874Drey, Leo, Greer Spring Campaign, Records, 1987-1998
S0875East West Gateway Coordinationg Council, 1953-1995
S0880Ferguson, James, Collection, 1988
S0883Forest Park Forever (1986-), nd, 1982-1998
S0888Garrett, Charles, Collection, 1918-1920
S0891Goode, Wayne (1937-), Papers, 1963-2004
S0895Groene, Evlewt, Kirkwood Collection, 1928-1944
S0904Irwin Family Papers
S0917Landesman/Livelli Correspondence, 2000-2006
S0933Meissner, Edwin, B. Jr., Papers, 1944-1998
S0940Missourians for a Citizens Utility Board
S0941Mit Feder Und Hammer! (with Feather and Hammer): The German Experience In St. Louis, Records, 1983-1989
S0944Mound City Commercial College, Records, 1872-1873
S0959Platt and Thornburgh Photo Scrapbook
S0980Santen, Art, Collection, 1917-2012
S0986Senturia, Ben, (1947-Present) Addenda, 1977-2003
S1004Vatterott Dissertation
S1007Voluntary Interdistrict Coordination Council, Collection, 1987-1988
S1022Wright, Austin, Papers, nd, 1944-1963
S1025Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), Metropolitan St. Louis, Addenda, (1905- )
S1027Palmer, Vincent, Addenda, 1932-1961
S1030Drey, Kay, Queeny Park Collection, 1965-1994
S1031University City Residential Trust (1968-1990), Records, 1968-1990
S1033Lewis, E. G., Mail Fraud Collection, 1905-1907
S1044Metro Housing Resources (1970-1982), Addenda, 1970-1983
S1045Drey, Kay, Hematite Addenda, 1945-2011
S1046Outlook St. Louis, Collection, 1994-1995
S1050Gaylord Container Corporation (1937-1955), Records, 1937-1939
S1051Architecture Collection
S1053Woman's Program Council Addenda (1974-), Records, 2000-2001
S1055Williams, Robert C., Collection, 1963- 2005
S1058World Federalist Association, St. Louis Chapter, Addenda, 1974-76
S1060Missouri Forest Hertiage, Records, 1954-1999
S1061KDHX, Videotapes and DVDs, Addenda
S1068Leimkuehler, F. Ray (1895-1962), Slide Collection,  1940-1962
S1070Logsden, Robert, Papers, 1939-1992
S1072Milissa Grant Civil Rights Oral History Collection, 1983-1998
S1074Simpson, Gloria, Collection, 1870-1946
S1076Cinema St. Louis, 1992-2011
S1077Greenwood Cemetery (1874- ), Addenda, 1864-2002
S1079Hasselbrooke Correspondence, 1943-1946
S1080Shafer, Walter, World War I Diary, 1918-1919
S1082St. Louis Hosmer Hall Yearbook, (c. 1904 - 1936), 1909
S1083Buse, John J. Jr (1864-1933) Papers, 1860-1931
S1084Normandy Area Historical Association Addenda, Records, 1877-2008
S1088Single Folder Oversize Collection
S1089WBPA Sound Systems Recordings
S1086Senturia, Ben, Addenda, Campaign Finance Reform And Nuclear Weapons, Campaign Addenda, 1982-2000
S1092Community School Historic Subject Files, 1883-1996
S1093Missouri Historical Society Union Organizing Drive, Records, 1993-1995
S1094St. Louis Municipalities Publications Collection
S1096Loosely Affiliated, 1974-2012
S1097JFK Newsletters, 1968-1995
S1098Travers, Paul, Yearbook Collection, June 1926; 1951-1957
S1100St. Louis Police Journals, Annual Reports, 1929-1947 and Workmen’s Compensation, 1916, (S1100)
S1101Travis, Paul, Collection, 1785-2006
S1102Lewis, E. G., Mail Fraud Collection, 1945-1907
S1103Radial Express, 1964-1965
S1104Transportation Studies, 1969-1970
S1105Brush, Bill Lantern Slide Collection, 1795- C. 1940
S1106Laura X Marital Rape Papers, 1985
S1108St. Louis Regional Chamber Of Commerce (1971-), Records, 1890-2008
S1113Washington, Arthur (1917-2001), Papers, nd, 1929-1995
S1114Buckner, John (1891-1977) , Addenda, nd, 1891-1995
S1115Voerster, John Diedrich (1876-1936), Collection, nd, 1802-2002
S1116McCue, George, (1910-2003) Addenda, 1933-2002
S1119World's Fair Photograph Portfolio, 1904
S1122Drey, Kay. Subject File Addenda, 1971-2012
S1123Drey, Kay, Fort Leonard Wood Collection, 1971-2004
S1128Ahern Real Estate, Records, 1873-1928
S1129Eliot Chapel Unitarian Church (1959-), Newsletters, 1967-1972
S1135The Eastern Missouri Collection
S11361970s Counter Culture Newspapers Collection, 1970-1973
S1138Bartlett, Robert, Financial Records, 1846-1850
S1140Smith Civil War Letters Collection, 1859-1863
S1146Patricia and Earl Samel Normandy School District Collection
S1148International Women’s Forum Oral History Collection
S1149Women in World War II (1939-1945), Oral Histories, 2014
S1154Christ Church Cathedral and Choir of the Church of St. Michael and St. George, St. Louis, 1991
S1155St. Louis Police Circus (c. 1900-c. 1960s), Photograph Collection, c. 1946
S1162Amberger Photograph Collection
S1163American Association of University Women, Ferguson-Florissant Branch Records
S1165Holy Cross Lutheran School, Photographs, 1889-1897
S1167Holliday Correspondence, 1844
S1168Weaver Correspondence, Letters, 1941-1943
S1170Dooley, Dr. Tom, Commemorative Stamp Collection, 1966-2014
S1175AHEPA Program Books, 1948-1992
S1195Kenn Thomas Papers
S1207Women as Change Agents Oral History Collection
S1208Hungate, William (1922-2007) Audio Visual Collection, 1937-1976
S1211Symington Family Papers
S1213Bullitt, Stephen, Letter, 1869
S1215Civic Entrepreneurs Organization, Records
S1216Louis and Bernita Anna (Quick) Kallenbach Family Papers
S1217Schopp Family Collection
S1218West County Democrats Records
S1219Michael Gene Pfefferkorn Papers
S1220Sandra Jo Pfefferkorn Papers
S1221Dorothy Brockhoff Papers
S1222Geoffrey Wade Donnan Papers
S1224Elizabeth "Betsey" Bruce Papers
S1225Joseph F. Heifner Papers
S1226U.S. Olympic Festival-'94 Collection
S1231Frank Hamsher Papers
S1232Elizabeth Terry Papers
S1233Dressel Family Papers
S1234Emmaus Homes Papers
SA0641Henderson, Morris, Papers, 1943-1978
SA0681Woermann Construction, Architectural Drawings And Records, 1916-1979
SA0844Adult Education Council
SA0845AFL-CIO Community Services
SA0846American Association of University Women, Addenda
SA0847American Chemical Society, St. Louis Section
SA0848Arts and Education Council
SA0849Association of St. Louis Area Archivists
SA0853Block, Susan, Records
SA0855Burgard, John, Papers
SA0857Business and Professional Women
SA0859Calloway Nuclear Plant, Public
SA0860Choose Environmental Excellence, Gateway Region
SA0861Citizens for Missouri's Children
SA0863College Club of St. Louis
SA0864Communications Workers of America
SA0865Community Liaison For Education And Research (CLEAR)
SA0866Confluence St. Louis
SA0868Craft Alliance, Records
SA0869Crusade Against Crime
SA0870Curtis, Tom
SA0871Dooley Heritage, Inc.
SA0872Drey Family
SA0876Electric Rate Payers Protection Project, Records
SA0877Engineers Club of St. Louis, Records
SA0878Epsilon Sigma Alpha
SA0879Eveloff, Vivian
SA0881FOCUS St. Louis
SA0882Ford, Michael
SA0884Forest Park Research File
SA0885Freyermuth, Florence, Travel Slides and Films
SA0886Gamble, James F.
SA0887Garner, Doug
SA0889Gateway Human Resources
SA0890Gersten/Rhine Correspondence
SA0893Green, Lewis
SA0894Griesedieck, Robert
SA0896Hart, Bonnie (The Atomic Lady), Addenda
SA0897Health and Welfare Council, Addenda
SA0898Health Planning Council
SA0899Heaney Desegregation Collection
SA0900Hedges, Isaac A.
SA0901Higher Education Coordinating Council of St. Louis
SA0902Horn, Joan Kelly
SA0903Human Resources Development Institute
SA0905Hungate, William
SA0906Israel, Benjamin
SA0907Kahn, Alfred
SA0908Keeling, Ruth
SA0909Kennedy, Wayne, County Parks Collection
SA0911Kiel Opera House "Assault" Disks
SA0912Koetting, Gerald
SA0913Laborvision Video
SA0914LAD Foundation
SA0915Ladies Garment Workers Union Strike Exhibit
SA0916Lafayette Square Collection
SA0918League of Women Voters Addenda
SA0919League of Women Voters of Kirkwood Addenda
SA0920Leven, Charles, Desegregation Collection
SA0921Limbaugh, Judge Stephen
SA0922Lippman, Winnie
SA0923Little Symphony
SA0924Lowenhaupt, Bessie
SA0925Lowic, Lawrence, Papers
SA0926Lumpe, Sheila
SA0927Mabry, D. B. (Moss Tie)
SA0928McDonald, Thomas F.
SA0929McGivern, Mary Ann; Addenda
SA0930Missouri Association for Adult, Continuing and Community Education (MAACE)
SA0931Missouri Association for Health Physical Education and Recreation (MAHPER)
SA0932McMillian, Theodore
SA0934Meredith, Judge James H.
SA0935Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investments
SA0936Missouri Committee for the Humanities
SA0937Missouri Humanities Council
SA0938Missouri Parks Association
SA0939Missouri Women's Network
SA0940Missourians for a Citizens Utility Board
SA0943Morris, Ann, Video Collection
SA0945Nash, Helen, 1 folder
SA0946National Council of Jewish Women
SA0947National Organization for Women, Metro St. Louis Chapter, Addenda, 1970-1984
SA0948Natural Streams Campaign
SA0949New Music Circle Addenda
SA0950Niederlander, Judge Ann Quinn
SA0951Normandy Seniors (NOR-SEN)
SA0952North Side Preservation Commission
SA0953Older Women's League
SA0957Perkins, Marlin, Addenda
SA0958Pi Lambda Theta, St. Louis Alumnae
SA0959Platt And Thornburgh Paint Company, Photograph Scrapbook
SA0960Personal Rights of Missourians (PROMO)
SA0961Provident Counseling
SA0962Redevelopment Opportunities for Women
SA0963R-9 Community Center
SA0964Regional Commerce and Growth Association Addenda
SA0965Reproductive Health Services
SA0966Rotary Club of Clayton
SA0967Rothman-Serot, Geri
SA0968St. Louis Ambassadors
SA0969St. Louis Economic Conversion Project
SA0970St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America
SA0972St. Louis Lesbian and Gay Archives
SA0973St. Louis Metropolitan Reference Collection
SA0974St. Louis Philanthropic Organization
SA0975St. Louis Regional Library Network
SA0976St. Louis Topographical Map Collection
SA0977St. Louis Women's Choir
SA0978St. Louis Women's Federal Credit Union
SA0979St. Louis Zoo
SA0981Scheidegger, Francis
SA0982Schneider, Dorothy, Papers
SA0983Schoemehl Press Clips and Audio/Visual Collection
SA0984Schwartz, Ellen
SA0985Self Help Clinic
SA0987Shear, Sue
SA0988Shrewsbury, James F.
SA0989Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter, Addenda
SA0990Carner, William, Post Card Collection
SA0991Skinker-Debaliviere Newsletters
SA0993Spirit of St. Louis Region Classic Club of America
SA0994Stelzer, Carl
SA0995Stix, Judith
SA0996Symington, James W., Addenda
SA0997Talking Tapes/Textbooks on Tape
SA0998Thomas, Rosemary Hyde
SA0999UM-St. Louis Public Policy Library on St.Louis
SA1000United Nations Association
SA1002United Way AFL-CIO Community Services
SA1003US Pilots Association
SA1005Veterans Newsletters
SA1008Waeckerle, Herb
SA1009Wagaman, Lisa
SA1010Webster Groves Nature Society
SA1011Weinmann, Lisa, "Awakening and Angst" Thesis and Tapes
SA1012Weinstein, Judge Noah
SA1013Wheeler, Mae
SA1015Wilson, Betty
SA1016Women of Achievement
SA1017Women in Communications
SA1018Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
SA1020Wood-Smith Castle Blueprints
SA1023Wright, Ruth
SA1024Young Audiences, Inc., St. Louis Chapter
SA1026YWCA Triangle Club
SA1028Drey, Kay, Callaway Nuclear Plant Addenda
SA1029Drey, Kay, Callaway Nuclear Hazards
SA1031Drey, Kay, University City Home Rental Trust
SA1032United Shoe Workers
SA1033Citizenship Education Clearinghouse
SA1034Hall, Robert J.
SA1035Reform Organization of Welfare (ROWEL)
SA1036National Council of Jewish Women
SA1037Coalition For The Environment, Addenda, 1976-2007
SA1038Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Project
SA1039National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Addenda
SA1040Joplin Tornado Photographs
SA1041Lumpe, Gus
SA1042Sayad, Elizabeth Gentry
SA1043McCue, George, Photographs
SA1047Elz, Ron
SA1049Ethical Society Addenda
SA1052Midcontinent Life Services Addenda
SA1054Missouri Quilt Inventory
SA1056St. Louis 2004 Report
SA1057Dubowski, David
SA1059The Wesleyan
SA1062Serrano, Peg
SA1063Personnel Association
SA1065St. Louis Environmental Media Center (LAD)
SA1066Jefferson Barracks National Register
SA1067Laura X
SA1069Abortion Class Records
SA1071Publications and Mailings
SA1073Woods, Harriett
SA1075Barnes Medical Notebooks, 1902-1904
SA1078Circus Flora, 1996-2003
SA1081Matthews, Leonard, Addenda, 1908-1955
SA1085General Metal Products of St. Louis
SA1089WBDA LP Records, Undated
SA1090Drey, Kay, Addenda
SA1091Carpenters Union Records
SA1095Haton, Harley, Papers
SA1099McGough, Barbara J.
SA1106Laura X Marital Rape Papers, 1985
SA1107Klotzer, Charles, Publications, 1960-2009
SA1109Hunt, Mary, Papers, 1976-2001
SA1110Bull, Peggy, Papers
SA1111Missouri Department Of Natural Resources Maps, 1934-1998
SA1117Harding And Cogswell Limestone Company, Drawings, 1986-1995
SA1120Schmitz, J. Peter (1931-1999), Papers, 1992-2004
SA1121St. Louis Regional Chamber, Addenda, 1970-1999
SA1125Parents As Teachers, Records, 1973-2000
SA1126YMCA Addenda
SA1127St. Louis Board Of Alderman, Records, 2001-2008
SA1130May Company Department Store, Records, 1883-2004
SA1131Delta Kappa Gamma, Pi Chapter
SA1133Focus St. Louis, Records, 1979-2008
SA1134Mleczkos, Katharine Flora Berridge, Genealogical Collection, 1908-2009
SA1139Laube Home Movies
SA1142Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter, Addenda, 1968-1997
SA1143Citizens For Global Solutions Of Greater St. Louis
SA1144Dolniuk Family Photographs, 1921-1984
SA1150River Faces Scrapbook 1983-1987
SA1152Bergman, Edgar H., Papers
SA1153Bergaman, Mary, Papers, 1962-2002
SA1156English Speaking Union, Records, 1980-
SA1157Pedersen, Sharon (1943-2017), Papers, 1975-2017
SA1158American Association of University Women, Ballwin/Chesterfield Branch
SA1159American Association of University Women, Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch
SA1164Missouri Alliance For Campaign Reform, 1995-2000
SA1166Butcher, David, Papers
SA1170Jean Mann, Dr. Tom Dooley Postage Stamp Campaign, Correspondence 1988-2014
SA1172Larouche, Robert, Photographs
SA1174Zeisler, Frank, World War I Photographs
SA1177LGBT Periodicals Library, 1986-2014
SA1179Bristow, Dorothy, School Memory Book
SA1180Kountz Family Papers, 1862-2003
SA1182Balsam Domestic Violence Collection, 1995-1997
SA1183Burgess, Charles
SA1193Waldemer, Mark, Labor Collection, 1920-1997
SA1194Baer, Howard, Addenda
SA1196John Ramming Machine Company Addenda
SA1197Wenzlick Addenda
SA1201Isgrig Baseball Collection
SA1203Webster High Memorabilia, 1960-2015
SA1206Black Jack Project Records, 1968-1970
SA1212St.Louis County Parks and Recreation
SA1213St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America Records